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Quiet Clean Direct Connect 35ft Kit
Electrolux® Quiet Clean Direct Connect 35ft Kit
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Honeywell Quiet Pro Dual Motor Power Unit 240V

Quiet Pro Dual Motor Power Unit 240V


Original Vacdepot Articles
A collection of in-depth discussions and explanations covering central vacuum systems and their components. Articles cover many topics from concepts of design, component detail, general usage and installation along with some professional editorial about our industry of focus. Most articles are written by Vacdepot's own experts and a few were contributed by select vacuum manufacturers.


Central Vacuum System Install FAQ
Installing a central vacuum system in a new or pre-existing home is an easy process in most cases that can be completed in one or two days. Adding a central cleaning system to a residence not only makes cleaning more efficient and convenient, but also adds value to the home that is often 2 - 4 times the initial cost of equipment. Central cleaning is the choice ...

Central Vacuum Hoses & Inlets Explained
LOW-VOLT, DIRECT-CONNECT, SUPER VALVES - OH MY! Many things have changed in the preceding 60 years of Central Vacuum history, including many changes to the Central Vacuum hose and inlet valves that have made for more convenient and reliable cleaning systems. While in the early days central vacuum hoses were nothing more than an elongated version of the portable vacu ...

Closeouts and Specials
SAVE BIG WITH LIMITED OFFER ITEMS & CLOSEOUTS! All brand new closeout deals are in stock now! These items are limited in quantity and may be sold out without notice. Limit of 1 each on all special priced closeout items (not including contractor packs). Closeout and Special offer items can not be mixed in Package Deals or other special offers. Some items have special sales terms as listed in the item detail. ...

The Central Vacuum Primer
Most people are quite familiar with a central vacuum system. Some others may have seen the inlet plates mounted in their veterinarians office or favorite restaurant, but were never quite sure what it could be. And a few people still may never have know of such a thing as "whole Home Cleaning Systems" until they visited a model home. Central vacuums have a rich history stretching many decades to the first home built units. Popular in the beginning for their tremendous power and capacity, then wel ...

Central Vacuum PVC Tube - Inside Out
Central vacuum tubing was once cast iron, thank goodness things have changed. The size of vacuum tube has also changed over the last century and the universal standard in the USA is 2" vacuum tube. This differs from schedule 40 plumbing tube (DWV - drain, waste, vent) which is about 2.21" ID. Both tubes are made from the same material, PVC (poly vinyl chloride). Vacuum tube is much thin ...

Vacuum Cleaner Belts and Performance
Vacuum Cleaner Belts come in many styles and hundreds of sizes. Typically, domestic vacuums use a belt to drive an agitation device - also called brush roller. With only a few exceptions, most vacuums use either a flat belt, a round belt (O-RING style) or a geared belt (also called toothed / notched belt). The Type of belt your vacuum uses is very importa ...

The Amazing Lindhaus PB Nozzle
The Lindhaus PB Series Powered Brush Carpet Cleaning Nozzle. Help your canister vacuum, central vacuum or backpack vacuum clean it's best. How a vacuum system cleans on a carpeted surface is a function of two vacuum cleaner actions: 1. Suction (Air Flow) 2. Agitation (Brush Roll) While both actions are very important to carpet cleaning, Agit ...

Aspria CVA360 Series Attachment Set Comparison
Comparison chart of the CVA360, CVA360D & CVA360U Aspria Souveran central vacuum attachment setsfeaturing the Wessel-Werk EBK360 powerbrush. Compare components, features and accessories side-by-side. ...

Which Central Vacuum Is The Best?
It is the single most asked question at Vacdepot, and for good reason. If you browse the web for central vacuum power units you will find dozens of products that claim to be the best. There are many brands and models of central vacuum power unit, and each one may be best for someone but not every model is best for every user. If you are installing yo ...

Central Vacuum Review: Collection & Filtration
So you have read about which central vacuum is best and now you are doing your homework to find the best central vacuum for you - great! Below are the various methods of filtration and collection of central vacuum in no particular order. When you need to find which method of collection and filtration a particular model uses just browse our ...

Wessel-Werk EBK: Geared Belt Systems
When you see a quality product with good engineering it's hard not to be excited about it. When we think of the EBK series Power Brush from Wessel-Werk we get all warm and fuzzy inside, envisioning this amazing nozzle brushing the fibers of carpets all over the world. Do we admire an electro-mechanical vacuum nozzle just a bit too much? Perhaps. Does the EBK340 deserve our lavish affection? Oh yes. Why so deserving? In one word: GEARED. Most brands of power bru ...

MVAC Product Videos and Commercials
Product information and promotional videos by MVAC. Entirely designed and manufactured in Canada, the MVAC central vacuum is renowned for its high reliability and innovations. It is equipped with leading edge technology that make it a high performance, durable and quiet system.   ...

Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum Systems
  Hide-A-Hose central vacuum systems are ever growing in popularity because they work great and help to make central vacuum cleaning even more convenient. Unlike conventional central vacuum systems the ...

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