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Quiet Clean Universal Connect 35ft Kit
Electrolux® Quiet Clean Universal Connect 35ft Kit
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Cen-Tec Systems CVA76
Quiet Drive Swivel Clean CT22 Attachment Kit

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Cen-Tec Systems Quiet Drive Swivel Clean CT22 Attachment Kit
Centec's latest central vacuum attachment set in the Quiet Drive series includes the new CT22 Swivel Clean power brush. A complete powered brush attachment kit the CVA76 includes a dual voltage cleaning hose, extension wands, above-floor tools and hard floor nozzle in addition to the CT22 powered carpet brush. Excellent all surface cleaning with your central vacuum system in homes of all sizes, the CVA76 attachment set with Quiet Drive technology and Swivel Clean power brush is easy too use and powerful.

The new CT22 power brush incorporates many of the best features developed over three decades manufacturing the most popular powered vacuum nozzle. The CT22 power brush comes to the central vacuum industry with a strong track record of performance in portable vacuums and is already the fastest selling new power brush design for North America's largest portable canister vacuum manufacturer.

The CT22 is named the Swivel Clean for it's highly maneuverable quick release wand connection system. A full tilt and full swivel nozzle connector lets the user turn and drive the power brush from the handle with minimal effort. Steer the CT22 power brush when you want to clean. Vacuuming under and around furniture is fast and easy to navigate with the Swivel Clean powered nozzle. Along with the tilt and swivel ability the new wand connection features an extra large step-on quick release pedal for easy disconnection of the power wand and quick attachment of a hard floor brush. The CT22 features a full 14" cleaning path with brushed edge cleaning on both sides. The augured brush roller configuration and center mounted intake cleans evenly and the wide convex soft tire rear wheels provide low resistance on carpets and excellent tracking on hard floors.

Like all Quiet Drive power nozzle system the CT22 Swivel Clean offers a 4 level step-on height adjustment for cleaning all styles of floor coverings. The height setting indicator window is easy to read from the users cleaning position behind the nozzle, located on top of the power brush next to the push button belt reset button. The Swivel Clean's ribbed belt drive system is protected with an integrated protection circuit to prevent breaking the belt should large objects be pulled into the rotating brush. The CT22 protects itself and furniture from dings and scuffs with a wide soft bumper and the forward looking headlight will illuminate the cleaning path to help the vacuum user from driving over objects in the cleaning area.

The CT22 features the popular Quiet Drive brush system that operates with lower noise while using a powerful 2.4 amp drive motor to increase brush rotational speed and torque. The Swivel Clean power brush provides efficient deep cleaning performance and excellent one-pass cleaning when coupled with the high performance of a central cleaning system. With quality features including a solid core roller, ball bearing construction and ribbed belt driver system the CT22 provides for reliable cleaning and easy use.

The CVA76 attachment set also includes a deluxe set of above-the-floor cleaning tools. The upholstery cleaning nozzle is great for cleaning stairs and auto interiors. The deluxe crevice nozzle is 13" in length and puts high suction airflow right where you need to clean. The oval shape duster lets you clean into corners and features natural soft bristles for cleaning without scratching. The CVA76 Swivel Clean attachment set also includes a deluxe 12" wide natural bristle hard floor brush. Storage is provided on wand for the above floor tools with the span-on tool caddie. A wall mount hose handler and mesh tool storage bag are part of the kit to keep your CVA76 attachment set neat and tidy in storage.

The CVA76 attachment set is one of three models which includes the new CT22 Swivel Clean powered carpet brush from Centec Systems. The new CT22 power nozzle is also packaged in Vacdepot model CVA88 Swivel Clean Reward Plus cleaning set with upgraded wands, cleaning tools and bonus accessories at a special price. The Swivel Clean power nozzle is also included in the new Ultra-Purpose cleaning set model CVA78 with special AFR cleaning wand for homes with the new Ultra Soft carpeting. See the Similar Items tab for these and other CVS attachment sets.

CVA76 Ultra Purpose Swivel Clean Features & Specifications

  • CVS Powered Brush Attachment Kit
  • CT22 Swivel Clean Power Brush
    • Augured Bristle Brush Roller
    • Lower Noise Ribbed Belt Drive
    • Safety Reset Switch
    • 2.4A Brush Motor
    • Quick Wand Release Pedal
    • Step on Height Adjustment
  • 3200SG Crushproof Hose
    • Easy Soft Grip Handle
    • 3-Way Power Switch
    • Option: Universal Connect Wall End
    • Option: DIRECT Connect Wall End
    • Lightweight Design
    • Easy to Maneuver
    • 30ft Length Standard
    • 35ft Length Optional
  • Integrated Wand System
    • Steel Push-Button Telescopic
    • Quick Release Top & Bottom
    • Integrated Power Cording
    • Adjustable in 1" increments
  • Above Floor Tools:
    • Deluxe Dusting Brush
    • Deluxe Crevice Tool
    • Deluxe Upholstery Nozzle

  • Wand Mount Tool Caddie
  • 12" Hard Floor Brush
  • Aluminum Telescopic Wand
  • Mesh Caddie Bag
  • Wall Mount Hose Hanger
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty


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