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Honeywell 4B-H300
Elite Powerteam Kit

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Honeywell Elite Powerteam Kit
The Honeywell H300 Elite attachment set creates a new standard for central vacuum tool kits. With quality, features and performance that was once only available in attachment sets that sell for much more, Honeywell vacuums offer an exceptional value. With an impressive feature set including a geared belt drive electric brush, wide diameter hi-flo suction hose with full swivel grip, telescopic extension wand with integrated power and a full compliment of deluxe LED above-floor tools and hard floor brush. Honeywell CV attachment sets are well advanced of other tools sets too, with a double quick disconnect wand, brush drive monitor circuit and new LED headlights that often will last for decades of vacuum system use. Honeywell's CV attachment sets provide excellent cleaning on all floor surfaces and above floor with all of the tools used in everyday cleaning of a busy home. Included with the excellent performance and advanced features is a robust 2 year manufacturers warranty for extended piece of mind. Honeywell Elite series attachment kits also include a Vacsoc padded zippered hose cover for a complete cleaning set ready to clean homes of all sizes with floors of all types.

Honeywell Central Vacuum By Electrolux The new Honeywell central vacuum attachment sets and power units are manufactured in N. America by Electrolux Home Care, makers of the highly regarded BEAM brand central vacuum system. The new powerbrush was first released as the BEAM Solaire, later as the Eureka Excellence and now as the Honeywell Select and Elite. The most widely sold powerbrush platform from Electrolux the Elite power nozzle is full 13.5" width cleaning with a heavy duty base and neck.

A geared belt provides a positive transfer of power from motor to brush for superior brushing and grooming action of carpeted floors. The Elite powerbrush is auto adjusting and accommodates all levels and depths of carpeting with ease. The low profile 2.75" height Elite powerbrush features a non-marring soft over mold bumper and rubber coated wheel set to protect furniture and baseboards along with allowing efficient use of the powerbrush on hard floors without scratching. The full power 120V brush motor provides aggressive agitation and the center mounted intake throat provides quick transfer of soil and debris from floor into the vacuum system.

Honeywell Central Vacuum By Electrolux The narrow geared belt design provides many times the strength and life span of a wide rubber belt and also allows for great edge cleaning on both sides. The Elite powerbrush features belt-motor protection with a auto resting circuit that stops the motor if a large object, such as a sock or corner of an area rug, is pulled into the nozzle and binds the brush roller. An LED light on the rear of the nozzle signals normal operation with a green LED light and trouble with a red LED light.

Long life shock resistant LED lights are also used under the headlight lens to illuminate the cleaning path. The full motion wand connection is commercial quality in it's strength and features a large step-on wand release, the coveted quick disconnect feature that allows the use to switch floor tools without removing the wand.

The new wand is a design used in many of the better Electrolux built products and provides the most advanced connection system used in central vacuum attachment kits. Along with quick disconnection at both ends that allows push button attachment and removal the new wand is also telescopic with 5 positions and extends from its compact form - great for storage or cleaning nearby areas such as stairs - to the full length of two standard wands. The new Electrolux built wand used on the Honeywell attachment set is also fully integrated with all power wiring concealed within it's sleek design. No more floppy cords hanging off the back of the wand, nothing to snag on your furniture as you clean around or under tables, chairs or the kitchen cabinets. No cords, no plugs and no wires to deal with - ever.

Honeywell Central Vacuum By Electrolux Electrolux continued their new connection system through the powered nozzle, up the new integrated telescopic wand and into the new hose handle code named: SUMO. The new Honeywell hose grip includes features you expect; easy to hold, full 360° swivel connection to the hose body and a 3-position thumb operated switch that allows control of the power brush and power unit independently. The new design of the SUMO is a style that integrates these features with the new easy-to-connect wand system with a simple keyed type connection that lines up the hose, wand and tools each time without guessing which part is front or back. The handle also features a soft inlaid grip that help you to hold the handle with less effort while you vacuum. The full wrap gas-pump style grip with finger contours means you exert less effort using the SUMO grip system. The large buttons for tool release and wand extension allow everyone, even someone with less hand strength easily manipulate the Honeywell CV attachment set.

Honeywell Central Vacuum By Electrolux The Honeywell H300 hose-body is 30ft in length, 1-3/8" diameter premium crush proof hose stock manufactured by the worlds largest OEM vacuum hose manufacturer for Electrolux. The crush proof hose is lightweight, strong, durable and still exceptionally flexible. Combining strength and flexibility, two qualities often at odd's with each other, is achieved through chemistry and blending of proprietary formulas of plastic and unique manufacturing methods that result in a new electric hose design with qualities that were not possible just a few years ago. The wall end of the hose that plugs into your vacuums wall inlet is available in both Universal or Direct connection type to fit most every inlet used in central vacuums today. Select your hose end configuration at order using the option selector at the top of this page (just above the add-to-cart button).

A common option for a CVS hose wall-end is the Universal Connect configuration which features an 8 foot power cord attached to the wall end that is connected to an standard electrical outlet and provides power down the hose for the electric power brush. The other powered hose style available is the Direct Connect hose end which has two forward facing prongs (or pins..) that plug directly into the inlet, which is powered. If your wall inlets have high voltage built-in, also called a "Super-Valve" or "Powered Inlet", you should use the Direct Connect hose option. If you have standard inlets you should choose a Universal Connect hose option. More information about hoses and inlets is available in the article Central Vacuum Hoses & Inlets Explained - just check the related articles tab above for a link to the article.

Honeywell Central Vacuum By Electrolux The primary feature upgrade of the Elite H300 from the Honeywell Select (H200 & H250) attachment kits is the exclusive Electrolux LED 4pc tool set. A unique collection of 3 specialized brush tools and a crevice tool that is unlike any other. All four tools include a button activated forward looking LED headlight, a first for vacuum cleaning tools. Each tool is fitted with a 3-LED array, cover lens and soft touch top mounted button. The LED array puts light just in front of the tool to illuminate the area to be cleaned.

This convenient feature lets you see all areas that need to be cleaned particularly in dark corners or behind furniture without the distraction of having to flip on lights in the room where your cleaning. The LED array is driven by a long life button cell battery that will last thousands of uses and can be easily replaced if ever needed. All four tools in the LED cleaning set also feature soft over mold in the work areas of the nozzle. The soft cover prevents scratches or marring by the tool on delicate surfaces. The soft over mould also extends to the brush stiffener, a series of fins inside the nozzle that keep the bristles straight and prevent you from scratching the bottom of the nozzle on the object being cleaned. The LED tool sets 3pc brushed tools provide multi-surface cleaning and application specific detail with three different bristle types and lengths. Honeywell Central Vacuum By Electrolux

The first brush tool has the shortest and firmest bristle. The short bristle set slows the airflow through the tool and concentrates the suction for high lifting power. The short stiff bristles are made from black polypropelene and work in the same way as must upholstery cleaning nozzles. The short firm bristle give you the ability to scrub with the nozzles suction action and lift pet hair and lint from upholstery, carpeted stairs and auto interiors.

The second brush tool has a medium length for a mix of airflow and suction with very soft and flexible bristles. Dubbed the "crystal brush" the medium nozzle can vacuum very delicate objects without scratching or damaging them. Excellent also for delicate cleaning of electronics such as those in your A/V area, fine wood furniture and delicate hand-knit textiles which need a brush for cleaning but would be damaged with a stiff brush or powered roller system. The soft bristle medium brush provides the most gentle brush action with airflow for cleaning your most delicate areas.

The long bristle brush is most similar to standard vacuum cleaner dusting tools with a slightly longer mixed-fill bristle set. The vacuum dusting tool is the most used cleaning nozzle in many homes and can vacuum any hard surface from baseboard to ceilings. The mixed fill bristle set is extra long and provides the right mix of firmness with a good degree of flexing action and a soft tip that will not leave marks or scratches. The mixed-fill includes multiple formula synthetic bristles mixed with natural fill to provide many textures and cleaning actions. An excellent nozzle for cleaning intake grills and vents, windows, baseboards, furniture, cabinets, counter tops and hundreds of others hard surfaces areas in the home and car.

The crevice nozzle is often a favorite for many vacuum users and the Electrolux LED crevice nozzle is unique in it's design. Flanked on it's cleaning side with a soft over mould the crevice nozzle will not damage the area being cleaned. At 13" long the crevice nozzle is tapered to reach into small areas and provide a high airflow stream to lift debris away. The tip of the crevice nozzle is bent to provide the correct cleaning angle and the "teeth" at the end of the nozzle provide airflow relief. Unlike flat tip cleaning nozzles, the airflow relief prevents the tool from sealing off by sticking to the surface from suction and shuting down the cleaning action. The airflow relief design keeps air moving through the tool, caring with it the debris you need to remove. Just like the dusting tools the crevice nozzle also features an LED headlight array for help finding dirt and dust in dim areas, such as under the fridge or the corner of a closet.

Each LED cleaning tool is shipped in it's own package with a headlight protector that also prevents the tools headlight from being turned on during shipment. The LED brush tools include a brush protector that keeps the bristles from being bent and crushed during shipment. A round tool adapter is also included that allows you to use standard 1.25" round connection cleaning tools with the Honeywell attachment set including aftermarket application specific tools like ceiling fan cleaners, dry mop nozzles and mini blind tools. A tool caddie is included that attaches to the cleaning wand and will hold the crevice tool, upholstery nozzle and dusting brush so all of the above floor tools are with you while you vacuum, ready to be used at any time you need. The tool caddie can be unclipped from the wand and attached to the wall in your storage area with the included set of screws and wall anchors. Honeywell Central Vacuum By Electrolux

Quick hard floor cleaning can be accomplished using the powerbrush with the roller brush switched off. Detailed or large area hard floor cleaning is made easier with the 14" wide natural fill hard floor brush. The full width hard floor brush features a notched row of bristle front and back that allows dirt and debris to enter the airflow area under the tool. The wide nozzle is supported with two outboard wheels and the full swivel neck lets you turn the nozzle while cleaning, driving the floor tool around and under objects and furniture on the floor. Perfect for hard floor covers of all types including wood, stone or synthetic.

Honeywell Central Vacuum By Electrolux Vacsoc Included!
Honeywell's Elite tool kit also includes another upgrade from the select series, the zippered padded Vacsoc hose cover. The Zippered Padded Vacsoc is an attractive way to protect your walls, furniture, moldings - and vacuum hose from scratches, dents, nicks and cuts. Vacsoc gives your hose the soft touch. Easy to install, easy to remove, the Zippered Padded Vacsoc is machine washable, tough and durable. Padded for protection, quilted for a secure fit and covered with smooth material that will not hold pet hair or lint. H300 and H300D attachment sets with a standard 30ft hose ship with a single tone Grey color Vacsoc, models with optional 35ft hose include the Platinum tone-on-tone Vacsoc.

Vacsoc brand hose covers are the original, and the first to develop central vacuum hose covers with the first release of the "tube soc". Now with the newest Padded and Zippered hose covers, Vacsoc maintains their well deserved reputation for both quality and innovation. The Vacsoc hose cover is constructed of 100% Polyester and machine washable. The synthetic materials will retard staining and will not shrink when washed, ensuring that your Padded Vacsoc will always cover the wear areas of your hose. The zipper is constructed of a sewn in durable nylon cleat system with a metal closure. The Padded vacsocs zipper performs like any other and is covered the entire length on both sides with padded self-closing flaps.

The padded flaps protect both the zipper and your furniture while you use your central vacuum system. Each end of the Vacsoc has two attachment systems for extra secure performance. A string tie is in place to secure the soc's end directly to the hose thread. A padded elastic cuff on the end of the vacsoc with a sewn on velcro closure keeps the VSPZ firmly in place and all the workings covered up. Lay it out, zip it up, tie it down and close it up - That's how easy the Zippered Vacsoc is. A $34.99 - $39.99 value included with Honeywell Elite model attachment sets.

Other Honeywell Models
Model H200 Select series are the base model Honeywell attachment sets and use the same Solaire series powerbrush, Sumo series hose and Integrated wand but do not include the Electrolux LED series cleaning tool set or the padded quilted zippered hose soc. Model H300D builds on the extra value of the Elite attachment set and includes two outstanding additional cleaning tools; the @HAND motorized upholstery hand tool (great for pet hair and cleaning car interiors) and the Active Pick-Up Nozzle, an all surface/debris floor tool. Model H300D is a special value on Honeywells best attachment set. See similar items tab for all Honeywell attachment kits.

Honeywell H300 Elite Attachment Set

  • Solaire Series Power Brush
    • Cogged Type No-Stretch Belt
    • LED Long Life Headlamp
    • Chevron Brush Roller
    • Edge Cleaning Design
    • Automatic Height Adjustment
    • Overmolded Bumper and Wheels
  • Integrated Quick Release Powerhead
  • Quick Release Telescopic Wand
  • Integrated Cord-Free Wand
  • 30FT Lightweight Crushproof 1-3/8" dia. Hose
  • Ergonomic Hose Tactile Grip w/ Full Swivel
  • Option: Universal (corded) 1.5" Inlet Connection
  • Option: Direct 1.5" Powered Inlet Connection
  • Padded/Zippered Hose Soc
  • 14" Hard Floor Bristle Brush
  • 4pc LED Cleaning Set
    • LED Headlight, Over mould Bumper
    • Application Focused Bristles
    • Upholstery Brush, Short & Firm
    • Delicate Brush, Medium & Extra Soft
    • Natural Brush, Long & Plush Fill
    • 13" Unique Crevice Nozzle
  • Tool Storage Caddie
  • Hose Storage Caddie
  • Shipping Weight 25 lbs
  • "Steel" (silver & grey) Color
  • 2 Year Mfg Warranty
  • Vacdepot, Honeywell CVS Authorized Dealer


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