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Vacuflo TurboGrip Telescopic Vacuum Wand
The 6791B vacuum wand is made to fit the Vacuflo brand TurboGrip proprietary hose model 7348 and model 7352 in all lengths. The 6971B wand features the special button lock location used on these proprietary hoses.

No more Stooping. No more Twisting. No more Hassle. Now you can use a high quality telescopic wand made of durable steel with a beautiful chrome finish. This wand has a button lock top (with easy button-down release) and a friction fit bottom. The telescopic wand adjust fully from 22 inches to 39 inches in 1 inch increments. The latching mechanism is a positive ratchet giving a firmer lock into the desired height allowing the tool to be resized on the fly for the user. The latching system is internally sealed from the dirt control tube for perfect air-flow with no catches and the hose end features button-down collar for quick and easy connections. Imagine cleaning stairs with a compressed wand that does not require you to hold your arm up to vacuum - less fatigue and much safer.

Fits Vacuflo TurboGrip button lock hose model 7352 and 7348. Standard 1.25" friction fit tool end.
Sold 1 each  

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