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PB12 CVS Attachment Kit - Direct Connect
Lindhaus® PB12 CVS Attachment Kit - Direct Connect
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PlastiFlex 30ft Dual Volt Power Hose Silver

30ft Dual Volt Power Hose Silver


Surface Mount Utility Inlet HD

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CVS-I Surface Mount Utility Inlet HD
A heavy duty utility central vacuum inlet that is perfect for the shop or garage. The HD utility inlet features a full function low volt inlet that can be wired into your existing switched vacuum system allowing control from any switched low-volt hose. Each surface mount utility inlet kit includes the mounting box, a high quality black color ABS inlet door and a universal short 90° elbow for connection to your standard 2" vacuum tube system.

The surface mounting inlet box is made from 18 gauge galvanized steel sheet with pre-drilled holes on the back of the box for vertical or horizontal mounting to a stud or wallboard with anchors. The u-channel mounting box provides a firm base for mounting and protects the tube, elbow and inlet connection. The mounting plate attached over the mounting box and screws together with 4 included screws. The steel mounting plate includes the coupling adapter for connection the tube system and a rubber silicone gasket which allows the inlet to be sealed to the system with out using glue. The mounting plate also includes pre punched holes for the low-volt wire pass through and two pre-drilled holes for the attaching the hose inlet door.

The surface mount utility inlet includes a black color ABS inlet door which opens a full 180°. The inlet features a lifelong door seal with spring closure and the mounting screws required to connect with the steel bracket. The inlet offers the standard low-volt hose connection that fits most all 1.5" central vacuum hoses including utility no-volt hose cuffs and low-voltage switched hoses. The vacuum systems lox-volt wiring is connected to two screws on the back of the inlet. When a metal banded hose cuff or low volt hose cuff is inserted into the utility inlet the low-volt system will close and activate your connected central vacuum power unit. The mounting system is universal and can be used not only with the included inlet, but any standard low volt inlet which uses the traditional 2 screw mounting system. The surface mount utility inlet can not be used with direct connect inlets or direct connect hoses.

The surface mount utility inlet HD can be mounted in most any location, which is great for the garage. The remote garage inlet mount allows you to install the power unit in the best location for installation and also have an inlet remotely mounted in a location that is most convenient for the user. This is often useful for inlet mounting near the garage door which allows a single 30ft utility hose to clean a car inside the garage and a car in the drive without having to move the vehicles. With the surface mount utility inlet HD mounted vertically you can plumb into the vacuum system from above or below. The utility inlet can even be mounted horizontally for a left or right side plumbing straight out of the box and a horizontal opening door.

The Surface Mount Utility Inlet HD is excellent for mounting on the wall, but can also be fitted into many other spaces including a workbench or work station area when convenient access to your central vacuum system is needed. A quality component with a durable galvanized finish, the surface mount utility inlet HD is the superior solution for inlet mounting outside the wall.

Sold 1 each. Includes mounting box, backplate, 90° universal short elbow, Black color ABS inlet door & assembly screws. Wall mounting screws, low-volt wire, pvc glue and tubing required.


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