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Hoover S5686-PT
Windtunnel CVS Kit +BONUS Universal/Corded

MSRP $449.99

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Hoover Windtunnel CVS Kit +BONUS Universal/Corded
Hoovers best equipped accessory group for CV Systems with standard connection inlets. The S5686 Windtunnel includes the tools and accessories you need to clean any floor along with above the floor cleaning. The S5686 includes the Windtunnel© powered nozzle for cleaning carpet, a patented power brush system that removes surface liter as well as embedded dirt and soil. Now with exclusive Vacdepot Bonus components, a $40.00 value free with order from Vacdepot!

Hoover S5686

Standard Fitting Wall Connection
The S5686 includes a new lightweight crush-proof hose with a standard fitting wall connection cuff with a 7 foot pigtail lead to power the Windtunnel power brush. This universal type of connection fits most CVS wall inlets, except for some older Nutone inlets and some Vacuflo brand inlets which are proprietary. This hose is made for a CVS connection where the 120 Volt power nozzle is powered by an electrical outlet nearby the CVS inlet, usually within 6 feet. This connection fits most CVS's installed within the past 20 years, even some models that did not originally include a powered nozzle or used a non-electric turbine nozzle. Also available in Direct Connection hose style (see model S5688) for use with Super Valve systems. For more information about hose styles and inlet types see our discussion "CENTRAL VACUUM HOSES AND INLETS EXPLAINED" in the articles tab.

Hoover S5686

The WindTunnel Power Brush
Years of research by the Hoover Company has led to the development of the Windtunnel power nozzle. Unique aerodynamic air vanes channel the debris into the air ducts quickly and efficiently. These air ducts allow for a more vertical pattern which is more in harmony with the spinning motion of the agitator and, therefore, significantly improve efficiency. The results; better dirt pickup and a significant reduction in the amount of dirt being scattered back onto the carpet by the spinning motion of the brush.

The Windtunnel power brush is a full 15" wide to help you cover more area in a shorter period of time. The edges of the cleaning brush are equipped with rubberized edge groomers to knock surface soil from baseboard areas into the vacuum path for better edge cleaning and the bright headlight will keep you cleaning in those dark hallways and under furniture.

Hoover S5686

360° 30' Power Hose & Fingertip Control
The lightweight current carry hose is 30 feet long with soft molded ElectraFlex© hose body. The CVS hose is very flexible to make sharp turns without cutting off the suction. The hand grip is the latest design in ergonomic "Gas Pump" grips. Keeping the grab area small means less fatigue on your fingers and wrist than gripping the whole diameter of the hose. The hose/grip connection has a full swivel union that keeps you tangle free while moving about room to room and the fingertip switch is 3 position giving you complete control over the remote suction unit and the powered brush. The switch has a center off position, move to one direction to turn on the power unit on for straight suction cleaning or to clean hard floors. Moving the switch to the third position will turn on the suction unit and also energize the powered brush for carpet cleaning.

New 35' Hose Upgrade Order Option
The same gas-pump style swivel grip hose is now available in 35ft length. The 35' hose is the longest electric hose produced (measurement does not include the length of the hose ends) for residential cleaning systems. If you would like to upgrade your new Hoover Windtunnel to a 35ft hose, just check the pull down menu above the add-to-cart button at the top of this webpage. The 35ft hose upgrade is a silver hose with black ends, not the battleship grey color of the stock hose pictured here. The upgrade can only be purchased at the same time you purchase your new Hoover Windtunnel kit.

Hoover S5686

Direct Connection Wand Set
The new S5686 CVS lightweight hose and metal wand set includes built in power nozzle cord management with direct connection feature that keeps your power cord in place. Hoover includes two chromed metal wands for the power nozzle with quick release that once easily setup allows you to disconnect the power nozzle/wand set with just the push of a button and re-connection is just as simple.

Hoover S5686

Includes Standard Tool Compliment
Along with the 30' power hose, two mental wands with cord management and Windtunnel power nozzle you will also receive three above the floor tools including dusting brush with square design and nylon bristle for gentle cleaning, furniture nozzle with agitator strip to remove stubborn lint and crevice tool with flat tip for continuous airflow. You also get a telescopic aluminum wand for utility, overhead and hard floor cleaning. The single action aluminum wand telescopes with the use of buttons - just grab and push or pull to the length you desire to clean. All the tools and telescopic wand are friction locking for easy use and changeover. The hose and tools are also a standard 1.25" size and will inter operate with most other attachments including common aftermarket tools.

Hoover S5686

Premium 12" Floor Tool
For dry vacuuming of all hard floor coverings. The Hoover universal floor tool works great, particularly for uneven floor surfaces or homes with pets. The natural bristle floor tool is lightweight and very maneuverable with a full swivel neck. The floor tool has two notched brush strips front and back with outboard soft vinyl wheels that keep the tool from scratching or marring wood or laminate floors. The large center opening allows for optimal airflow and the tool housing is manufactured of near indestructible poly propylene for years of trouble free use. The brushes are easily accessible and removable for cleaning.

Hoover Windtunnel Central Vacuum Accessory BONUS Accessories - A Vacdepot Exclusive!
Purchase either a S5686-PT or the S5688-DC Windtunnel kit from Vacdepot.com and we will include the bonus with your order. In addition to the standard Windtunnel kit you will also get the Windtunnel turbo brush (aka "the pet tool"). The Turbo brush gives you an air powered hand held roller cleaning brush similar to the brush roller in the large power nozzle of the vacuum.

The powered hand tool greatly increases your cleaning efficiency in areas that are carpeted or upholstered such as stairs, sofas, curtains and even auto interiors. Using the strong suction created by the central vacuum's main motor, incoming air is pulled over an impeller that is mounted to a gear belted shaft which turns the brush roller at amazing speeds.

Hoover Windtunnel Central Vacuum Accessory Using the turbo powered hand tool is like lifting the Windtunnel Powerbrush off the floor and cleaning your sofa. The difference is that the turbo hand tool is only 5 inches wide and weighs less than a pound. A must have tool for those with pets, the powered hand tool will lift soils from surfaces with much greater ease than the standard upholstery tool. The turbo tool can attach directly to the hose, or be used in combination with the included extension wand. Vacdepot also upgrades the standard wire hose hanger to the new single loop hose hanger. The new hose hanger is easier to mount with two screw positions vertically (mounts on a single stud) and holds more hose with less slippage thanks to the ribbed design of the carrier.

The new single loop hose hanger also works to hold the third part of the Vacdepot bonus - a 5 pocket cloth attachment caddie. Hang it in the closet or onto the hose hanger and the cloth tool caddie will hold your cleaning tools and extra wand in one place. The tool caddie will help to prevent tools from becoming lost at the bottom of the closet and increase efficiency when cleaning. Vacdepot bonus accessories are available only from Vacdepot.com with purchase of a new S5686 or S5688 Windtunnel Attachment Kit.

S5686 Product Specifications

  • 15" Windtunnel Power Brush
  • 30' Power Hose
  • Standard Connection w/6' Pigtail
  • Ergo Grip w/360° Swivel
  • 2 Metal Wands w/Cord Mgmt
  • 12" Premium Hard Floor Tool
  • Telescopic Aluminum Wand
  • Dusting Brush
  • Furniture Nozzle
  • Crevice Tool
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • BONUS - Turbo Brush Nozzle
  • BONUS - Hose Hanger Upgrade
  • BONUS - Cloth Tool Caddie


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