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Aggresor Vacuums®
Excellence Powerteam Kit w/30ft Hose
Aggresor Vacuums® Excellence Powerteam Kit w/30ft Hose
Reg $329.99
 Special $299.00
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From Beam®
Beam 30ft CVS Hose W/Square Tool Connection

30ft CVS Hose W/Square Tool Connection


Green Padded Zippered Hose Cover 30ft
MSRP $59.99 Our Reg. Price $34.99
Sale Price $24.99  (Save 58% off MSRP)
VacSoc Green Padded Zippered Hose Cover 30ft
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The Zippered Padded Vacsoc is an attractive way to protect your walls, furniture, moldings - and vacuum hose from scratches, dents, nicks and cuts. Vacsoc gives your hose the soft touch, great for all central vacuum hoses up to 30 feet in length (also available in 35ft model, see similar items tab). Easy to install, easy to remove, the Zippered Padded Vacsoc is machine washable, tough and durable. The VSPZ (Vacsoc Padded-Zippered) series of hose cover is the most popular hose cover offered, padded for protection, quilted for a secure fit and covered with smooth material that will not hold pet hair or lint.

The new Vacsoc Green Tone-on-Tone color transforms your drab gray vacuum hose into a beautiful, vibrantly colored designer pattern that does not have to be hidden in the closet. The rich colors are attractive and easy to match with existing decor. The new Tone-on-Tone design adds a unique pattern that hides dirt or discoloration. Vacsoc brand hose covers are the original, and the first to develop central vacuum hose covers with the first release of the "tube soc". Now with the newest Padded and Zippered hose covers, Vacsoc maintains their well deserved reputation for both quality and innovation.

All VSPZ hose covers are constructed of 100% Polyester and machine washable. The synthetic materials will retard staining and will not shrink when washed, ensuring that your Padded Vacsoc will always cover the wear areas of your hose. The zipper is constructed of a sewn in durable nylon cleat system with a metal closure.

The Padded vacsocs zipper performs like any other and is covered the entire length of the hose on both sides with padded self-closing flaps. The padded flaps protect both the zipper and your furniture while you use your central vacuum system. Each end of the VSPZ has two attachment systems for extra secure performance. A string tie is in place to secure the soc's end directly to the hose thread. A padded cuff on the end of the vacsoc with a sewn on velcro closure keeps the VSPZ firmly in place and all the workings covered up. Lay it out the hose, zip up the soc, tie down the ends and close up the velcro cuffs - That's how easy the Zippered Vacsoc is... No fuss! So, why fumble Around?



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