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Aspria CPU5729H
Inductair Hybrid Power Unit

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Aspria Inductair Hybrid Power Unit
Inductair is the high quality hybrid power unit which sets a new standard in features, performance and reliability for an introductory model. Featuring an Ametek dual stage suction motor and all steel construction built in North America, Inductair is a superior value combination of performance and quality that surpasses all others in its class. Part of the amazing new line of hybrid collection power unit from Aspria, the Inductair provides user selectable bagged or bagless collection, bi-directional intake connection and premium quality components which are perfect for new construction applications and an excellent choice for replacement of older units in small and mid sized homes.

With its all metal aluminum & steel motor system the Inductair is ultra dependable. The Ametek 5.7" diameter two-stage bypass suction motor with tangential discharge will provide extraordinary performance in a single level home up to 2500 actual sqft, a two level home up to 3,100 actual sqft and a three level home up to 3,800 actual sqft with a maximum manufacturers suggested 5,500 calculated* sqft. The Inductair is superb for applications with average length vacuum tubing systems, up to 100ft max tube run (distance to furthest inlet). The Inductair's bypass motor can reliably operate up to 225 total tube feet, powering 2 - 8 inlets. Inductair's generous 6 gallon bagged or 5 gallon bagless collection capacity allows for extended usage between emptying with normal collection disposal only needed every few months.

The Aspria Inductair's intriguing price point might lead a casual observer to believe it differs in quality from other Aspria brand vacuums. Like all models of Aspria, quality is our top priority and the Inductair is a vacuum which is built to last. Equipped with high quality components and manufactured with the best quality materials the Aspria Inductair is an outstanding value. Manufactured in North America with all steel construction by one of the largest and most advanced production facilities and using many North American component suppliers, the Inductair is miles ahead of the asian-import crowd. With a limited lifetime chassis warranty and five year warranty on parts including the motor and controller, the Aspria Inductair gives you class leading quality and exceptional performance at a remarkable price.

Aspria Inductair Hybrid Power Unit CPU5729H

    • Ametek-Lamb bypass
    • Two-Stage 5.7" Diamater
    • Aluminum Flat & Taper Fans
    • 120V 15A max 14.1A nom, 1686W max
    • 114.5 Cubic Feet Minute Max
    • 128.0 Inches / Water Lift
    • 550 Max Air Watts (515PAW)
    • Dual Ball Bearing Support
    • Cast Aluminum Bracket
    • Tangential Discharge

    • Avnan Electro Controller
    • Solid-State Design
    • 24VAC, 40mA Transformer
    • 20A Switching Relay
    • Noise Reduction Circuit
    • Overload Protection Circuit
    • LED Power Indicator

    • User Selectable HYBRID
    • Change Collection Anytime
    • Bagless Capacity 5 GAL
    • Permenant Micro-Filter
    • Self-Shedding Center Weighted
    • Upgradeable HEPA
    • Bagged Capacity 6 GAL
    • Closed Bag System w/Gasket
    • H11 HEPA Filtration Media
    • Top Mounted Bag Connection

    • Machine: 12" Diameter, 39.5" Tall
    • Mounted Depth: 14" (from wall to front)
    • Package: 16.5" x 16.5" x 42"
    • Total Weight 28lbs
    • Manufactured in Canada
    • All Steel. 20ga Panels, 18ga Mounts
    • Cold Formed and Rolled
    • Continuious Seam Welded Body
    • Welded Steel Mounts
    • Flat Bead Filter Mount
    • Soft Outward Roll Rims
    • Welded 5ga Wire Bin Latches
    • Welded 18ga Latch Receivers
    • Interior & Exterior Powder Coating
    • Textured Polyester Epoxy Finish
    • High Durability, Low Maintnence

    • Bi-Directional Intake Left or Right
    • Acoustic Performance 73dBa
    • Extra Wide Vinyl Bin Gasket
    • Push Button Reset Breaker
    • External Override Switch
    • Easy Grip Collection Bin
    • 6ft 16/3 Standard Power Cord

    • Disposable Bag Adapter
    • Intake Port Block-off Plug
    • Steel Wall Mounting Bracket
    • (1) Worm Drive Tube Clamps
    • Screw Pack W/ LV Wire Terminals
    • (1) Synthetic Disposable Bag
    • Owners Manual w/Warranty

    • 5 Year Motor & Controller Warranty
    • 5 Year Parts Warranty
    • 1 Year Labor Warranty
    • Lifetime Chassis/Body Warranty
    • See Manual For Details
    • Vacdepot, Aspria Authorized Sales & Service

*Manufacturers maximum square footage calculated rating is a theoretical maximum application size provided by the manufacturer. This information is presented for comparison purposes with other brands "maximum sqft" ratings. The provided actual sqft rating is the recommended true size rating for an average home with the power unit located in the same structure.

Tested, Inspected & Guaranteed. Tested, Inspected & Guaranteed. Vacdepot is the only fully stocked central vacuum dealer online which inspects and tests all power units before shipping. Vacdepot ships all orders directly from our own warehouse, we do not drop-ship our customers orders. All central vacuum power units ordered from Vacdepot online are thoroughly inspected before shipment. Vacdepot investigates all units for manufacturing defects and confirms all included components like cords, brackets and manuals are included. Each vacuum unit is connected to a testing station to check operation, confirm the low-voltage signal and activate the suction motor to check seals. Vacdepot test the vacuums power consumption, measures the vacuum motors suction capacity and meters the airflow to confirm normal operation. After successful testing and inspection the power unit is repackaged with Vacdepot's enhanced performance pak for secure shipping to guarantee delivery without damage.

Anyone offering central vacuums online can claim to be an expert, but the standard must be higher than sticking a shipping label on a box and hoping for the best. Only Vacdepot with nearly two decades of online shipping know-how and five decades of vacuum industry experience provides this unique service for its customers on every power unit, because only Vacdepot can.


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