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Flomentum Hybrid Power Unit
Aspria® Flomentum Hybrid Power Unit
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Airvac Deluxe Powered Attachment Kit - Universal Connect

Deluxe Powered Attachment Kit - Universal Connect


Turbine Brush Tool
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Wessel-Werk Turbine Brush Tool
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The Amazing Wessel-Werk Turbine Brush cleaning tool dramatically enhances the cleaning ability of any vacuum while cleaning stairs, upholstery and car interiors.

The Turbine Tool uses the air stream produced by the vacuum to turn the brush roll, adding agitation without the use of electricity. Agitation at the surface you are cleaning greatly increases the vacuums ability to move embedded particles from the carpeted or upholstered area into the vacuum system. The Turbine hand tool can increase your vacuums cleaning ability in these areas 2 to 5 times its current cleaning ability.

The PT160-32 is made to fit most vacuum cleaners using standard 1.25" (32MM) fittings. This includes most all central vacuum systems and backpack vacuums with residential tool sets. The PT160's system is simple and effective. The air is pulled through the tool and across two fans. As the air turns the fans, the fan shaft turns a gear, which then turns a geared belt connected to the brush roller. The turbine system is not new technology and has been in use for quite a number of years.

Whats new about this system is the overall size of the tool. The width of the cleaning nozzle is just 6 3/8"
The nozzle depth is just 2 1/2" with a full tool length of only 7 3/4". The small size of this tool allows you to reach areas such as stairs where a full power nozzle will not fit.

The brush roll in the PT160 is twisted 360° so more brush comes in contact with the surface for each rotation. The bristles are made of long wearing nylon, and last the life of the tool. The bottom plate also rotates 15° so you do not have to hold the tool "just right" to get great cleaning.

The internal mechanism of the PT160 is accessible via the release button. Once you pop the hood, all the internal parts are able to be cleaned and even lubricated if necessary. If strings, sticks or other large objects are pulled into the tool, you can stop and remove the object on the spot - without tools!

1.25"/32mm friction fit. Black in color, sold 1 each.


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