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Aggresor Vacuums®
Performer PU & Excellence Powerteam Combo Pak
Aggresor Vacuums® Performer PU & Excellence Powerteam Combo Pak
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VALET AT-100  & Aspria CVA360 Combo Pak

AT-100 & Aspria CVA360 Combo Pak


SuperValve Full Door Direct w/EZ-Flange Almond
MSRP $25.99 Our Price $15.99  (Save 38% off MSRP)
Hayden SuperValve Full Door Direct w/EZ-Flange Almond
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The new CV2060 Full Door SuperValve with EZ-Flange from Hayden for Direct Connect CVS attachment kits. The Super Valve combines all connections of a dual volt hose system in a single valve; Suction Connection, 24V Signal and 110V power brush electrics supply. With the SuperValve and a direct connect attachment set you need only plug the hose in to the wall valve to make all 3 connections, unlike standard connections where you must plug in the hose and also an electric cord to a near by electrical outlet.

NEW Reversible EZ-Flange!
The CV2060 Full Door SuperValve accommodates different installation requirements: Unlike a traditional valve, the flange of this new valve is completely separate from the body and can be placed either on the left or right of the valve depending on your installation requirements. The installer can choose to install the flange in either direction and the electrical box will remain at the top. The CV2060 SuperValve inlets also feature a larger junction box for the high-voltage connection and full 180° rotation of the elbow connector on the back for EZ installation.

The CV2060 is a full door valve (full face plate) that has an attractive modern design. The valve includes both the face plate (inlet door), mounting plate with junction box, romex locking connector and valve door mounting screws - you do not need to order separate mounting plates for SuperValves. SuperValve with Reversable Flange Installation Manual PDF.

Sold 1 each. Almond Color, standard mounting flange. Also available in White or Ivory colors. OEM No. 792060A


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