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Universal Button Lock Low-Volt Hose 40ft
MVAC® Universal Button Lock Low-Volt Hose 40ft
Reg $139.99
 Special $99.99
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From Electrolux®
Electrolux PU3900C & Lindhaus PB Series Combo Pak

PU3900C & Lindhaus PB Series Combo Pak


CVS Car Cleaning Attachment Kit 30ft
MSRP $49.99 Our Price $39.95  (Save 20% off MSRP)
Aspria CVS Car Cleaning Attachment Kit 30ft
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Did you know that we replace more CVS electric hoses every year because a car backed over the hose while using the CVS system in the garage? You might also be surprised to find out that most electric CVS hoses can cost upwards of $200 - and that's just for the hose!

Our new CVS attachment set is perfect for cleaning automobile interiors in the comfort of your garage. Our handy kit is also great to have on the workbench or just around the house for quick clean-ups.

This set includes a 30 foot Plastiflex hose that is lightweight and easy to handle. The wall cuff is the standard CVS fitting with metal band to activate your CVS power unit. The hose grip is a special "stubby" version making it perfect for working in the tight spaces of car interiors. The grip has a 360° swivel so your hose won't kink up and a air relief adjustment so you can lessen the suction should you desire.

Also included in the kit are the three basic cleaning tools; angled crevice tool, upholstery tool with brush strip and round dusting brush with nylon bristles. All three tools are lightweight, easy to use and friction fitting to the hose - no special buttons or locking pins required. There is also a chromed wire hose hanger to store your hose on the wall that includes mounting screws.

Our CVS car kit gives you exactly the right tools to clean auto interiors and much more. The lightweight set comes in all black and has no metal parts to damage your auto. Use a CVS car kit and keep your good hose inside the house!


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