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Universal Button Lock Low-Volt Hose 40ft
MVAC® Universal Button Lock Low-Volt Hose 40ft
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VALET Power Unit Bagged Collection

Power Unit Bagged Collection


CVS Louvered Exhaust Vent
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Vaculine CVS Louvered Exhaust Vent
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Stylish low profile exhaust vent for central cleaning systems with ventable exhaust. The Vaculine exhaust vent measures 6" square for a clean, finished installation. The flange connection is friction fitting (no-glue SOCKET) for quick installation directly onto the CVS pipe. The exhaust vent features louvered doors and provides maximum exhaust with minimum cold air entry. Constructed of U.V. stabilized polypropylene for long lasting outdoor operation. Textured finish is paintable.

Building an infrastructure for central vacuum systems is simple with Vaculine® PVC fittings. Vaculine PVC fittings are specifically designed to have low internal surface friction for air handling use in central vacuum system applications. Special attention has been given to design features that help to reduce project complications by allowing for increased adaptability in confined areas. Vaculine molds the strongest and most durable plastic fittings available with the latest technology to ensure that our fittings are of the highest quality. Vaculine fittings won't crack, break, bend or wear. TESTED, INSPECTED, APPROVED. All Vaculine fittings are manufactured in compliance with the ASTM F2158 and are marked with the ASTM 2158 specification and UMC shield for proper compliance with building code. Vaculine fittings are also listed IAPMO products in CENTRAL VACUUM FITTINGS, the only IAPMO recognized fittings producer and the only North American vacuum fittings production facility.
Sold 1 each, White Color

PVC Vacuum Fitting Connector Information

A SOCKET (also called a HUB, shown in red) is a female end of a fitting designed to accept pipe or a SPIGOT connector. A SOCKET measures 1.98" inside diameter to accept the 2 inch nominal pipe for interconnection of a central vacuum system. The HUB FITTING is the most commonly used fitting connector and most fittings use a SOCKET at both ends (SOCKET X SOCKET). A full depth SOCKET fitting measures .75 inches in depth to allow good adhesion to pipe when glued. A special "Short Socket" 90° fitting (part# CV5504) uses a .25 inch depth socket to allow for use in smaller spaces and is used also in the installation of Vacpan and Vacusweep sweep-inlets which are not glued. All Vacdepot installation kits include HUB FITTINGS.

A SPIGOT (shown in red) is a male end of a fitting designed to be used inside another fittings SOCKET end. Any fitting with at least one end in a SPIGOT connector is called a STREET FITTING. A STREET fittings uses a SPIGOT on one end and a SOCKET on the other (SOCKET X SPIGOT). A STREET fitting is used less often in the construction of a central vacuum tubing system but is very useful when two fittings must be joined together to make connection not available in a standard SOCKET fitting. A SPIGOT connector measures .71 inches in depth to allow full insertion into a SOCKET fitting. Standard HUB FITTING's can be converted to a SPIGOT end by the use of a SPIGOT ADAPTER (SPIGOT X SPIGOT) or the use of a 1.75 inch length of vacuum tube. However a SPIGOT to SOCKET fitting will be approximately .75 inches shorter than a SOCKET to SOCKET fitting using a SPIGOT adapter or short piece of pipe due to the lack of a second HUB in the connection. STREET fittings are not included in the standard Vacdepot install kit and are available in the fittings category.


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