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Cen-Tec Systems®
QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit
Cen-Tec Systems® QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit
Reg $439.00
 Special $399.00
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From Honeywell®
Honeywell Performer Pro Power Unit

Performer Pro Power Unit


Beam® 3700A
Serenity IQS
MSRP $867.95

Beam Serenity IQS
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Beam central vacuum power units and attachment sets provide excellent performance and durability with many great features. Beam began building central vacuum systems in 1957 and now sell central vacuums in over 50 countries around the world. Beam power units feature durable construction with a metal body and plastic collection bin. Beam brand attachment sets cover a wide range of cleaning needs from lower cost builder models to the new BEAMQ power brush with low-noise operation and telescopic wand. Beam vacuums provide excellent cleaning with 100% filtration when vented outside. Beam central vacuums can be matched with other brands of central systems and work great as replacement power units or cleaning sets for older models.

    • 2 Stage 14.3 Amp 120V Motor
      • 125 Cubic Feet / Minute Airflow
      • 140 Inches / Water Lift Suction
      • 600 Max Air Watts
    • LCD Indicator Panel
    • 4 Gal. Dirt Capacity
    • Gore CleanStream™ Self Cleaning Filter
    • Built-in Utility Inlet
    • Unit is Ventable
    • Steel Construction Power Body
    • Duralite™ plastic dirt collection bucket
  • Collection Bin Window
  • Dark Grey Powder Coat Finish
  • Atlis™ Adaptable Intake System
  • 31lbs Total Weight
  • 42" High, 11" Diameter
  • Manufacturers Parts & Labor Warranty
    • Lifetime Limited - Power Unit Body & Filter
    • 10 Years - Suction Motor & electrical
    • 1 Year Labor - Al Parts
    • For Domestic Residential Use Only

Electrolux Limited BEAM Brand Sales Policy
Electrolux requires that their BEAM branded vacuums be sold only to consumers within an authorized dealers sales area. Electrolux has taken this action to ensure that consumers are properly serviced by the terms of warranty for BEAM branded vacuums. Those ordering BEAM brand vacuums from the Vacdepot website that request delivery outside our authorized sales area will be offered other comparable equipment.

Consider the Value & Cost of the Brand
If you are considering purchasing your BEAM brand vacuum online from an auction website or webstore other than your local dealer you should add to the asking price the value of the original factory warranty. Legitimate BEAM dealers can not sell outside of their limited territory nor through ebay or other auction websites. If you purchase from a source other than your local BEAM dealer, your equipment will have no factory warranty. A person or company selling unauthorized by the factory can not "reassign" the warranty (can you believe that people say that?) and you will not receive any of the factory warranty benefits from Electrolux. A warranty to cover repair parts for up to 10 years on many models is part of the price for BEAM equipment.

When you buy BEAM branded equipment from someone other than your authorized local dealer you get only the equipment, not the brand or the service they are known for. And when you compare the BEAM brand equipment to other products that do include a warranty, the brand name on your vacuum might mean much less. For example; Electrolux Quiet Clean model central vacuums include a 10 year power unit and 3 year tool kit limited warranty, exactly the same as the BEAM brand. Electrolux also makes Honeywell, Eureka, Aggresor and other brands in the same factory. All of the Electrolux vacuums are great. They offer many features which can be found in multiple brands of Electrolux vacuum. You need not go without a factory warranty to get the quality and performance you need at the price you want.


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