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PU3900C & Electrolux CS3000 Combo Pak
Electrolux® PU3900C & Electrolux CS3000 Combo Pak
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Beam Serenity Plus Power Unit 240V

Serenity Plus Power Unit 240V


CVS Power Unit Dual Motor
Our Price $1549.00
Vacuflo CVS Power Unit Dual Motor
Vacuflo CVS power units with CFT® are available from Vacdepot in our local marketplace, DFW Texas. For those outside of the DFW area, please contact Vacdepot for assistance. Online orders for Vacuflo branded vacuum power units outside of our service area will be offered a substitute brand/model.

Hayden SuperVac central vacuums with washable filtered cyclonic collection are available nationwide on the Vacdepot website. For Vacuflo power units outside the DFW market please contact Vacuflo at 330-875-5556 for your local Vacuflo dealer.

The high performance Vacuflo Central Vacuum System provides strong cleaning power and operates at peak performance without bags or filters. Carpets and furnishings are cleaned more thoroughly with less wear due to efficient and consistent vacuum power and airflow.

The VACUFLO System works by transporting dirt, debris and dust particles through a simple network of tubing that runs through the walls to the power unit. The in-wall tubing is easily installed during construction or added to an existing home. Installation is usually completed in less than one day with no structural modifications needed.

VACUFLO Power Units are engineered to match a home’s square footage with units available for homes up to 18,000 sq. feet. Each unit is designed for powerful and quiet operation. The power units are constructed of steel and finished with a tough powder–coating that resists chipping, rusting, and scratches. All models (except 960) feature a clear dirt canister so you can see when it needs emptied. We have kept ahead of our competition by continuously improving our products and our warranty. All VACUFLO True Cyclonic power units feature a lifetime +3 warranty with 3 years of warranty labor coverage and lifetime on al permanently installed components (power unit parts). Quality products, great service and a trusted name in the industry for over 55 years are why home buyers and builders insist on VACUFLO.

Vacuflo 960, the perfect choice for homes up to 18,000 square feet.
  • Vacuflo 960 Cyclonic Power Unit
  • Dual 13.4 MAX Amp 7.2" 120V Motor
    • 232 Cubic Feet / Minute
    • 125 Inches / Water Lift
    • 990 Air Watts
  • Lower Noise 70.9 dBa
  • 13.5 Gal. Dirt Capacity
  • Filterless Design
  • Separate dual exhaust
  • 20GA Steel Construction
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Steel dirt canister
  • 2 Exhaust mufflers included
  • 84lbs Net Weight
  • Push button resettable circuit protector
  • 12 1/4" dia. x 40 1/2" high
  • C/UL USA Certified
  • Lifetime Limited +3


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