The MVAC CVC-4321 is currently backordered from the manufacturer.
We expect availability on 11/30/1999 however backorders are first come, first served. Backorder dates are estimates only. Delivery dates for backorder items are not guaranteed. Placing your order now will assure you get on list for first shipment when this item becomes available.

Product Availability
Available Immediately  Available Immediately
Most every item sold on the website is stocked in our company owned & operated warehouse and available for shipment the same or next business day. Delivery of these items for an approved order is usually 2 - 5 business days after the date of order.

Backordered  Item Backordered
We always try to alert you before you order when an items we offer is not available in our warehouse. Sometimes backorders happen, and we want you to know our estimated availability on these items so you can make an informed purchase decision. Our backorder dates are most often estimated by the manufacturer and they are usually quite accurate, but not guaranteed.

Partial Shipments & Charges
If the order total less the back ordered items cost is less than $100 then the entire shipment will be held until the back ordered item arrives and the shipment can be released complete. In-stock orders totaling over $100 will release immediately without the backordered item. If the backordered items price is greater than $100., the item will be sent when available with free shipping. Backordered items under priced less than $100 will not be shipped until you place another order.

To ensure you receive a backordered item priced less than $100 as soon as it becomes available you should order the backordered item separately on it's own order. You are only charged for an item when it ships from the warehouse to you. All items not available are removed from your invoice total if they are not shipped with your order.