CVS-I Install Kit Included Parts Defined

Central Vacuum Inlet Door Standard Universal Inlet Door (wall inlet, wall valve, inlet valve)
The inlet door is the finishing cover that acts as a valve where your cleaning hose is inserted into the vacuum tubing system. Standard inlets will measure approximately 3 inches wide by 5 inches tall, similar to outlets and switch plates. The inlet is opened to insert the hose and also holds the low volt contacts to activate the power unit. All modern inlets have 1.5" inside diameter openings with two low voltage contacts inside the opening. The low voltage contacts are connected to the low-volt wiring attached to each inlet and the vacuums power unit. The RV Series installation kits include your choice of three inlet valves: VacuValve full door inlet, the new Hayden side-open inlet or the Plastiflex round door inlet. While all of these standard inlets function in a similar manor and can be used with all of the same tool sets, the style of these inlets is quite different.

The VacuValve full door inlet is available in white, almond, ivory or black colors. The VacuValve inlet is attractive with a matte finish and clean lines. It's door can opened vertically a full 180° and it is manufactured from ABS which is both durable and paintable. The VacuValve is one of the most widely installed full door inlets sold today. The round door inlet is manufactured by Plastiflex Canada and was once the standard for all central vacuum systems. The familiar design has been in use for many decades and remains quite popular. The inset door is easy to access and open just past 90° for easy connection of the cleaning hose. Round door inlets are available in both white and almond colors with matching color head screws.

The newest design for inlets is the Side-Open valve. Side-Open universal inlets are manufactured in white or almond color in the Hayden brand. The side-open inlet is an attractive & modern looking valve with a matte finish and hidden hinge action for an inlet door with almost unnoticeable lines and soft rounded corners and edges. The Side-Open inlets door can be pulled open a full 180° for easy access to the hose inlet. The unique Side-Open inlets can also be used for horizontal mounting in tight spaces where a full door inlet may not fit like a backsplash or tall baseboard applications.
View all RV series inlet colors & Styles.

Vacdepot also offers the DV series installation kits with the Profyle series inlet doors. The stylish Profyle doors are available in many colors including metallic finishes. See the similar items tab for the DV series DECO installation kits.

Central Vacuum mounting bracket Mounting Plate (inlet mounting bracket, backplate)
The mounting plate is attached to a framing stud behind the drywall in new construction by use of its nailing fin with screws. The mounting plate serves as the connector between the inlet door and the vacuum tubing system. The mounting plate accepts a fitting in the back (a short 90° elbow) and has a o-ring seal 1.6" opening in the front.

The o-ring opening lets you attach the inlet door to the front of the mounting plate with screws instead of glue so that the inlet door may be removed in the future much like a switch cover plate. In retro fit (pre-existing homes) the nailing fin is removed from the mounting plate which is connected to the tube and elbow behind the wall. When the inlet door is connected to the mounting plate the two clamp around the drywall to hold the system in place. CVS-I kits include a high quality Vaculine mounting plate which is capable of using both 2-bolt and 4-bolt inlet doors and includes a removable steel flange for retrofit use.

Central Vacuum PVC tubing 2" PVC Vacuum Tubing, ASTM-F2158 Compliant
Central Vacuum Systems use a special size and design tube to carry air and debris to the power unit, which is also the collection system that is remotely mounted usually in an attached garage, basement or utility room. All modern CVS PVC is 2.0 inches outside diameter with a .06" thin wall which differs from typical plumbing pipe. CVS-PVC is an extruded pipe much like regular plumbing PVC with a special smooth bore interior. Vacdepot uses IAPMO certified manufacturers which produce vacuum system tubing to the ASTM-F2158 standard. All CVS-I central vacuum tubing is sold in 4'11" (59 total inches) sections referred to nominally as a 5ft stick. Our new 5' sticks are easy to handle, easy to transport and easy to use on the job in attics, service paths, crawl spaces and other tight areas.
Central Vacuum Low Volt wire Low-Voltage CMG Signal Wire
The low volt wire in a central vacuum system is used to signal the power unit (suction motor) from the wall inlet. Our CSA approved wire is two jacketed solid 22 gauge copper wires in a CMG style PVC outer jacket. Our low-volt wire is round with internal support for easier pulling over and around objects without snagging. Our wire is rolled for easy dispensing and the flexible 22 gauge goes where you want it and stays there. In most installations the signal wire is run next to the pipe system to enable easy inspection of the signal wire. Wire lengths can be spliced with wire nuts or crimps and electric tape.
Central Vacuum PVC cement PVC Cement
CVS-I kits may include Vacuflo brand All-Weather, IPS Weld-On brand PVC710 or equivalent. Clear PVC Cement is a regular-bodied and fast setting PVC for all classes of 2-inch PVC tube. Comes in four ounces metal cans with applicator attached to the lid. One 4 ounce can will cover most applications up to 200 linear feet of pipe and 10 inlets. When gluing CVS-PVC always apply glue to the male side of the connection (pipe or spigot), not the inside of a fitting where it may build up and degrade airflow. Always use fast-set cement for vacuum systems, but do not use special "hot" glues.
Central Vacuum PVC fitting 45° Elbow (ASTM-F2158 / UMC)
The CV5517W 45 degree elbow is the most important elbow fitting in your central vacuum tube system. Makes pipe connections at standard 45 degree angle, safe for intrasystem use (in-wall and attic locations). Using the 45 elbow you can change the direction of airflow with the least impact on your systems performance. Full depth SOCKET type connection on both ends for direct pipe connection. Also available the CV5519W 30° elbow and the CV5538W 38° elbow fittings for angles also used in home construction.
Central Vacuum PVC fitting 90° Sweep Elbow (ASTM-F2158 / UMC)
The CV5510W 90 degree sweep elbow makes pipe connections at standard 90 degree angle, safe for intrasystem use (in-wall and attic locations). The sweep elbow makes long radius turns to maintain airflow and prevent blockages intra-system. Full depth SOCKET type connection on both ends for connection directly with vacuum tube.
Central Vacuum PVC fitting 90° Sweep Tee (ASTM-F2158 / UMC)
The CV5501W 90 degree sweep tee provides a 90 degree branch (3 connection) fitting that is swept for safe use intra-system. Sweep Tee's are used most often in branch lines to connect a drop or rise into the trunk line. Full depth SOCKET type connection on all ends for direct connection to vacuum tube.
Central Vacuum PVC fitting 45° Wye (ASTM-F2158 / UMC)
The CV5525W 45 degree wye is an excellent low resistance fitting that provides three tube connections. One set of tube connections passes through the fitting with the other intersecting the fitting at a 45° angle. Often used in similar locations as the 90 sweep tee including branch lines connecting a drop or rise into the main trunk. Full depth SOCKET type connection on both ends for direct pipe connection.
Central Vacuum PVC fitting Tube Coupling with Stop (ASTM-F2158 / UMC)
The CV5529W stop coupling joins two lengths of vacuum tube together continuously. Used to create straight tube runs. The stop coupling has a centered rib to ensure both tube ends get equal glue surface. Each tube union will require a coupling, however not every tube will end in a union with another tube. Full depth SOCKET type connection on both ends for direct pipe connection.
Central Vacuum PVC fitting Spigot Adapter (ASTM-F2158 / UMC)
The CV5527 spigot adapter is a convenience fitting that lets you join two SOCKET type fittings together to create a custom fitting. Spigot adapters work much like a short piece of tube that is used to connect two fittings together. Spigot adapters convert any SOCKET type fitting, safe for intra-system use. Full depth SPIGOT type connection on both ends for direct connection to fittings.
Central Vacuum PVC fitting 90°Universal Short Elbow (ASTM-F2158 / UMC)
The CV5506W 90 degree universal elbow is short and compact in size and is designed to be used only for connecting the mounting plate of an inlet to the tube system within the wall. The short, tight turn of this elbow is designed to fit within a 2X4 stud wall when used in one direction and when turned the other direction it is designed to fit a 2X3 stud wall. The special design of this elbow works to prevent long objects from entering the tube system. This design also means you should never use short 90 elbows intrasystem because of their clog potential. Each CVS-I installation kit includes a number of short 90 elbows equivalent to the number of inlets plus one extra for backup (two extra for large kits). Full depth special SOCKET type connection on both ends for direct tube and mounting plate connection.
Central Vacuum PVC fitting Tube Strap
The CV5545W tube strap for mounting and tube support. The CV5545W fits over vacuum tube and screws to the mounting surface with two fasteners. CVS pipe should be secured every 4 - 5 feet in most installations.
Central Vacuum PVC fitting 11" Cable Ties UL Approved
From Leco, Panduit or equivalent the 11 inch cable tie is perfect for securing your low volt wire run to your 2" tubing system. Excellent for areas when tube is running against studs and the low volt wire cannot be taped. Easy to use "zip-tie" cable fastener is UV stabilized.
Central Vacuum PVC fitting Vacdepot Installation & Products Information CD-ROM (Manuals & Video)
Available exclusively from Vacdepot, this installation CD-ROM includes multiple brands of general installation manuals that cover both new and pre-existing installations, a 17 minute installation video in both windows media (.wmv) and universal mpeg (.mpg) file formats and product specific manuals including Vacpan, SuperValve and Hide-A-Hose instruction sheets. All instructions and manuals are in PDF format and printable from the CD-ROM for use while you're installing. Our installation CD-ROM also includes product information and manuals from a number of manufacturers. An all-inclusive resource that covers every part of a central vacuum installation from novice to experienced do-it-yourselfer.

Vacdepot packs our CVS-I installation kits with the industry's very best quality components, our comprehensive install CD and our decades of CVS experience. Our commitment does not end when the kit is delivered. Vacdepot CV installers are available to help by phone or email with your questions. Purchasing a CVS-I install kit means you will receive the best components and service in central cleaning systems.