Aggresor A11 Central Vacuum Power Unit Aggresor central vacuum systems are manufactured by Electrolux Home Care Products, North America (EHCPNA) in the Juarez production facility. Electrolux is the worlds largest central vacuum supplier with products in many brands including Eureka, BEAM, Honeywell, Volta (Europe), Electrolux (USA & Europe) as well as many other brands. The Aggresor central vacuum chassis of the AGG-A11 made from VALOX resin is a break through in central vacuum design that allows for quality exacting designs with superior high impact performance, fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance and heat resistance.

The enhanced design freedom of precision manufacturing in VALOX resin allows for inherent benefits over sheet metal canisters including electronic insulation, lower noise & vibration, built-in color system, reduced weight, and rust proof construction. VALOX resins are also an environmentally wise choice for both production and recycling. The Aggresor vacuum chassis was instantly popular both here in the USA sold as Eureka and in Europe where the units are sold under the Electrolux label (Electrolux Model ZCV785) in many countries including Sweden, UK and down under in Australia.

In the USA the Aggresor is coupled with Electrolux's most powerful two stage 7.2" tangential bypass motor system, the Ametek-Lamb 122031-12. Ametek makes this motor for many Electrolux central vacuums including the Electrolux PU3900B , the Beam 395 & 3900 models and the Honeywell H803 power unit along with many others. The 122031-12 has maximum performance ratings of 640 Airwatts with 126CFM airflow and 137IWL suction strength. The Lamb motors are part of Ametek's Premier Series which use an all aluminum chassis with dual ball bearing armature (drive shaft).

Aggresor A11 Central Vacuum Power Unit The Aggresor A11 is a true central vacuum style tangential by-pass design. While some smaller models have a single fan Cinderson brand thru-flo motor which uses the vacuumed air to also cool the motor, the AGG-A11 ejects all vacuumed air through the exhaust horn and out of the vacuum. A secondary fan at the opposite end of the drive shaft is used to cool the motor using clean air from around the power unit. The cooling air is brought in through the top of the vacuum's intake baffel and exhausted out the side vents.

Bypass motors enjoy a substantially longer life than thru-flo motors in central vacuum systems and do not suffer from performance robbing build up inside the motor system. The power and performance is impressive in the Aggresor A11 power unit and coupled with the large capacity VALOX chassis gives the A11 an extraordinary manufacturers suggested cleaning area of 12,000 square feet.

Like all manufacturers suggested ratings this is an optimal maximum. The 122031-12 motor is exceptional and provides superior performance for most applications with runs of 200 feet and sometimes more. The max tube run is the distance to the farthest inlet from the power unit plus the exhaust system, if any. This will allow for high performance usage in homes of 3,500 sqft up to 6,500 sqft. Installation and performance may vary based on the type of system, the type of floors and the homeowners preferences.

The A11 is an intelligent power unit and features a unique control system with LCD user interface. Like all central vacuum control boards the ECS (Electrolux Control System) provides switching for the main power and a relay + transformer to run the low-voltage inlet sensor system. The ECS is a reliable printed multi-layerd circuit board that also includes a 6 foot detachable power cord, low-voltage terminals, a power over-ride switch for manual activation and a set of scroll and selection buttons. The ECS also features a user resettable overload protection system that protects the motor system from voltage and thermal overloads.

The ECS is connected to the Message Center LCD to provide you valuable information about your vacuum system on the LCD panel with easy to use icons. Four screens provide information about the vacuum system and are accessable by scrolling though the menues using the buttons above the diplay. The home screen shows the Aggresor logo while the unit is not in use. The logo image may scroll to prevent image retention.

  Performance Indicators
Power unit motor is operating at peak or optimum performance when all four power bars are illuminated. Normal operating performance is when three to four bars are shown. Fewer bars will be illuminated if performance decreases. If fewer than two bars are consistanly illuminated the owners manual provides sevral areas to check. The display will illuminate operating performance during normal operation.
  Life Meter
The Hours of Service Indicator tracks machine usage with 8 bars. This system helps you keep track of the hours your system has been operating so you can best judge when your vacuum may require a tune up or a general cleaning/servicing may be warranted. The full 8 bars will measure 65 hours of run time. The power unit will continuie to operate beyond the measure of the Life Meter which can be reset by a service technician.
  Full Bin/Bag Indicator
Every 25 hours of use the Empty Bucket indicator will flash on the screen. This is an indication to empty the collection bin or replace the optional disposable bag. Since the indicator is time based you may find the bin too full or too empty depending on the service load of your home. If you have more people or pets, or use the vacuum to clean large debris or workshop areas you may want to check the bin more often. You can reset the bucket empty indicator by pressing the return key on the control panel.
  Call for Service Indicator

The Call For Service Indicator will light if there is a system fault or malfunction with your power unit. If the service symbol is displayed first unplug the unit for one minuite and plug it back in to reset. If the service symbol reappears we reccomend you call the toll free service numer for Electrolux.

The ECS and Message Center display provides valuable insight to the performance of your vacuum system and will help you to get the most from your vacuum system with the ability to diagnose any performance issues directly on the vacuum. The Message Center will help you to keep your vacuum operating at peak efficiency for thorough and deep cleaning performance. With the added benefit of knowing when your vacuum needs to be serviced you will not have to pay for unnecessary service calls or tune-ups for your vacuum system and you can often diagnose and correct limited performance issues yourself without hiring a professional.

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