With increased power often comes increased motor noise but the Aggresor A11 does an excellent job at taming its acoustical emissions and providing a low 61dBa noise level rating. Along with foam in the motor compartment for airflow regulation and noise diffusement, structural closed cell foam is used to isolate motor noise and vibration from the motor chassis. The motor compartment is further spearated from the outside enviorment with an aiflow intake baffle which redirects the motors cooling airflow intake which acts like a muffler to prevent motor noise from escaping to the outside environment.

Aggresor also includes an Sound-Off exhaust muffler system for the A11 to reduce output noise up to 50%. The exhaust muffler uses a foam lining to diffuse the loud roar of exhausting air so the system makes considerably less noise. The A11 is suitable for both self-venting applications where the exhaust is vented at the unit, or to a ducted exhaust system where the exiting air is sent through a tube system to vent outside the home for the ultimate in low-noise cleaning.

The A11's exhaust port is located in the upper third of the vacuum body on the right side (with unit mounted on a wall in front of you). The standard tube connector allows you to run the exhaust up or down, or straight out if you prefer. Accessories included with the unit have all the components you need to attach the exhaust muffler to the vacuum unit including an elbow with clamp connection that locks onto the Sound-Off muffler.

The vacuum unit's intake is located in the lower mid secion of the power unit on it's right side. The intake port connects with standard 2" vacuum tube using a glueless connection for easy service. If required an optional sweep-tee fitting and a utility inlet can be ordered with the vacuum system for cleaning directly at the unit. The CV5586W utility inlet is wired for low voltage and allows you to control the power unit directly from a switched hose. You can also use the over-ride switch on the vacuum control panel to turn the system on manually.

In most systems a utility inlet is remotely mounted which allows you to install the power unit in a convenient place in the garage or basement that is out of the way and out of weather. With a remote utility inlet you can have cleaning access near your garage door for example which will allow you to vacuum a car inside the garage and one in the drive from just one inlet while your vacuum is mounted elsewhere. The HP3990W automatic utility inlet is surface mount and an excellent choice for remote utility inlet.

One feature that increases performance and often the central vacuum users satisfaction is the ability to use a disposable bag collection system. This images shows a similar model that is orange in color with a deposable bag connected to the intake port. The Aggresor A11 features a standard bagless collection system with a Triumph HEPA media permanent filter system, with an included disposable bag option. When coupled with the large 8 gallon collection bin, the large surface area cone shape permanent filter system separates the dirt, dust and debris from the air. As airflow is pulled through the Triumph HEPA fabric media the vacuumed soils are dropped into the collection bin below.

As the bin fills it is easy to monitor the debris level using the built in window and know when the vacuum cleaner needs to be emptied. Removal of the bin is easy with a twist-lock closure system that is easy to remove and transport with easy grip handles on each side of the collection bin canister. Bagless collection is the preferred method for some and uses no consumables. When the unit is full or system performance decreases (as indicated on the Message Center LED) you need only dump the collection bin and occasionally clean the permanent filter.

For those that do not want, or can not use a bagless collection system Aggresor provides a disposable bag connection system that is easy to install and can be removed at any time. Included with each unit is a PVC elbow with tabs on one end and a notched hub on the other. By connecting this elbow inside the vacuum unit you can use disposable collection bags to hygienically dispose of vacuumed debris.

Using either standard paper bags or high performance synthetic bags the AGG-A11 bagless system can be switched to a permanent filter vacuum with disposable collection that is convenient to use and allows installation of the system into areas that would not be appropriate for a bagless model including an inside closet, utility room or finished basement where maintenance of a bagless unit may be too messy.

The disposable bag adaptor is simple to install and the unit can be switched from bagless to bagged, and back again if needed. Using disposable bags both increases overall performance of the vacuum system and also eliminates the periodic requirement to clean the permanent filter.

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