Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The Quiet Drive Sensor Plus attachment group is available with both universal and direct hose configurations which allows the tool set to be used with all new central vacuum systems and most every older central vacuum as well. You can also use the Cen-Tec Quiet Drive Sensor Plus attachment group to upgrade old non-electric attachment kits for superior performance on carpeted floors and rugs.

Bonus Attachments Included, a $70+ Value!
The Quiet Drive Sensor Plus attachment kit includes all of the premium tools and attachments that make cleaning faster and better with deep cleaning performance and reliable use. An exclusive bonus available only from Vacdepot gives you more with your Cen-Tec attachments. The Quiet Drive Sensor Plus with BONUS includes special kit upgrades and extra attachments described later in this review including the Quiet Drive Turbo Tool, Dust-Up Dry Mop Tool and our favorite Sofa Lint & Pet Hair Tool. Our most popularly requested add-on tools and upgrades for central vacuum cleaning are bundled with this bonus attachment kit which saves you both money and time.

Central Vacuum Technology Systems, Inc. (Cen-Tec Systems)
Cen-Tec is a unique manufacturer that offers a diverse line of components and vacuum systems with special attention focused on the needs of homeowners. With offices in Canada and the United Kingdom, Cen-Tec Systems is an American company based in Bloomington, Illinois. Cen-Tec is well known in our industry for having a company-wide passion for quality and innovative cleaning tools. Cen-Tec has perfected the process of assessing the consumers need, seeking out or developing the correct tools and refining them for use with residential and commercial vacuums. Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

Cen-Tec's primary business is as a manufacturer and supplier of OEM customers who cover nearly every central vacuum manufacturer in the USA and abroad. While the name brand Cen-Tec Systems may not be immediately familiar to everyone, almost everybody will recognize their vacuum tools and power brushes that have been in use for well over a decade in the US. Cen-Tec's vacuum tools quickly gained popularity with independent vacuum professionals (including Vacdepot.com) where they quickly became a favorite of customers around the world. Cen-Tec effectively services a world market while keeping its home office in Bloomington. What we find even more impressive is that in a time when so many companies have shut down their US based manufacturing for low-cost off shore production the last few years, Cen-Tec Systems actually began new manufacturing processes in the USA in 2006. Many of our core line components including dusting, crevice, furniture and floor tools are made right here in the USA.

It's About Time
The Quiet Drive Sensor Plus attachment set is a premium level central vacuum attachment group, matching or bettering others in its class for features and cleaning performance. Cen-Tec attachment kits have been known industry wide for cleaning prowess and earned their good reputation with hard work. When approached to offer a premium Cen-Tec attachment group to Vacdepot.com customers we were excited at the options available. Vacdepot collaborated with Cen-Tec to assemble a high performance and high efficiency cleaning set focused on a central theme: time. This product review of the Quiet Drive Sensor Plus will describe dozens of features and explain with some detail how they impact everyday cleaning needs in the home. You will also discover how and why different components were chosen to increase efficiency, and why when working together this group of cleaning tools & attachments save you valuable time, clean better, and help you clean more efficiently.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Spending less time cleaning and doing a better job can be achieved with well engineered tools and the power of your central vacuum. Everyone wants a truly clean home that is healthier for our families. We know that the Cen-Tec Quiet Drive Sensor Plus attachment set will give you the performance you need to achieve your level of clean, and the special time saving features will provide you a high performance shortcut back to your own personal time.

The CT20DXQS Quiet Drive Power brush
Like all great central vacuum attachment sets the QDSP (Quiet Drive Sensor Plus) group of tools is formulated around a high performance electrically powered brush for carpet cleaning. The CT20DXQS represents the cumulative refinement of all Cen-Tec power brushes before its time and includes many advances only found in the CT20X series nozzle. Built from a solid base that innovated the vacuum power brush the CT20DXQS offers features that help you clean quicker and deeper than ever before. One revolutionary feature of the CT20DXQS is the Quiet Drive belt system.

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