Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Recognizing years ago that to offer consistent cleaning performance a vacuum's spinning brush needed a better power transfer from the motor to the floor than the usual stretch-on rubber belt. The old style rubber belt was useful at slower speeds and offered protection for the system if a large object was inadvertently pulled into the spinning brush. Most everyone knows the dread of a burning rubber smell while vacuuming followed by the "pop" sound of your vacuum's belt breaking. This was often followed by a fruitless search through the closet for a spare belt before you had to drive to your local vacuum repair shop to guess at which belt would correctly fit your model of vacuum. This would invariably lead to the time honored struggle between man and machine to install the new belt.

The consumers dissatisfaction with old style rubber belts led to the innovation of the geared or cogged belt that provides a tensionless drive system that is not subject to breakage or stretching. The superior design of the cogged belt also gives a power brush increased performance with high speed drive systems that were not possible with flat rubber belts. Less time spent replacing worn or broken belts gives you more time cleaning without interruption. While many manufacturers soon outfitted their power brush with the cogged belt/ motor geared design Cen-Tec took the opportunity to advance the drive system even further.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The CT20DXQS is the first power brush to incorporate the ribbed belt design from the automotive industry using a kevlar reinforced drive belt. The single length ribbed belt does not require the stored tension of rubber stretch-on belts and offers more surface contact than the toothed belt.

The ribbed belt design also imparted a new quality to the Cen-Tec power brush for which it soon became known, the Quiet Drive. With the cogs and gears eliminated from the drive system the intermittent chatter noise of drive surfaces continually engaging and disengaging was eliminated resulting in a much quieter transfer of power from motor to brush. A power brush that is quiet with increased gripping power, the CT20DXQS is a noticeably better brush.

The engineers at Cen-Tec also recognized the importance of an all bristle roller with a wood core that will not warp. Fighting pressure from the sales-driven production side of the business who want to claim marketing points with a less reliable hollow core metal roller, Cen-Tec instead sided with the service and repair side of the industry. While a Metal Brush Roller sounds like a better component, service technicians will always point out that they often fail quickly when hit by a hard object or become out of round and out of balance. An unbalanced roller that could be spinning at thousands of rotations per minute suffers from uncontrollable vibration that can ultimately damage the rollers bearings, end caps and even the vacuum nozzle's chassis leading to costly repairs. Hollow metal core rollers are used in only a few vacuums these days, replaced by natural (solid wood core) or synthetic (solid plastic core) rollers that are high speed balanced for use with tensionless drives and designed to last years with little maintenance. Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

The CT20DXQS's brush roller features a double row of synthetic bristle in an auger arrangement that brings brushed debris to the center mounted suction intake. The roller is suspended within the nozzle's chassis by two permanently lubricated and sealed ball bearings. The bearings are connected to the chassis by the roller's molded end caps which are made from a high strength compound that resist heat and wear. While the bearings are operating in the "dirty side" of the vacuum's nozzle where dirt, dust, hair, lint and other debris are constantly moving from the carpet into the vacuum system, they are protected by a permanently mounted felt disc . Sealed away from the debris the brush roll bearings operates in a filtered environment provided by the felt protectors.

The CT20DXQS hood and chassis are made from rugged ABS+TPE plastics that are designed to protect the internal components and provide a stable mounting base. The nozzle's hood portion uses overmolded thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) to form the protective bumper that is permanently connected to the cover. The protective bumper is non-marring and protects both the vacuum nozzle and your furniture from damage when banged together while cleaning. The nozzle's rear wheels are also overmolded in the soft TPE compound to prevent scratches on wood or other soft flooring while cleaning.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The CT20 series nozzle is 14" wide for effective cleaning of large rooms and the all bristle brush roller features edge groomers on both sides with an indented belt channel that lets the bristles clean as close as possible to the edge on both sides which allows cleaning in all directions. The small airflow gaps in the front of the nozzle keep the air moving through the system that is critical for performance on carpeting of all types, particularly the thicker plush fibers. The CT20DXQS also features a step on height adjustment to ensure compatibility with all carpet types. While most other nozzles have moved to the less accurate "auto height adjustment" design, the CT20 continues to offer an adjustable nozzle with four fully independent settings. The height adjustment is another time saving feature that allows one tool to do the work of many.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Height adjustment is achieved by raising and lowering the front wheel set of the power brush which has two exceptionally wide 2" rollers. The front rollers ride on a steel axel and support the power brush on even the thickest of plush carpets where other power nozzles may ineffectively sink into the fibers. The wider rollers prevent the vacuum's suction from sealing the nozzle against the floor making it very hard to push. The back of the powerbrush holds a second foot pedal which locks the handle into the upright position for storage or parking.

At the heart of the CT20DXQS power brush is a high power 2.4 amp universal motor. With up to 30% more power than other nozzles the CT20 runs quietly with an internally fan cooled motor system that is wrapped in noise insulating foam. The higher power motor drives the brush at a faster speed that lets you clean faster in a one-pass cleaning method instead of the slower "fan pattern" cleaning method. Cooling air is drawn in from the back of the power brush away from dirt and dust and then pulled over the entire system before being pushed out of the nozzle. Like all great quality power brushes the CT20DXQS is controlled by a compact circuit with resettable breaker protection.

The control board checks the motor thousands of times per minute to evaluate load and voltage and should a problem occur such as a dish towel being pulled into the brush, the nozzle will activate the breaker and shut off the motor before damage can occur. After clearing the obstruction you need only push the top mounted reset button and continue cleaning. Also mounted on the top of the nozzle within easy visual reach is a window which shows the nozzle's current height indicated by "XLO, LO, MED or HI". The front of the nozzle also has a low profile headlight lens (only 2.75" at its highest point) that focuses the light just forward of the nozzle for cleaning in low light areas. The top of the nozzle also features another window with a row of LED signals. This window looks into the mystical Dirt Sensor system, a Cen-Tec Systems power brush exclusive.

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