Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The Ultimate Time Saver
The Quiet Drive Dirt Sensor is a unique feature not found on any other central vacuum power brush. The system works by using a specially tuned audio sensor that listens to dirt and debris in all sizes being beaten, swept and pulled by vacuum, passing through the throat of the CT20DXQS power brush. The Dirt Sensor passes this information to the user by use of red and green LED lights on top of the brush that are easy to read and understand.

RED lights mean the vacuum is actively recovering debris, GREEN signals the nozzle has cleaned all debris from the area. While the system can claim value in letting you know that your carpet is clean of even unseen soils, it is even more valuable in promoting efficiency while you vacuum. Giving you the green light to move on keeps you from spending time in areas that are already clean and allows you to focus more on areas of high traffic and embedded soils. The power brush mounted dirt sensor is a tool that extends the efficiency of your vacuum system, letting you do more in less time.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The connection of power brush to vacuum system is an area of constant improvement and the QDSP attachment group received an innovative upgrade in 2008. The swivel connector (often referred to as the power nozzle's neck) of the CT20 reclines from its upright locked position a full 90° to allow for steering of the nozzle. 30° rotation was added which lets you turn the grip and torque the nozzle direction left or right. A large and easy to use foot operated pedal gives the CT20 one of its two quick disconnects. By stepping on the release pedal and pulling the wand both suction and electrical connections are disconnected and the vacuum system's wand is ready to take on other tools. This lower wand quick disconnect is a later feature found in better quality power brushes that adds convenience and saves you time when moving from power brush to hard floor tool or above floor cleaning.

The QDSP's new telescopic power wand is a stunning leap forward in both quality and design. Unlike older central vacuum attachment kits that use external wires to connect the power brush to the grip, the new integrated power wand (i-Wand) from Cen-Tec features an entirely concealed power transmission from top to bottom. The new i-Wand system developed exclusively for Cen-Tec Systems is unlike any other powered wand available anywhere and uses solid rods to move power from the grip to the nozzle instead of flexing cables, wires or ribbons. Made from chromed steel the new i-Wand is one of the most sturdy we have seen in integrated wands. Power plugs at both ends are housed in sleek connectors that mate perfectly with both powerbrush and hose. Extension and retraction of the i-Wand exposes the full length power rod channel. The new wand operates reliably with the quality full ratchet mechanism from OMEC. Both the power i-Wand and the secondary telescopic aluminum wand included in the QDSP kit are manufacturer by OMEC of Italy who is world renowned for quality and dependability. All Cen-Tec locking wands also include another handy time saving feature that prevents many sore thumbs and fingers; the ButtonDown tab at the top gives you a large flat key that is easy to depress when disconnecting the wand from hose.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The top of the wand connects to the vacuum's hose and features the second quick disconnect of the system. By using the ButtonDown lock release both the electric and suction connections are easily disengaged without the normal tangle of wires, plugs and sockets. The new 3200SG series 4-wire (dual volt) hose features a recessed plug connector that mates with the power i-Wand and centers the plug before contact is made; this protects the connector from damage caused by misalignment. A premium dual volt central vacuum hose, the new 3200SG hose incorporates many features that give you both durability and efficiency. The patented crush-proof hose body has been reformulated from previous models to triple hose life, improve crush recovery and make coiling for storage easier. The full 1 3/8" inner diameter insures excellent airflow performance, even in longer lengths, which passes the cleaning airflow of newer high performance central vacuum power units directly to the surface being cleaned.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The patented 3200SG handle was designed with weight, balance and comfort in mind. The size was scaled to minimize weight in a shape that permits control of the hose and cleaning tools with less effort and less wrist strain. The newest 3200 hose included with QDSP attachment kits also includes the TPE Soft Grip feature. With the entire grip covered in the soft grip treatment the new hose provides a more comfortable grip and added control. The matte finish Soft Grip covering aids in non-slip control that requires less grip pressure to maneuver and provides a non-marring, fingerprint and scratch resistant surface.

Along with the Soft Grip surface the open grip design and soft curves maximize comfort and control. The ergonomic grip naturally positions your hand perfectly and adds to your ability to control your cleaning tool. The 3200SG handle was also designed to balance the weight in your hand to minimize your work load. By extending the grip surface, the 3200SG handle accommodates all users without bulking up the diameter of the handle so comfort and control feel right in all cleaning situations. Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

The total control 3 position switch is recessed in location for easy access during cleaning and allows you to control both the vacuum's suction motor and suction with power brush. The chromed steel tool mounting stub features the industry standard 1.25" tapered connection with a button lock for positive connection to a power wand. The tool stub also gives you an air control valve that can be used to relieve full suction from the cleaning tool which allows you to vacuum delicate items such as drapes without fighting the full vacuum airflow.

The crush-proof hose body enters the handle with assistance of a built-in strain relief. Designed to protect the hose from kinking or breakage at the high stress transfer area of flexible hose to rigid handle. The addition of a strain relief to the 3200SG's handle design puts the hose at a shallow arc while cleaning which reduces resistance from the hose and protects from sharp bends and kinking. The full swivel 360° connection lets the hose turn and untwist while cleaning which prevents kinking and loss of suction. The unique hose strain relief coupled with the full swivel connection permits continuous airflow that delivers performance that saves you time by allowing you to focus on the cleaning task and not the cleaning tools. Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

Thanks to the larger 1 3/8" inside diameter design you can achieve up to 20% better performance than older 1.25" hoses of the same length. The 3200SG hose is also available in a longer 35 foot version, the longest permitted by UL for a dual-volt (powered) hose. If your cleaning application would benefit from more reach consider upgrading to the longer hose for convenience. Upgrade option at the top of this page, just above the add-to-cart button.

The 3200SG hose includes a wall end connection style that is selectable at order time to use with either direct connect inlets or universal inlets from all current standard and most older inlet valves that follow the industry standard 1.5" format. The tapered cuff fits snugly into the wall valve and the large chromed steel low voltage connector plates insure the correct contact and alignment with the low voltage portion of the wall inlet valve.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The Universal hose end configuration features a hose cuff that plugs into your wall inlet and a rear facing power cord that is 8 feet in length. The power cord plugs into a standard power outlet that is usually located nearby the central vacuum inlet to provide power down the hose for the powered brush. Standard wall inlet measure 1.5 inches inside diameter where the hose is inserted (or just slightly larger at the opening and tapering down in the back of the valve). Inside of this hose opening you will see two small male pins protruding into the opening which operate as low-volt contacts. These low-volt contacts touch to the metal plates embedded within the hose wall end cuff and signal via the hand grip switch to turn your power unit on and off. The universal inlet design is also called a low-volt valve, standard valve and the hose might also be referred to as a pigtail connection or corded hose.

If replacing an attachment set that uses a power cord at the inlet to get power down the hose then you will need the Universal connect hose. Direct Connect hoses will only work with DC inlets. The Direct Connect hose configuration features a forward facing two pin male plug that is designed to work with all brands and models of direct connect valves on the market including the Hayden brand Super Valve, Vaculine brand ElectraValve and the various OEM branded valves from all central vacuum manufacturers including Beam, Nutone, M&S AirVac, Vacuflo and others. The Direct Connect valve, also called a powered-valve, SuperValve or dual-volt inlet is both a design and a specification standard that allows all Direct Connect hose ends to fit all Direct Connect wall inlets, regardless of brand.

Exception to hose fit for the CVA72 are some older valves from Kenmore and Black & Decker that used a 1.25" connector and special VACUFLO brand valves that used a proprietary connector. If your inlet does not seem to be the standard 1.5" type used in most homes over the last 25+ years give us a call for the correct hose solution.

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