Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit As the 3200SG hose provides a flexible extension from your vacuum system to the areas that need cleaning, the systems extension wands provide rigid extension for both floor cleaning and overhead, above floor cleaning. The telescopic powerbrush i-Wand can be used with all attachments included with the QDSP kit. A second telescopic all aluminum wand is also provided for hard floor and above floor cleaning. Ultra lightweight at just 10 ounces, less than half the weight of two conventional steel wands, making it great for zipping through the house while cleaning hard floors.

The telescopic (ratcheting extension) wand is a standard 32mm (1.25" fitting) with latching top, a durable black finish and adjusts fully from 24 inches to 38 inches in 1 inch increments. The ratcheting mechanism is a positive ratchet giving a firmer lock into the desired height allowing the tool to be resized on the fly for the user. The latching system is internally sealed from the dirt control tube for perfect air-flow with no catches and the wand extension action is very smooth and easy to operate. Imagine cleaning stairs with a compressed wand that does not require you to hold your arm up to vacuum - less fatigue and much safer.

The top of the wand features a thumb save locking control that provides a positive connection to any button lock hose. The large key makes it easy for everyone to manipulate the lock system. The QDSP attachment kit includes two more wands (bringing the total to 3 sets!) made of lightweight ABS for utility cleaning. Each wand is 19" in length and also features a standard 32mm friction fit to inter-operate with every other attachment in the group, including the two telescopic wands.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Now you can add all three wand sets together and easily clean the crown molding in a room with 14-foot ceilings. The black ABS wands can be used in any combination directly on the hose grip to give you just the right reach for cleaning your car, sofa or under the refrigerator with the extra long crevice tool. The extra reach will allow better cleaning in more areas while remaining on the floor without the need to drag out a chair or step ladder for vacuuming - you guessed it, saving you time!

D330 Turn & Clean Floor Brush
Just like the CT20DXQS power brush and the 3200SG premium hose, it is the attachments that get the cleaning done and make using a central vacuum system a pleasure. When it comes to hard floors the QDSP attachment group includes one of the most unique hard floor brushs. The Wessel-Werk D330 Turn & Clean High Agility Floor Brush sets a new standard for maneuverability and performance. With a castle cut full wrap of mixed density bristles the D330 cleans in every direction it is moved. With an extra wide 13" cleaning path the D330 makes quick work of larger areas and the patented swivel pivot connection allows effortless maneuvering in tight spaces unlike any other floor brush. The D330 features a standard 1.25" friction fit universal connection and attaches to any domestic vacuum wand allowing use on both new and older systems. The Turn & Clean's mixed density brushes are highly effective for cleaning all hard floor surfaces from smooth stone, laminate, linoleum, finished wood or stained concrete floors, to thick texture and uneven floor surfaces like distressed wood, terrazzo, slate and unsealed stone or brick. The D330 floor brush excels at cleaning all tile surfaces with any width, depth and finish of grout.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Standard floor tools have a shallow angle built into the tools neck and the swivel action allows you to steer the floor brush left and right as you push the nozzle forward. The new D330 Turn-N-Clean adds another axis to the floor nozzles maneuverability. The unique D330's nozzle connector allows for a full 180° swivel, and also provides for a full 90° pivot. Most importantly the D330 can both pivot and swivel at the same time which allows you to hold the nozzle in most any position.

Have you ever wanted to turn your floor brush sideways and clean in a tight space? This unique patented nozzle connector allows the D330 Turn & Clean to reach into spaces no ordinary floor nozzle would ever fit. And it does so with ease: no buttons, pedals or latches - just Turn the handle and Clean. The floor tool's connector is a standard friction fit for quick connection to either telescopic wand or for use with the ABS wand set.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit 800 Series Vacuum Attachments
The Cen-Tec 800 series vacuum tools are their best. Also available separately on the Vacdepot website the 800 series tools are a premium tool set that far out performs and out lasts the "value" quality tools included with most manufacturers CVS cleaning kits. In fact the 800 Series tools offer such good performance and reliability we also choose to include them with our custom commercial backpack vacuums used daily by maid services across the country cleaning homes and offices.

If you use your vacuum to clean above the floor or for other utility work, a dusting brush is often the tool you will use. Unfortunately the round dusting brush included with most vacuums has an inconvenient design and might have bristles that are too short or made of material that is inflexible, leaving dust behind on the surface being cleaned.

Cen-Tec Systems DB800 brush is unique and addresses many of the problems of regular dusting brushes. With an oblong shape instead of a round one the tool can reach many areas, particularly corners, where round tools can not clean. The flattened head also aids in getting the tool into tight spots where a round brush may just be too big across. Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The bristle set is the best natural fill that is dense and heavy. Long and flexible enough to provide the proper dusting action the bristles are held into the nozzle body with a shoe that is clamped onto the bristle and formed into the nozzle's shape. The entire bristle set can easily be removed from the nozzle case for cleaning or replacement. The DB800's soft vinyl case will clean furniture without damage and will not leave marks on painted surfaces like plastic tool cases. Inside the dusting brush is a bristle support that prevents the natural fill from folding into the tool, even with the high suction of central cleaning systems.

The UP800 deluxe vinyl upholstery tool included in the QDSP kit is 6" (152mm) wide with a scalloped bottom plate insert and a grooming brush. The shoe design insures continuous air-flow without the need for a suction reducer, eliminating "seal off". The brush strip gently engages upholstery to lift debris and groom surfaces.

The brush also helps to remove hair, pet fur, lint and other clingy soils that suction alone will not remove. The soft outer cover will not mar light colored furniture or scratch soft surfaces and the friction fitting connector will allow use directly at the end of the hose or with any wand extension.

Our unique CR800 crevice tool is 13" (330mm) long with flat profile and slots for those "hard-to-reach" corners and crevices where dust and debris can hide. Slots provide additional airflow along the cleaning surface underneath furniture and cabinets. Made of textured ABS plastic the crevice tool is strong enough to take abuse but also just a bit flexible to keep it from breaking.

Most often crevice tools are used for cleaning areas and objects never conceived of by the engineers, and are jammed into, next to, under and between anything and everything. Realizing long ago that crevice tools are used often, and often abused, the crevice tool was redesigned to stand up to rigorous use. The extra length of the crevice nozzle, a full 13 inches, helps you to continue jamming, pushing and prying the crevice tool wherever you need to clean.

All attachments in the QDSP kit are multifunction and can perform many more cleaning tasks than outlined by their general descriptions. The three staple vacuum tools (dust brush, crevice tool and upholstery nozzle) are must have attachments in every vacuum kit, however the last century of domestic cleaning has revealed a need for some specialized cleaning tools that will yield additional efficiency when cleaning. For our best Cen-Tec attachment group we have included the three most popular add-on cleaning tools that increase performance of your vacuum system and save you cleaning time.

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