Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit It's BONUS Time
The first on our list of bonus cleaning tools to be included with the QDSP attachment group is the Quiet Drive Turbo Brush. The Turbo Brush could just as easily be called the Time Saver Brush because the primary benefit of using a turbo hand brush is an increased cleaning speed. Used when cleaning many areas usually cleaned with the upholstery nozzle such as stair treads, upholstered furniture and auto interiors the turbo brush uses the vacuum's airstream and suction to drive a fan (turbine or turbo) which drives a spinning brush roller that is similar to the power brush carpet nozzle used on floors.

The Turbo Brush is compact in size and weighs only ounces instead of pounds. The turbine drive does not require electricity to operate which allows the tool to be used at the end of any hose or wand. As central vacuum system power units generally produce significantly more airflow than portable vacuum cleaners, the Quiet Drive turbo brush works particularly well in the QDSP attachment kit, agitating, brushing and sweeping dirt, dust and clingy debris into the vacuum system.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Agitation at the surface you are cleaning greatly increases the vacuum's ability to remove embedded particles from the carpet or upholstery. The Quiet Drive Turbine hand tool can increase your cleaning efficiency in these areas 2 to 5 times a standard tool's cleaning ability. The Turbo hand tool is most often considered an additional accessory priced at $30. - $50, or more. A must have attachment for both multi-level homes and also those with inside pets.

The second bonus tool is also used most often above floors on upholstery, bedding and auto interiors. The sofa tool offers wide directional lint pads to clean and groom upholstered furniture without the risk of damage from static or rotating bristles. Lint remover strips on both sides of the air channel easily remove lint, pet hair and stubborn clingy soils. The sofa tool give you the muscle you need in a vacuum tool to clean especially difficult types of coverings such as velour and micro-suede.

The Sofa Tool works by using a unique directional cleaning material. The cleaning pads groom and clean working in tandem with your vacuum's airflow. Each pad has a unique one-way removal system that lifts clingy lint and pet hair while pulling the nozzle, and releases the soil into the airstream when pushing the nozzle. With a surface cleaning pad on both sides of the air channel you clean with every forward and backward stroke of the tool. Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

The Sofa Tool is easy to use on all covered surfaces including car seats and bed coverings thanks to its side air vents that let air continuously move through the nozzle without sealing against the surface. Easy to operate the 9" width sofa tool is both larger and more effective than standard upholstery nozzles. The cleaning pads are simple to remove and clean if they become soiled and the entire tool is top-rack dishwasher safe. The Sofa Tool is another must-have for those with indoor pets and upholstered furniture. Also a standard 1.25" (32mm) tool that works on both the 3200SG hose handle or any of the included wand sets.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Our third bonus attachment selected for the QDSP attachment group started a revolution in floor tools when it was first developed by Cen-Tec. The Dust-Up dry mop floor tool has quickly become the most desired add-on attachment of current central vacuum users. The concept was inspired by the rapid rate at which homes in the US are turning to more hard floor coverings and the need for proper care of hard surfaces of all types, the Dust-Up design remains popular for its effectiveness and quality despite many imitators. It's a "dry dust-mop" in a vacuum tool that captures and removes dust and small debris from all those hard to reach places. It features a cut-away front to let the dirt into the large nozzle orifice where the airflow can carry it away to the collection bin.

The dry mop head combined with suction of your vacuum system provides excellent cleaning results on hard floors of all types, particularly those that will also benefit from polish action of the mop fringe. Hardwood and honed/polished stone floors will show a brighter finish when cleaned over standard vacuuming with a brush, as will all smooth hard floors including tile, laminate and polished concrete. The Dust-Up mop head tool also cleans where no regular floor brush can. The blue fringe of the brush easily cleans against the baseboards pulling dust and debris down from above floor level and out from the corners. Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

When the mop head becomes laden with dirt and soil that is not pulled into the vacuum, cleaning the Dust-Up is easy. The fringed mop head can be removed from the vacuum nozzle by simply ripping the velcro mophead from the base and dropping it in the washer. It couldn't be easier or faster to maintain the Dust-Up which makes cleaning your hard floors faster than before. And the reusable design offers you a money saving, green alternative to disposable floor wipes.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Having your tools in reach at all times can increase efficiency and give you the opportunity to do detail cleaning when needed. To keep your tools in reach while you clean floors the QDSP includes the wand mount tool caddie which keeps your three above the floor tools on hand, ready to clean. The wand caddie snaps onto the telescopic i-wand and provides three connectors to store the dust brush, crevice tool and upholstery nozzle. If you prefer, the wand caddie can also attach to the utility wand.

To keep all of your tools neat and tidy, storage is provided in a mesh carry-all bag with nylon straps. The perfect place to store all of your tools including above floor nozzles and floor cleaning nozzles. With plenty of room for wands and tools the mesh storage bag keeps everything together when not in use so tools do not become lost or chew toys for the dog. The mesh storage bag features a strong nylon handle at the top so the bag can hang on a hook in your storage closet or you can hang the loop over a coat hanger and store the tools on a closet rod. The mesh design allows you to see at a glance which tools are stored. Easy to transport, the mesh storage bag is an easy way to move all your tools to the area being cleaned, instead of walking back and forth to your storage closet to retrieve one tool at a time.

Centec Systems Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Attachment Kit An extra large hose hanger provides hose storage for the attachment group. Made of poly propylene the hose hanger provides plenty of space to keep your hose coiled up off the floor, preventing damage and extending hose life. Easy to mount to any wall with the included screws or with wall anchors, the hose hanger provides plenty of space for the hose and will also easily accommodate the longer 35 foot optional hoses. Keeping your hose coiled and off the floor will greatly extend its cleaning life and help to keep it flexible for many years.

Less Time Cleaning - More Time for Fun
We at Vacdepot realized decades ago that our business was about more than the vacuum equipment we service and sell, or even cleaning in general. Our business also includes helping our customers to protect and increase when possible their personal time. As we talk with our clients, collegues, family & friends we find that many of us consider our personal time precious, bordering on sacred to some. Gone are days of the mythical "free time". Personal time is expensive, hard to come by and very important to all of us. The last thing any of us wants to do is waste our personal time, especially in the frustrating task of trying to clean our homes using ineffective tools. The QDSP attachment group delivers both real performance and a real time saving value. From the double quick release telescopic wand to dirt sensor power brush; or the turbo powered hand brush and extra wide floor nozzle, the QDSP gives the user proven tools that clean more thoroughly using less of your time. A perfectly matched cleaning attachment set that helps you clean more thoroughly and efficiently, and get on with the better things in life.

CVA72 Quiet Drive Sensor+ Features & Specifications

  • Full Featured Attachment Set
  • CT20DXQS Powered Brush
    • 14" Cleaning Path
    • Low Noise Operation
    • Reinforced Ribbed Belt Drive
    • 2.4 Amp Brush Motor
    • Solid Wood Core Roller
    • Full Brushed Edge Cleaning
    • 4-Level height Adjust
    • Step-On Quick Disconnect
    • Electronic Dirt Sensor
  • Integrated Telescopic Wand
    • Quick Disconnect (Both Ends)
    • Chromed Steel Construction
    • 22" - 39" Extension, 1" Increments
    • Integrated Power
    • Cableless & Wireless
    • Easy Thumb Operation
    • Button Down Release
  • 3200SG Crushproof Hose
    • Easy Soft Grip Handle
    • 3-Way Power Switch
    • Built-In Strain Relief
    • Dial Airflow relief
    • Option: Universal Connect Wall End
    • Option: DIRECT Connect Wall End
    • Lightweight Design
    • Easy to Maneuver
    • 30ft Length Standard
    • 35ft Length Optional
  • Large Mesh Tool Caddie Bag
  • Strong Nylon Hanger Handles
  • Holds All Cleaning Tools
  • Extension Wands
    • Telescopic Aluminum
    • Button Lock Top
    • Friction Fit Tool End
    • Lightweight, 24"-38"
    • (2) ABS 19" Extension Wands
  • Deluxe Above Floor Tools
  • Natural Fill Dust Brush
  • Deluxe Upholstery Nozzle w/Brush
  • 13" Crevice Tool
    • D330 Turn & Clean Floor Brush
    • Full Tilt & Swivel Connector
    • Castle Cut Bristle Design
    • 13" Cleaning Path
    • Wide Intake Throat
  • Deluxe Large Hose Hanger
  • Mount Screws Included
  • Wand Mount Tool Caddie
  • Bonus Attachments Included
    • Turbo Powered Hand Tool, $29.99 Value
    • Compact Design
    • Powerful Turbine Brush Drive
    • Perfect For Stairs, Sofas and Autos
    • Soft Tool, $15.99 Value
    • Easily Removes Pet Hair
    • Grip Pad/Brushless Design
    • 9" Cleaning Width
    • Dust-Up Dry Mop, $29.99 Value
    • All Fringe Cleaning Head
    • Vacuums & Polishes
    • Full Swivel Connector
    • Removable/Washable Pad
  • 2-Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Toll-Free Customer Service