The Wessel-Werk EBK360 powerbrush, Myraton MYR67WW Integrated power wand and Plastiflex Control Clean dual voltage hose are the base components of each version of the CVA360 attachment set. Above floor nozzles, kit accessories and hard surface tools described in the remainder of this review will vary in design, quality and quantity in each model of the CVA360 kit. A handy quick reference comparison chart is available for a summary of the included components in each model.

Aspria CVA360 Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set The standard CVA360 Souverän attachment set includes Eco-Pro above-floor vacuum tools. The above floor set include the Crevice Nozzle, Upholstery tool and Dusting brush. Both the Dusting brush and Upholstery tool feature natural fill bristles. The crevice nozzle is made from rigid polystyrene for strength and wear resistance.

The deluxe vinyl upholstery tool included in the is 6" (152mm) wide with a scalloped bottom plate insert and a grooming brush. The shoe design insures continuous air-flow without the need for a suction reducer, eliminating "seal off". The brush strip gently engages upholstery to lift debris and groom surfaces. The brush also helps to remove hair, pet fur, lint and other clingy soils that suction alone will not remove. The soft outer cover will not mar light colored furniture or scratch soft surfaces and the friction fitting connector will allow use directly at the end of the hose or with any wand extension.

The Deluxe series crevice tool is 13" (330mm) long with flat profile and slots for those "hard-to-reach" corners and crevices where dust and debris can hide. Slots provide additional airflow along the cleaning surface underneath furniture and cabinets. Made of textured styrene the crevice tool is strong enough to take abuse but also just a bit flexible to keep it from breaking. Most often crevice tools are used for cleaning areas and objects never conceived of by the engineers, and are jammed into, next to, under and between anything and everything. Realizing long ago that crevice tools are used often, and often abused, the crevice tool was redesigned to stand up to rigorous use. The extra length of the crevice nozzle, a full 13 inches, helps you to continue jamming, pushing and prying the crevice tool wherever you need to clean.

The round body dusting brush is one of the most commonly used above-floor nozzles. The fill bristle is long and flexible, composed of natural materials for gentle cleaning and extended life. The poly case that surrounds the duster is durable but non-marring and won't scratch furniture or leave marks on the work. The brushes opening is wide enough to allow unobstructed cleaning but narrow enough to allow for acceleration of the vacuumed air leading to greater efficiency at the point of contact for dust removal. An excellent cleaning brush for baseboards, windows, book shelves and display areas.

Aspria CVA360 Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set For extra reach and utility cleaning the CVA360 Souverän includes two 18" long styrene wands. The lightweight wands can be added to the power wand for extra reach overhead on ceilings, shelving, windows, ceiling fans and more. The utility wands can also be used directly on the hose for quick pick-ups directly on the floor or for use with the floor brush when the power wand is not available.

The utility wands are also great for all-purpose cleaning in areas where you may not want to use a metal wand including in the car or the garage. Each end of the utility wands are friction fit for fast connection to the hose and tools, and provides on-the-fly rotation adjustment not possible in button locking wands.

For dedicated hard floor cleaning the CVA360 includes the deluxe 12" wide D320 floor brush from Wessel-Werk which offers a generous, plush natural fill bristle set that provides exceptional sweeping action. A full 12" cleaning path, the D320 can help you clean large areas quickly yet remains nimble enough for detail work around furniture. Both front and rear natural fill bristle sets are castle cut to provide optimum airflow through the nozzle and help prevent bull-dozing the debris. With both front and rear bristle sets castle cut design the nozzle cleans in both directions, adding efficiency. Aspria CVA360 Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set

The large intake orifice provides excellent airflow through the nozzle and allows you to vacuum larger soils without clogging. The soft poly housing is gentle on furniture and base boards and will not mar those surfaces or the flooring. An more firm blend of material is used in construction of the swivel connector that attaches to the vacuum wand. The connector features a full 360° swivel that allows you to steer the brush as you clean and rotate the brush in any direction needed to reach the area to be cleaned, even under low furniture or beds. The friction fit will quickly connect with both the stainless steel power wand or the plastic utility wands and is equally at home in the kitchen, formal dining or the garage floors.

To keep all of the CVA360's tools neat and tidy, storage is provided in a mesh storage bag with carry straps. The perfect place to store all of your tools including above floor nozzles and floor cleaning nozzles. With plenty of room for the utility wands and tools the mesh storage bag keeps everything together when not in use so tools do not become lost or chew toys for the dog. The mesh storage features a strong nylon handle at the top so the bag can hang on a hook in your storage closet, over the included hose hanger, or you can hang the loop over a coat hanger and store the tools on a closet rod. The mesh design allows you to see at a glance which tools are stored. Easy to transport, the mesh storage bag is an easy way to move all your tools to the area being cleaned, instead of walking back and forth to your storage closet to retrieve one tool at a time.

Aspria CVA360 Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set A PH400 single loop hose hanger provides convenient hose storage. Made of polycarbonate and matched to the CVA360 attachment kit, the hose hanger provides plenty of space to keep your 30ft or 35ft hose coiled up off the floor, preventing damage. Easy to mount to any wall with screws or wall anchors, the hose hanger provides plenty of space for the hose, even when wrapped tightly in many shorter loops. Keeping your hose coiled and off the floor will greatly extend its cleaning life and help to keep it flexible for many years. The single loop design also provides a great place to hang your mesh storage bag as well.

Providing for "off the floor" storage the CVA360 attachment kit also includes a wall mount wand holder. These unique devices mount directly to the wall with included screws or wall anchors and feature a flexing, pivoting rubber strap. To store the telescopic wand just push the wand into the rubber strap and it locks into place supporting the full weight of wand and attached tool, hanging on the wall and out of the way.

Aspria CVA360 Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set

The Aspria Souverän CVA360 attachment set is backed by a unique warranty directly from Vacdepot. All components of the CVA360 come with a guarantee for the first full year of ownership. Both parts and labor warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship in normal home use, excluding wear items. The CVA360 also includes limited warranties which cover both parts and labor for 2 years on all non-powered components. In addition the EBK360 powerbrush includes a 3 year component warranty for the brush motor and belt from failure in normal home use.

The Aspria Souverän warranty is maintained by Vacdepot Service, the same Vacdepot from where you purchased the CVA360 attachment kit. You will not be required to request warranty with the component manufacturers or a third party repair center. All issues will be serviced by the same folks who sold you the kit and we promise you will never experience the "warranty shuffle" or be sent elsewhere if you need assistance. This exclusive warranty is only available from Vacdepot for Aspria vacuum products.

The unique warranty reflects our confidence that the CVA360 will perform as we say. Souverän central vacuum attachment sets clean all surfaces from carpets and rugs to hard floors and all areas above the floor. Powerful, efficient, easy to use and reliable. The Aspria collection of cleaning attachments are matched by function and performance with each other to provide you the tools you need to clean your home thoroughly, quickly. The Souverän attachment set is among the very best quality CV kits that Vacdepot has ever offered and is an outstanding value.
A Vacdepot Original Product Review ©2014

Aspria CVA360 Features & Specifications

  • EBK360 Power Brush
    • Reinforced Cogged Belt
    • Powerful 2.5A Brush Motor
    • Sculpted Brush Roller
    • Edge Cleaning Design
    • 5-Position Height Adjustment
    • Quick Disconnect Neck
    • Overmolded Soft Wheels
    • LED Array Headlamp
  • Stainless Steel Telescopic Power wand
    • Integrated Power Cord
    • Double Quick Release
    • Extends 24.75" - 38.5"
    • Easy-Release Tab
    • Brushed Finish
  • Lightweight 30ft Crushproof Hose
    • Ergonomic Gas-Pump Grip
    • Full Swivel Handle
    • 3-Pos Power Switch
    • 1-3/8" ID Optimum Airflow
    • Option: 35' Upgrade Available
    • Option: Universal (corded) 1.5" Inlet Connection
    • Option: Direct 1.5" Powered Inlet Connection
  • 12" Hard Floor Natural Fill Brush
  • 3pc Above Floor Cleaning Set
    • Deluxe Upholstery Nozzle
      Center Mounted Brush
    • Round Dusting Nozzle
      Natural Fill Bristle
    • Deluxe Crevice Nozzle
      13" Long Reach
  • (2) Black Styrene Utility Wands
    18" Long Each, Friction Fit
  • PH400 Hose Hanger
  • Mesh Tool Storage Bag
  • Wall Mount Wand Hanger
  • Parts & Labor Limited Warranty
    • 1 Year: Powered Nozzle, Hose and Wand
    • 2 Year: All Unpowered Components
    • 3 Years Parts: Motor & Belt
    • Black Color Tools, Silver Hose
    • Shipping Weight Aprox 21 lbs
    • Vacdepot, Aspria & Wessel-Werk CVS Authorized Dealer