Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set One component of the EBK360 that was carried over from it's predecessor is the fully articulating swivel joint, commonly referred to as the nozzles neck. The unique design of the swivel joint in vacuum nozzles is a known Wessel-Werk trait. The swivel joint makes the powered brush steerable. Turn the hose handle and the power nozzle turns with you. The steerable neck allows you to vacuum in a more natural pattern instead of the tiring push-pull fan pattern that is required to position other powered nozzles with regular tilting-only necks. The articulating joint tilts a full 90° which allows the handle to lay completely flat while the powerbrush stays on the floor for cleaning. This lets you insert the power nozzle under furniture and beds for removing dust and allergens. The articulating joint also swivels a full 180° left and right for exceptional maneuverability in cleaning around furniture and other objects on the floor. The EBK360's neck also has one other feature, a function that symbolizes convenience in central cleaning systems: Quick Disconnect.

A simple to use toe-operated pedal on the swivel joint unlocks the neck of the power brush from the vacuum wand. Before QDC (quick disconnect) the regimen to change vacuum nozzle was cumbersome at best. Pushing small buttons with your fingers, unplugging the power cord from under the hose grip, twisting the vacuum wand from the nozzle and finally reconnecting a new nozzle. For many with low hand strength the torture of pushing in the metal button while twisting and pulling the nozzle from the wand resulted in an unwillingness to change tools all together. With the EBK360's QDC you push on the release pedal with your toe and pull the wand straight out of the nozzle by it's hose grip. No buttons, no cords, no problem.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set The EBK360 powered nozzle is connected to the vacuums hose by the Inox class MYR67WW integrated stainless steel telescopic wand from Myraton. Inox Class MYR67WW telescopic wand is a double QDC button lock integrated power cord wand designed specifically for use with Wessel-Werk powered nozzles.

The swivel neck of the powered nozzle has a recessed power connector and button lock receiver. When the wand is connected to the nozzle the matching power plug from the wand is connected to the recessed receiver and the button lock wand is connected with it's matching lock receiver resulting in a suction and electric connection that mates perfectly with no leaks.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set The new integrated power cord design not only covers the external hanging coil-cord, it also sports a new hose end connection system. The integrated wand expands to 38½ inches in length, the reach required to use with a powered nozzle for carpet cleaning. Push button extension and retraction glides to position in one inch increments with a fully collapsed length of 24¾ inches. The Integrated wands exceptional quality is evident in both design and build using a proven Myraton telescoping platform that offers many years of trouble free service.

The Myraton integrated stainless steel wand is a work of art as much as a technical achievement. The new design fuses the upper cord management connection with the hose quick release button. The cord management connection keeps the integrated cord in place at all times and ready for use with a flush connection electric hose. The integrated power cord uses a mini coil concealed within a telescopic sleeve to extend in length with the wand and terminates in the quick release connector used on the Wessel-Werk EBK360 power nozzle. This integrated design is the final key that completely eliminates external cords of any kind in the Aspria Souverän central vacuum attachment set, which increases reliability and adds incredible maneuverability to a now fully integrated product from inlet to nozzle.

High quality stainless steel construction offers the strongest wand design available with permanent, life long stain and corrosion resistance. Beautiful brushed finish shows quality workmanship that will not rust, chip, scratch or peel and will remain functional and good looking for years to come. The highly reliable interference ratchet locking system is exceptionally smooth to operate with extended life offering years of trouble free service.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set All Aspria powerbrush attachment sets include the very best electric hose. The Plastiflex brand 4-wire Control Clean Dual Power crush-proof hose is the most widely used power hose for central cleaning systems in the world. The Aspria attachment set hoses are built at Plastiflex North America using the Electraflex hose body, an oversized 1 3/8" ID with a smooth bore interior for better airflow properties. The larger hose interior can result in an estimated 20% increase of airflow performance over standard diameter hoses. The larger interior diameter hose offers less resistance for increased velocity and through flow.

The lightweight crush-proof hose comes standard in 30 foot lengths with an optional 35ft upgrade available at order. The soft molded design of the ElectraFlex© hose body features a high thread count and a rounded rib design that won't bite or grab and can make amazingly sharp turns with crimping. Plastiflex uses proprietary formulations of plastics to give the hose a soft texture that is flexible, but strong enough to endure years of heavy use in the home. Newer crush-proof hoses systems use stranded power & signal wires which are moulded into the ribs of the hose. Crush-proof hoses weigh 30% less than the older wire-moulded hoses and are additionally resistant to accidental crush damage. Vacdepot offers many brands and styles of vacuum hose but we always recommend Plastiflex for powered central vacuum systems. No other brand of hose is more flexible or has proven to be nearly as reliable as the Plastiflex brand for the last 20 years.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set The handgrip of the Control Clean hose has become the gold standard in central vacuum hoses, the ergonomic Gas-Pump Grip. A full loop on the handle gives you a positive hold that requires less effort when pulling back. Keeping the grab area small also means less fatigue on your fingers and wrist than when gripping the full diameter of hose without the gas-pump grip. All Aspria Souverän attachment sets use the full 360° swivel handle design that prevents the hose from tangling while you clean. An easy to use thumb operated switch provides 3 positions for total control of your central cleaning system. You can power just the suction unit alone, the suction unit and carpet brush unit together or power all devices off from the handle without having to unplug the hose from the wall to stop the system.

The wall end of the Control Clean hose is available in the two standard CVS hose configurations; universal corded connection or direct connection. Both systems use a 1.5" diameter connection with low-volt control circuit band moulded into the hose tip. The difference between Universal and Direct connection hose styles is how the high-voltage is passed to the hose. Universal connection uses an 8ft long external cord that plugs into an electrical outlet near the vacuum inlet. This is common for many older systems. Universal inlets have been used for the last 30+ years by most every manufacturer. Direct connection systems are newer and were installed beginning in the early 1990's. This system derives high-voltage directly from the inlet. Instead of an external power cord the hose end has two small male pins about 3/8" apart from each other projecting from the tip of the hose.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set

Direct connection inlets (also called supervalve or electravalve powered inlets) have a small receptacle in the face of the valve and are marked "120V" for 120 volts. You choose the type of hose connection you need to work with your existing inlet vales or the type of valve you will be installing with a new CV system.

Universal and Direct Connect standard hoses fit the vast majority of vacuum inlets in use today. A few older inlets used proprietary connection styles to be aware of; Kenmore and Bud inlets used a smaller 1.25" connection. For these systems an adapter can be attached to the hose which will allow the new system to work with your existing inlets. The other proprietary valve still in use today is the Vacuflo automatic low-volt inlet valve. This system uses a set of external pins for the low-volt connection instead of the hose tip connector and a slightly larger diameter hose connection.

These valves are easy to identify as they are marked "Vacuflo" and use 4 screws to attach them to the wall instead of two. If you would like to use a powered brush kit with your existing Vacuflo inlets please contact us for the optional adapters needed before you order. More information about hoses and inlets is available in the article Central Vacuum Hoses and Inlets Explained under the articles tab.

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