The Wessel-Werk EBK360 powerbrush, Myraton MYR67WW Integrated power wand and Plastiflex Control Clean dual voltage hose are the base components of each version of the CVA360 attachment set. Above floor nozzles, kit accessories and hard surface tools described in the remainder of this review will vary in design, quality and quantity in each model of the CVA360 kit. A handy quick reference comparison chart is available for a summary of the included components in each model.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set The CVA360U attachment set includes two Wessel-Werk manufactured power nozzles; The EBK360 Carpet Nozzle and the MEB160QD Hand held Nozzle. Where the EBK360 powered carpet brush provides for outstanding performance cleaning carpets and rugs, the Mini Electric Brush (MEB) provides the best cleaning for above floor (sofas, upholstery, pet beds), limited floor (stairs & steps) and one of our favorite applications, car interiors. Many times more efficient than an regular unpowered upholstery nozzle and much more powerful than turbo nozzles - even those that sell for a similar price - the MEB160 gives you strong brushing power with an independent electric motor that is powerful and quiet.

The brush system is driven by a non-slip geared belt for dependable performance that is not reduced when suction lowers, as in air-driven turbo nozzles. The MEB160QD connects directly to the Plastiflex Control Clean hose and is controlled by the hose's power switch. Highly efficient, the 6 inch wide powered MEB160QD can spin it's brush roller up to 5,000RPM to agitate upholstery, rugs or any textile, sweeping surface and embedded soils into the vacuums airflow. The MEB160QD cleans all textile surfaces quickly and quietly using it's own low noise electric drive motor.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set Got pet fur? No problem for the MEB160QD. Dried chunks of mud or loose sandy gunk in the foot wells of the family truckster? MEB160QD will power those soils from the carpet fibers with high speed brushing action so your vacuum can easily lift it out of your car. Tired of trying to hold your power brush at just the right angle to vacuum a stair tread? Do you have trouble holding your vacuums powerbrush flat against your stairs vertical riser? Easy as pie with the MEB160QD. The Mini Electric Brush is lightweight, swivels 180° to lay flat and the brush opening tilts to clean at almost any angle. Vacuum your mattress?

Many of us are told to vacuum our mattress in order to remove dust mites and dust mite fecal matter which can cause or aggravate allergies. The powerful MEB160QD can help remove embedded soils not cleaned by suction alone without damaging your mattresses cover fabric like full size carpet nozzles can. The applications for the MEB160QD are nearly unlimited and using the powered brush will greatly increase your cleaning effectiveness and your efficiency which allows you to clean better, faster.

The MEB160QD (Mini Electric Brush), also known as the HEB160 (Hand Electric Brush) is produced in Germany at the main Wessel-Werk factory. While there have been powered hand nozzles before the designs were most always proprietary and would fit only a few portable vacuums (Kenmore PowerMate was a popular mini brush years ago). The Aspria Souverän attachment set uses the industry standard for tool connection and power. To use the MEB160QD you just attach it to the hose handle like any other vacuum tool and your ready to clean.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set The MEB160QD features an articulating nozzle shoe. The nozzle shoe is the opening of the MEB160QD's vacuum area where the spinning brush makes contact with the area or object to be cleaned. The nozzles shoe is the part of the vacuum tool that controls airflow through the tool for proper cleaning and, in the case of powered brushes, prevents the object from being vacuumed into the cleaning nozzle. The MEB160QD's shoe is unique because it tilts. This allows the angle of attack to vary within 15° without losing full contact of the shoe, resulting in better brush and suction performance.

The MEB160QD's shoe also has side cleaning ports both front and back on both sides of the shoe. These holes in the side of the shoe bring airflow in from the side of the nozzle which does increase performance at the side of the nozzle, but more importantly provides airflow across the entire brush roller when it can not be pulled through the area being cleaned (such as rugs with sealed backing or glued down fabrics). The side cleaning ports provide important airflow relief for the nozzle so the tool is always easy to use and airflow is always moving through it for superior performance.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set The MEB160QD's brush roller is filled with medium density polypropelene bristles that are designed to take the high speed usage of an electric brush. The medium density fill is softer than most full sized power carpet cleaning nozzles which allows it to be safely used on upholstery of all types, including micro fabrics and natural textiles, without the fear of damage or fuzzing that stiff bristle brushing may cause. Just as with full size carpet power nozzles the MEB160's belt drive system is protected from the incoming dirt and dust by a barrier that prevents dust from entering.

To keep something really clean you need to vacuum it, and this is what Wessel-Werk does for the MEB160QD internal components. A reversing clean airflow is pulled from the top cooling vent on the MEB160QD's hood, through the brush motor and geared belt system and into the nozzles intake orifice and carried away to the vacuum. The reverse airflow through the nozzle keeps negative pressure inside the motor compartment which prevents dust from leaking in and damaging the system. The airflow also provides cooling for the brush motor which allows unlimited and uninterrupted usage.

At the heart of the MEB160QD's powerful cleaning performance is a new high voltage micro motor with incredible speed and torque. AC voltage from the hose is converted to 120 volts DC for use by the Johnson Electric DF651 micro motor. Along with converting the power to direct current the MEB160QD's motor is protected from jams by an automatically resetting breaker.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set

Should an object be pulled into the powered nozzle and jam the roller the protector circuit will activate and shut down the brush motor instantly. When the jammed object is removed from the nozzle and the MEB160QD is powered up the circuit resets automatically. The Johnson Electric High Voltage DC motor is compact and quiet but very powerful. With a maximum 11,000 RPM unloaded the standard speed of the motor is over 8,000 RPM. Using a non-slip fiberglass reinforced cogged belt and matching gear wheels on the motor's drive shaft and brush roller the nominal brush speed of the MEB160QD is regulated at 5,000 RPM, equivalent to it's full size carpet nozzle cousins.

The brush roller deign is auger style which drives all debris to the center of the nozzle and the vacuums suction port. Along with it's high brush speed the Johnson DF651 motor provides exceptional torque which drives the brush through all fiber types, even thick or deep plush carpet without stopping.

Using the MEB160QD will dramatically increase your cleaning efficiency when vacuuming textile surfaces both above and on the floor. Reducing the effort and time required to vacuum as well as providing true deep cleaning performance in hard to reach areas are just some of the reasons to use the MEB160QD with your central vacuum. Pet owners will consider the MEB160QD their most important vacuum tool. The ability to quickly and easily erase all evidence of your pup or kitty lounging on your sofa or riding in your car is held within the powerful Mini Electric Brush. Finally a powered nozzle that delivers on the promise of pet hair and lint removal from all those areas that your full size powered brush won't reach or can not clean.

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