Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set For additional extra reach and utility cleaning the Souverän attachment set includes two 20" long styrene wands. The lightweight wands can be added to the power wand for extra reach overhead on ceilings, shelving, windows, ceiling fans and more. The utility wands can also be used directly on the hose for quick pick-ups directly on the floor or for use with the floor brush when the power wand is not available. The utility wands are also great for all-purpose cleaning in areas where you may not want to use a metal wand including in the car or the garage. Each end of the utility wands are friction fit for fast connection to the hose and tools and on-the-fly adjustment not possible in button locking wands.

In addition to the Myraton integrated power wand and two utility plastic wands the CVA360U Ultimate includes our most innovative straight suction vacuum cleaner wand. Also manufactured by Myraton and also made from stainless steel, the MYR6750 Comfort Seal telescopic wand is the ultimate vacuum extension. There are hundreds, if not thousands of vacuum wands used today. Why is Comfort Seal better? They do not leak vacuum suction from the handle connection. This one simple advancement in design can increase the airflow delivered to the vacuum tool up to 20% over traditional wands. The Comfort Seal utilizes a flexible over molded grip to provide an air tight connection to the vacuum hose. Other straight suction wands provide no protection against the loss of airflow and leak more vacuum suction the more they are used.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set The "Comfort Seal" provides a soft grip for the wand and an easy push-button release for button locking hoses. High quality stainless steel tube construction offers the strongest wand design available with permanent, life long stain and corrosion resistance. Beautiful brushed finish shows quality workmanship that will not rust, chip, scratch or peel and will remain functional and good looking for years to come. Comfort Seal is universal and fits all of the CVA360U's included airflow tools.

Like all Inox Class 6700 series wands from Myraton the Comfort Seal is telescopic. Expanding to 38½ inches in length, the reach of regular two piece wand sets in one convenient tool. The Myraton wand extension system uses a reliable interference ratchet locking system to secure the wand at the users desired height. The interference ratchet is smooth to operate and highly reliable with fewer internal components. An internal seal connects bottom and top tubes to prevent leakage when adjusting the wand.

To keep all of the CVA360U's tools neat and tidy, storage is provided in the Deluxe synthetic fabric storage bag with gusseted deep pockets for holding small and large vacuum nozzles. Two smaller side pockets with straps will hold the included utility wands while the larger tools fit within the center. The top of the storage bag has a full width support which keeps the bag from folding while hanging and preventing you from finding the vacuum tool you need. The fabric storage features a strong loop of nylon at the top so the bag can hang on the included hose racks storage hook. You can also hang the loop over a coat hanger and store the tools on a closet rod. Easy to transport, the fabric storage bag is an easy way to move all your tools to the area being cleaned, instead of walking back and forth to your storage closet to retrieve one tool at a time.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set Hose storage in the CVA360U kit is the PH600 Deluxe hose holder. Made of rugged polypropylene the deluxe hose hanger provides plenty of space to keep your hose off the floor, preventing damage. Easy to mount to any wall with screws or wall anchors (not included) the hose hanger provides plenty of space for larger diameter hoses, 30ft or 35ft. Keeping your hose coiled and off the floor will greatly extend its cleaning life and helps to keep it flexible for many years. The deluxe hose hanger also has a hook under the hose support to hang the cloth tool storage caddy. Two screws will mount the hose hanger to a single vertical stud for secure storage out of the way and off the floor.

Aspria CVA360U Wessel-Werk Powerbrush Central Vacuum Attachment Set

Providing for additional off the floor storage the CVA360U kit includes two (2) wall mount wand holders. These unique devices mount directly to the wall with included screws or wall anchors and feature a flexing, pivoting rubber strap. To store the telescopic wand just push the wand into the rubber strap and it locks into place supporting the full weight of wand and attached tool, hanging on the wall and out of the way. Deluxe and Ultimate Souverän attachment kits also include the wand-mount tool holder. This handy device snaps onto the integrated telescopic wand and provides three connectors to store the dust brush, crevice tool and upholstery nozzle on the wand while you vacuum your floors.

If you prefer, the wand caddie can also attach to the secondary telescopic wand instead. Having your above-floor-tools in reach at all times can increase efficiency and give you the opportunity to do detail cleaning when you want without trekking back to the storage closet to get the nozzle you need.

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