IAPMO R&T UMC COMPLIANT Tested, Inspected & Certified.
CVS-I kits include the components needed to install your new central vacuum in one specially designed kit. The CVS-I install kit includes intrasystem fittings, inlet components and install accessories. All CVS-I install kits use the finest available ASTM 2158 compliant materials from the industry's best manufacturers including Hayden, Vaculine, Plastiflex, Beldin, Panduit, API and more.

Vacdepot sources intrasystem fittings and 2" vacuum tube used in CVS-I install kits from IAPMO listees which are UMC compliant and all wire and cable ties are UL approved. Every CVS-I Do-It-Yourself central vacuum install kit comes with install manuals and video on CD-ROM that can be viewed on your PC or printed for easy reference along with additional product instructional materials and product video. And for safe delivery, CVS-I install kits include professional packaging for both the fittings and tube, using custom packaging that protects the pipe ends from chipping and damage in transit.

Standardized, Interchangeable & Expandable
Installation kits are available for various application sizes from 1000 sqft. up to 10,000 sqft and beyond. CVS-I Kits are rated for size by the number of valves and the length of tube included (i.e. model U05130RV includes 5 inlets & 130ft of tube). All install kits are able to inter-operate with any other CVS-I install kit with tube sold by Vacdepot and connect with any central vacuum system using standard 2" vacuum tube. Multiple kits may be added together to achieve the materials needed to cover a larger installation. All square foot ratings are estimates based on the amount of pipe and the number of inlets included, some installations may need more or less than the normal amount of materials due to the layout of the home or other special needs. Find the kit you need by measuring your application for the number of inlets required and roughly estimating the tube required for the complete system.

Wide Selection Of Inlets Styles and Colors Vacdepot DV series Install Kits
Central vacuum inlets are often thought of in the context of their function, a utility. This unfortunate label has plagued the central vacuum inlet design for many years. Instead of being noticed for their cleaning potential, central vacuum inlets are often recognized due to their out dated utilitarian design or their unattractive color pallet. Still today the 40+ year old round-door inlet design is used in new homes. Most round door inlets are installed by builders or contractors that are simply repeating the install process they have used for many years, not knowing that homeowners would really appreciate a more modern vacuum inlet.

The Profyle series DECO inlets offer a style that is interesting without being obtrusive. The convex shape gives the impression of the inlet rising from the wall. The door design uses a hidden hinge and does not require a pull tab. The Profyle inlet can be mounted in downward or upward opening direction and the inlet will always look the same. The Profyle inlet door opens 168° wide for easy use with any standard 1.5" central vacuum hose.

Standard low-volt wire connections are used with spring mounted contactors. Profyle inlets use a four bolt mount which allows all screws to be under the door and hidden from view. Each Profyle inlet is supplied with matching color screw hole covers. Once the inlet is mounted to the wall with the included screws, the screw hole cover snaps in place to completely conceal the screw heads and eliminate all thoughts of "utility". Profyle Inlets are available in 7 different color/finish options.

In addition to the U_DV series (Universal DECO Valve), Vacdepot also offers the U_RV series (Universal Regular Valve), D_SV series (Direct Super Valve) and D_EV series (Direct ElectraValve) install kits. Each install kit series includes it's own valve type in either Universal (low-volt only) or Direct (dual voltage inlet). See the similar items tab for all install kit options.

Wide Selection Of Inlets Styles and Colors The Universal Inlet type, also called a low-volt inlet, includes integrated low-voltage connectors that will control your central vacuum power unit with the hose. The Universal Inlet is used most often in homes of mostly hard flooring where brush nozzles or turbo cleaning attachments will be used. Universal inlets can also be installed in homes with carpeting when used in conjunction with dual-voltage Universal Connect (corded/pig-tail) power brush attachments kits. This arrangement lets you use an electrically powered brush by plugging a hose cord into any outlet nearby the Universal inlet.

Universal Inlets with powered brush applications are used most often in retrofit (pre-existing home) installations. If your new-construction home will contain large areas of wall-to-wall carpeting that you will clean with a powered brush system you should consider the even more convenient to use Direct Connect inlet style, available in both D_SV SuperValve and D_EV ElectraValve install kits - see similar items tab.

Which Kit Do You Need?
CVS-I installation kits differ in feet of tube per inlet. Most often the more inlets you install the less pipe you will use per inlet, with the average about 20 feet of tube per inlet. Each inlet will cover an estimated 450 - 650 sqft of floor space when using a 30-foot hose. While most installations will need just one install kit, some others may do better by mixing two kits to achieve the number of valves and length of tube you need. Be sure to add additional tube if you have a long run to your power unit, want to add an exterior exhaust or want to add a vacpan sweep inlet. It is almost impossible to have too many inlets, but having too few can defeat the entire convenience of using your new central vacuum system. If you are installing your first central vacuum system you might find our CVS Install FAQ helpful to read before you decide which install kit to order, just look under the related articles tab at the top of this page.

What's Not Included?
You will need a basic set of tools including a 2-3/8 or 2-1/2 inch diameter auger type (preferred) or bi-metal hole-saw type drill bit. A right angle drill is great if you have it, but not necessary in most installs. Common methods for cutting pipe include miter saw or miter box, any method for making straight cuts - just be sure to always debur your pipe cuts. Other components commonly used in CV installations are standard electrical tape for any low volt splices you may want to make and nail guards for new construction installations.

Wide Selection Of Inlets Styles and Colors CVS-I install kits also do not include a muffler, exhaust vent or any of the optional exhaust finish-out. Many CVS power units now include an exhaust muffler so check your model before you purchase an extra. The optional exhaust outlet (vent cover) is available in the accessories section. Exhausting your CVS is a good idea when possible, but optional for all power units except those which are fully cyclonic (unfiltered).

What Are Those Parts For?
Vacdepot's CVS-I installation kits are the most comprehensive in the industry. Our experience in the field has taught us which components will work best for your central vacuum install. All of the fittings and components in CVS-I install kits are the same parts our professional installers use everyday on the job. Most fittings have an obvious function and anyone familiar with PVC will immediately recognize the elbows and couplings used in central vacuum systems. Some fittings are vacuum system specific.

We have the complete list of what each part is named and what it does along with some helpful CVS install tips - just go to the next page.

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