ECO PRO EP14107  Premium All bristle Hard Floor Brush EP14107 Premium All bristle Hard Floor Brush
The Eco-Pro premium all bristle floor brush features a quality build with excellent features not found in many other floor brushes. With a 12" cleaning path the Eco-Pro Premium is the just-right combination of efficiency and maneuverability. The all bristle design also permits use on walls and ceilings and the natural fill is suitable for all hard floor types including stone, ceramic, wood, engineered, vinyl and smooth cement.

The full swivel nozzle connector fits all standard 1.25" friction and button locking wands. The softer vinyl housing is non-marring and won't damage furniture or baseboard with regular use. A full wrap of natural fill bristle encompasses the perimeter of the nozzle shoe with a window cut front to allow in larger debris. A classic design with quality materials, the Premium Floor Brush from Eco-Pro will provide years of efficient cleaning service.

WESSEL-WERK RD285  Quick Clean Brushless Floor Nozzle RD285 Quick Clean Brushless Floor Nozzle
The RD285 Quick Clean Brushless nozzle is a combination floor cleaning tool suitable for both hard surfaces and rugs. This unique floor nozzle is unlike most others and uses no bristles. The RD285 floor nozzle instead uses it's highly specialized design to shape the airflow of your vacuum system into a cleaning force. The International Forum Design Award winning vacuum nozzle has many unique and thoughtful features including large easy rolling rear wheels, tilting and swiveling nozzle connector, ultra-low profile design, embedded thread & lint lifters and of course the multi-purpose design that allows use on hard floors as well as rugs.

For homes with primarily hard floors the RD285 can provide a quick-clean nozzle for all surface cleaning with the added function of rug vacuuming for quick clean ups. At just over eleven inches wide the RD285 is comfortable to use in home with large open floor plans, though the highly maneuverable nozzle connector combined with brushless intake and fast wheels help the RD285 to excel in smaller and tight spaces that seem to attract so many dust bunnies.

WESSEL-WERK D360 14 D360 14" WidePath Natural Fill Floor Brush
Wessel-Werks' classic natural fill hard floor brush in a wide 14" cleaning path set the standard for hard floor nozzles over the last decade. Often imitated but never duplicated, the D360 is equally at home in both commercial and residential cleaning applications. With two rows of castle cut bristle set and two outboard wheels the D360 can quickly vacuum any hard floor surface and easily transition over thresholds and carpets for seamless cleaning of all floor types.

The expansive working width provides excellent coverage in large areas and is also very maneuverable with a full swivel neck. The large center opening allows for optimal airflow, and the tool housing is manufactured of near indestructible polypropylene for years of trouble free use.

ECO PRO EP14121 MICRO FIBER DUST MOP NOZZLE EP14121 Micro Fiber Dust Mop Nozzle
The dry mop head combined with suction of your vacuum system provides excellent cleaning results on hard floors of all types, particularly those that will also benefit from polish action of the mop fringe. Hardwood and honed/polished stone floors will show a brighter finish when cleaned over standard vacuuming with a brush, as will all smooth hard floors including tile, laminate and polished concrete.

Dust mop vacuum nozzle features a removable and washable microfiber pad with 14" cleaning width. High surface area microfiber fringe provides the ultimate surface contact with the floor for excellent dusting and polishing. The microfiber fringe gives this dust mop higher airflow for cleaning floors with a heavier debris load including clingy debris.

WESSEL-WERK D330 Turn & Clean High Agility Floor Brush D330 Turn & Clean High Agility Floor Brush
The new Turn & Clean dual axis hard floor brush sets a new standard for maneuverability and performance. With a castle cut full wrap of mixed density bristles the D330 cleans in every direction it is moved. With an extra wide 13" cleaning path the D330 makes quick work of larger areas and the patented swivel pivot connection allows effortless maneuvering in tight spaces unlike any other floor brush. The Turn & Clean's mixed density brushes are highly effective for cleaning all hard floor surfaces from smooth stone, laminate, linoleum, finished wood or stained concrete floors, to thick texture and uneven floor surfaces like distressed wood, terrazzo, slate and unsealed stone or brick.

The D330 floor brush excels at cleaning all tile surfaces with any width, depth and finish of grout. The new D330 Turn-N-Clean adds another axis to the floor nozzles maneuverability. The unique D330's nozzle connector allows for a full 180° swivel, and also provides for a full 90° pivot. Most importantly the D330 can both pivot and swivel at the same time which allows you to hold the nozzle in most any position. Wessel-Werk's D330 Turn & Clean nozzle is both functional and practical. It is an excellent cleaning tool that will be useful in every home with any hard floor surface, commercial-residential cleaning applications and commercial office/retail cleaning.

WESSEL-WERK RD295 RD295 Combination Rug/Floor Nozzle
Our best multi-surface combination floor tool. The RD295 is adjustable and built for use on all textile and hard floor coverings having a cleaning width of 11.5 inches. Using the RD295 will allow you to clean carpets, rugs and throw rugs of any type utilizing the high suction of the vacuum that is evenly applied to the floor by the unique design of the nozzle shoe. A large centered opening allows for maximum airflow through the tool directly to the surface. This suction is carried to the edges with deep "V" shaped grooves, ensuring constant airflow for any texture of soft flooring. There are also two independent liter pickers on the cleaning surface to help capture threads or lint that may be stuck in the carpet.

Using the tool on hard floors requires you to only move the toe operated switch, releasing the hard floor engaging bristles. The polypropylene bristles are strong enough to clean any hard floor surface including tile with deep grout lines. The bristles are packed tight to give the tool a firm base and are evenly wrapped on the sides of the nozzle, not just front and back. The bristles on this brush are scallop cut with slots on the brush surface to let dirt into the airpath of the vacuum, not knocked along front of the brush like a broom. The RD295 combination floor nozzle uses a highly maneuverable tilt and swivel nozzle connector and a single wide convex shaped roller for easy use on carpets and hard floors. The commercial quality RD295 is rugged and dependable, and is among the quietest of all floor tools offered today.