Aspria Zoom Power Turbo CV2600-LVT Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The CV2600-LVT is a CVS cleaning system with LVT (Low-Voltage & Turbo). A Turbo drive brush system operates without any additional electricity, power cords or batteries which makes installation easier and less costly. Because of this the Turbo drive system is quite popular with retro-fit applications where it may be impossible to supply electricity to the inlet valves or place valves near electrical outlets. The turbine drive works by using the airpower from your central vacuum system. Airflow is pulled through the turbine drive which is connected to the brush roller by a no-stretch belt. Both power and speed are given to the brush roller though gearing and reduction in the drive system. The result is powerful agitation for cleaning carpeted surfaces with full suction power.

Turbo Drive brush systems like the Turbocat require good airflow to operate correctly. The turbine drive needs the energy of the moving airflow to spin the turbine, which reduces the airflow that is delivered to the cleaning surface. Airflow is a factor of cleaning that is reduced with distance from the power source. Simply put, the farther the distance from power unit to turbo brush, the less performance at the tool. Using a turbo attachment kit in a large installation will either require a larger suction motor to compensate for the increased distance or result in less cleaning power. This is why in larger installations where more pipe is required or more valves are used it is often best to clean with an electrically powered brush system when available.

Aspria Zoom Power Turbo CV2600-LVT Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The new Turbocat Zoom EX is manufactured by HP-Vacuflo, creators of the original TurboCat. Shown here in ONYX (black) color, it is also available in SAPPHIRE (blue) and PLATINUM (silver) colors at order. The marketing for the new EX series TurboCat claims "It's NOT your mother's vacuum". This refers to the many impressive design enhancements over the previous TurboCat nozzles and the new sleek nozzle cover. Many of these design enhancements are covered under the Z-Tech Design (hence the name, Zoom).

Building on the existing Turbocat performance is a great idea. With decades of reliable cleaning the Turbocat has been a proven performer and is admired by many in the industry as the very best air-driven carpet nozzle. The new EX model features a dual bristle row and spiral design (paddle like) that enhances airflow and pickup. The new brush arrangement is a crimped chevron with dual height bristles that bring all debris to the intake opening and ensures constant contact with the floor surface. The new Zoom nozzle also gives far less bounce than the older model tubocat. While remaining lightweight and easy to use the Zoom brush does not bounce or skip when pulling back, an annoying tendency of the older turbocat nozzle.

The base plate, also called the nozzle shoe, is surrounded by recessed channels both front and back to increase airflow which also increases brush performance. A larger intake port for the turbine system also increases performance and helps the system to ingest more debris. Other new upgrades include the self-tensioning belt. The new non-slip belt is a ribbed design which differs from the previous cogged unit, having vastly increased life span (belts nearly last forever) and lower operating noise. The Silent Drive non-slip belt and the new Run-Silent bearing isolators reduces vibration along with the noise and also lessens overall maintenance required by the nozzle.

Aspria Zoom Power Turbo CV2600-LVT Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Front wheels called easy-glide rollers (aka - threshold helpers) were added to assist in maneuvering the 13" wide cleaning path nozzle. With an unmatched low profile, full 90° tilt and full edge-to-edge cleaning the Turbocat EX nozzle can clean most anywhere you can imagine. The new nozzle wrap bumper covers more of the Turbocat to protect furniture from damage when cleaning with the system and the easy roll rear wheels lets the nozzle work efficiently on all floor surfaces.

The underside of the Turbocat Zoom features a quick-release turbine cover that can be removed for cleaning if large objects are inadvertently pulled into the nozzle. And while no nozzle is perfectly quiet, the Turbocat Zoom does have signifigantly less noise than previous generations of the TurboCat. With a sound that is unique to turbine powered nozzles, the TurboCat Zoom runs with less noise but may not be as quiet as some of the better quality electric nozzles on the market such as the Wessel EBK360, Lindhaus PB Series or the Beam Q model.

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