Aspria  CV2600-LVT Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Deluxe 30ft Low-Voltage Swivel Grip Hose
In the CV2600-LVT the "LV" designation indicates the system is equipped with a Low-Voltage hose - sometimes referred to as a "switched hose". The low-volt hose of the CV2600-LVT is a premium quality component with upgrade features not found on many others and a larger diameter than most hoses too. The hose of the Zoom Power Turbo gives you unsurpassed airflow and flexibility with an oversized 1 3/8" ID hose body. The larger diameter adds more room for the air to move through the hose while cleaning with less resistance providing you the best airwattage from your power unit, an estimated 20% increase in performance as compared to 1.25" hoses.

The lightweight low-voltage hose is made by the worlds leading hose manufacturer, Plastiflex with a soft molded ElectraFlex hose body. The Plastiflex hose is very flexible and can make sharp turns without cutting off the suction. The handgrip is an ergonomic "Gas-Pump Grip" design and features a simple to use low-volt thumb switch. The handle design also features a 360° swivel to reduce strain on both user and hose.

Aspria  CV2600-LVT Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The full swivel Gas-Pump keeps you tangle free while moving about room-to-room and the finger-tip switch gives you complete control over the remote power unit. With a simple flip of the switch the power unit can be activated from the end of the hose. With a low-volt hose you need not return to the valve to activate or shut down your power unit. The tool end of the hose grip has a long wearing metal stub button lock wand built-in which provides a rigid connection for tools and wands along with a variable suction control slider to lessen suction when cleaning delicate surfaces such as drapes.

The wall cuff provides wide dual connection points on the contact ring to provide a high level of reliability and compatibility with nearly all wall-valves on the market. The wall end is fully repairable if needed and provides a positive fit in the valve. The CV2600-LVT's hose wall end is a standard 1.5" fitting and fits nearly every valve we have tried it in with the exception of older Kenmore brand wall valves that measure 1.25". If you have the older Kenmore valve give us a call for a special adapted version of any Vacdepot attachment kit. The CV2600-LVT comes standard with a silver color 30 foot length hose, the most common length of central vacuum system hose used. Other lengths are available including 35 foot silver color, 40 foot grey color and 50 foot grey color. The silver color hoses have black cuffs and handles while the grey hoses are all grey including the cuff and handle. You can also order your CV2600-LVT turbo kit with a Vacsoc hose cover installed. Both 30' & 35' lengths are available in blue or gey soc color and the 40' & 50' grey hoses are available with a grey soc.

Aspria Zoom Power Turbo CV2600-LVT Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Stainless Steel Comfort Seal Telescopic Wand
No more Stooping. No more Twisting. No more Hassle. The Aspria CV2600-LVT is the only turbo attachment kit to include the latest innovation in vacuum wands from Myraton Industries in Canada. The new MYR6750 Comfort Seal wand functions the way many other telescopic wands work. A thumb operated button on the wand allows the wand to extend from it's collapsed length of 24.75" up to it's fully extended length of 38.5" in one inch increments. The telescopic cleaning wand is found in most better CVS attachment sets and allows the operator to choose the height most comfortable for them.

The ability to adjust the wand length is also helpful for cleaning areas where less reach is needed, like stairs or furniture that are above floor height. When your finished cleaning the wand can collapse for storage in a smaller area, like a shelf. Telescopic cleaning wands are also more stable and reliable than two wands fitted together and will not work apart while you push and pull the vacuum nozzle on the floor. The MYR6750 Comfort Seal is made from high quality stainless steel construction for the strongest wand design available with permanent, life long stain and corrosion resistance. Beautiful brushed finish shows quality workmanship that will not rust, chip, scratch or peel and will remain functional and good looking for years to come.

The tool end is a standard vacuum tool 1.25" taper design that friction fits all standard vacuum tools and locks into the Turbocat Zoom with the spring steel tension connector on the Zooms wand connection. The center of the wand has a large grip area surrounding the extension button that makes for a comfortable grip with easy adjustment and protects the thumb operated button. The top of the wand includes Myratons latest connection system designed specifically for turbo cleaning attachment sets.

Aspria Zoom Power Turbo CV2600-LVT Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The top (hose end) of the wand is sized to work with all standard 1.25" button locking and friction fitting hose handles. The hose connection area is fitted with a soft rubberized overmold that provides a tactile grip for connecting and removing the wand. The Comfort Seal extends above the top of the steel wands tube to cover the edged of the wand and also provide an air tight seal against the connecting hose end. Standard vacuum wands do not use a seal at the hose end and rely on the two parts fitting together well to prevent air leaks at the handle. If the wand is made too tight to seal out leaks they can be very hard to attach and remove. If the wand is loose or the button lock prevent the hose for sealing into the wand your vacuums suction is diverted from reaching the turbo brush.

The Comfort Seal wand prevents air leakage at the hose handle connection by providing a soft connection around the entire hose stub and also by sealing the button locking hole in the wand under the Comfort Seal grip. Comfort Seal wands can increase suction by as much as 20% over regular vacuum wands that leak airflow. Central vacuum airflow and suction are even more important when a turbo carpet brush is used. Leaky vacuum wand can reduce brush speed up to 30% of the normal operating RPM's which leads to an overall less effective vacuum. The Aspria CV2600-LVT Zoom Power Turbo is the only CVS attachment set to offer the stainless steel Comfort Seal Wand standard.

Aspria Zoom Power Turbo CV2600-LVT Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Deluxe Widepath Hard Floor Brush
When it comes to hard floors we made sure to include the best true hard floor brush. The EP14105 natural bristle wide path 14 inch cleaning brush is made in the UK. The EP4105 floor tool exceeds the standard floor brush used in most generic central vacuum kits, particularly for uneven floor surfaces or homes with pets. With its unique castle cut design and soft vinyl cover the EP14105 lets you clean hard floors and walls quickly and safely.

The EP14105 is a heavy-duty floor brush suitable for home or commercial use. The expansive working width provides excellent coverage in large areas and is also very maneuverable with a full swivel neck. Aspria Zoom Power Turbo CV2600-LVT Central Vacuum Attachment Kit The EP14105 has a full wrap of natural fill bristle brush strips front and back with vinyl outboard rollers and a soft vinyl outer cover that keeps the tool from scratching or marring wood or laminate floors. The large (50mm) center opening allows for optimal airflow when working with the higher power supplied by central vacuum systems without drag, seal-off or excessive noise. The brush set is detachable for easy cleaning in the sink or dishwasher providing for years of trouble free use. The floor tool's connector is a standard friction fit for quick connection to the telescopic wand or for use with the ABS wand set.

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