Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System Attachment Kit CV78PRO Telescopic Wand & Cord Management
Connecting the PB-PRO Power Brush to the hose handle was given no less thought than the power brush itself. The new double action Myraton telescopic wand provides effortless attachment and adjustment of the power brush for carpet cleaning. Through a easy to use thumb button the chromed steel wand can be adjusted for any sized user, extending from 24.5" - 38.75".

The new Myraton tele-wand has incredibly smooth slide action. The new latching mechanism give a firm lock that does not slip and is easy to set. The new adjustable wand also has a redesigned interior that is smooth to reduce debris snags and increase airflow. Sealed from the dirt and dust passing through the wand itself, the telescopic action is completely maintenance free.

Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System Attachment Kit CV78PRO The lower "stationary" part of the wand system includes the more reliable rivet down steel button lock keeping the wand engaged into the power brush. Two soft nylon cord keepers come preinstalled through which the power nozzle cord is routed. The upper section of the power nozzle cord is a stretch type coil, similar to a telephone handset cord, providing tension while in the cleaning position.

The top of the telescopic wand includes an easy release tab to quickly disengage the hose from the wand and a small crease at the top of the extension tube that centers and lowers the hose button lock for easy attachment. The back of the upper wand holds the permanently riveted Plastiflex Cord Management connector. This cord connection collar holds the cord in a ready-mounted position for quick connection to the hose grip.

Simply attach the hose to the wand and the power nozzle's cord is automatically plugged in for you. Pushing the release button on the front of the wand lets you quickly detach the wand from the hose, no fiddling with a cord plug. A feature highly prized by central vacuumer's, the quick attach cord management system makes changing from one tool to another fast and easy.

The 30ft. & 360° CVS Hose
The lightweight current carrying hose is 30 feet long with a soft molded ElectraFlex© hose body. The CVS hose body is highly flexible to make sharp turns without cutting off the suction. The handgrip is also the latest design in ergonomic "Gas Pump" grips. Keeping the grab area small means less fatigue on your fingers and wrist than with gripping the whole diameter of the hose.

Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System Attachment Kit CV78PRO The CV78PRO Premium's hose body is an oversized 1 3/8" ID with a smooth bore interior for better airflow properties. The larger interior diameter hose gives air moving through the hose less resistance for increased velocity and through flow. The new 1 3/8" hose works exactly the same as older 1.25" hoses.

The hose-to-grip connection has a full 360° swivel union that keeps you tangle free while moving about room to room, and the fingertip switch is 3 position giving you complete control over the remote suction unit and the powered brush. The switch has a center off position, move the switch in one direction to turn on the power unit for straight suction cleaning or to clean hard floors.

Moving the switch to the third position will turn on the suction unit and also energize the powered brush for carpet cleaning. An industry standard, this hose is manufactured by Plastiflex for the PB-PRO kit and will fit all new and existing CVS systems with direct connection wall plates.

New 35' hose upgrade option available at order.
Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System Attachment Kit CV78PRO The same gas-pump style swivel grip 1 3/8" ID hose is now available in 35ft length. The 35' hose is the longest electric hose produced and the longest allowed by UL for residential cleaning systems. Don't be mislead by those claiming to offer a 36 foot long central vacuum hose. They are trying to fool everyone by measuring the hose from tip to tip. Real hose measurements are the flexible hose body (30ft or 35ft) not including the ends. Add the length of the grip and wall ends to a 35 foot hose measurement and you will achieve the misleading 36 foot hose.

If you would like to upgrade your new CV78PRO to 35ft just check the options list. Remember though that the 35ft hose upgrade can only be purchased at the same time you purchase your new CV78PRO kit.

Just like the PB-PRO power brush and the Plastiflex premium hose, it is the attachments that get the cleaning done and make using a CV System a pleasure to use. When it comes to hard floors we made sure to include the best true hard floor brush. The EcoPro EP14105 natural bristle wide path 14 inch cleaning brush is made for high usage. The EP14105 floor tool exceeds the standard floor brush used in most generic central vacuum kits, particularly for uneven floor surfaces or homes with pets. With it's unique castle cut design and non-marking prolypropelyne housing the EP14105 floor brush lets you clean hard floors and walls quickly and safely.

Lindhaus Central Vacuum The EP14105 is a heavy-duty floor brush suitable for home or commercial use. The expansive working width provides excellent coverage in large areas and is also very maneuverable with a full swivel neck. The EP14105 has a dual strip of plush natural fill bristle front and back with a vinyl outboard rollers that keep the tool from scratching or marring wood or laminate floors. The large (50mm) center opening allows for optimal airflow and brush set is detachable for easy cleaning in the sink or dishwasher for years of trouble free use. The floor tool's connector is a standard friction fit for quick connection to the second included wand.

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