Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System Attachment Kit CV78PRO Along with the chromed steel single action wand for the PB-PRO power brush, Vacdepot also includes a second telescopic wand made of lightweight aluminum for use with the floor brush or for above the floor cleaning. Our ultra lightweight wand weighs just 10 oz, less than half the weight of two conventional steel wands, making it great for zipping through the house while cleaning hard floors.

Featuring a coated friction fit, the wand offers a positive connection to the hose grip while the tool end is a fast friction fit for quick tool change over. A standard 32mm in size, all of the tools in the kit can attach directly to the lightweight wand for overhead cleaning and utility usage. Usage is simple with a single cam action for extension or retraction.

Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System Attachment Kit CV78PRO The Not So Basic Three
While most every CVS attachment kit will include the three basic above the floor attachments: dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice tool, we would not settle for just basic in our Heavy Duty attachment group.

In every cleaning action, it is the tool at the direction of the user that gets the job done. Quality above the floor cleaning tools, just as with the PB-PRO Power Brush, not only get the job done faster but get it done better. Here also we had many choices available, and we selected the best for inclusion in our Premium kit. To start with, we replaced the regular round dusting brush with our professional dusting tool aptly named the Ultimate Dusting Brush, or Wessel-Werk model UDB174.

Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System Attachment Kit CV78PRO The Ultimate Dusting Brush from Wessel is an indispensable tool in any cleaning arsenal. If you use your vacuum to clean above the floor or other utility work, a dusting brush is often the tool you will use. Unfortunately the dusting brush included with most vacuums is too small to be used efficiently, has an inconvenient design or shape and may have bristles that are too short or made of material that is inflexible, leaving dust behind on the surface being cleaned.

With one tool, Wessel Werk has addressed all the deficiencies of regular dusting brushes. The cleaning face has been shaped for the way people clean. The UDB has a five-inch cleaning depth with a 1.5 inch protected opening. The elongated service end of the tool has nearly twice the cleaning area of standard dusting brushes letting the user do more work in a single pass. The top of the UDB is also tapered and the bristles swept forward letting you clean into corners and reach areas inaccessible to other tools; and the suction opening is tapered so suction is evenly distributed the whole length of the tool. As a true dusting brush, this tool is defined by its bristles. Unlike upholstery type brushes the UDB has long, softer polypropylene bristles.

Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System Attachment Kit CV78PRO There are 68 individual tufts mounted in a double offset row to the chassis with raised connectors to hold the bristles securely to the tool. The soft bristles are longer to flex as the tool passes over the object being cleaned, using stored tension in the bending bristle to knock dust particles off the surface and into the air stream. Spacing between the tuft mounts allows for easy cleaning of the tool itself. Removing threads or hair caught in the bristles is simple to do and keeps your tool working with optimum performance. The poly bristles and heavy-duty housing are also water washable and fit easily in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System Attachment Kit CV78PRO The deluxe vinyl upholstery tool included in the CV78PRO is 6" (152mm) wide with a scalloped bottom plate insert and grooming brush. The shoe design insures continuous air-flow without the need for a suction reducer, eliminating "seal off". The brush strip gently engages upholstery to lift debris and groom surfaces.

The brush also helps to remove hair, pet fur, lint and other clingy soils that suction alone will not remove. The soft outer cover will not mar light colored furniture or scratch soft surfaces and the friction fitting connector will allow use directly at the end of the hose or with any wand extension.

Our unique crevice tool is 13" (330mm) long with flat profile and slots for those "hard-to-reach" corners and crevices where dust and debris can hide. Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System Attachment Kit CV78PROSlots provide additional airflow along the cleaning surface underneath furniture and cabinets. Made of textured ABS plastic the crevice tool is strong enough to take abuse but also just a bit flexible to keep it from breaking.

Most often crevice tools are used for cleaning areas and objects never conceived of by the engineers, and are jammed into, next to, under and between anything and everything. Realizing long ago that crevice tools are used often, and often abused, the crevice tool was redesigned to stand up to rigorous use. The extra length of the crevice nozzle, a full 13 inches, helps you to continue jamming, pushing and prying the crevice tool wherever you need to clean.

Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System Attachment Kit CV78PRO Because you can only clean what you can reach with your central vacuum, we wanted to leave you no excuses when using our Heavy Duty attachment group. We have included two more wands (bringing the total to 3 sets!) made of lightweight ABS for utility cleaning. Each wand is 20" in length and also features a standard 32mm friction fit to inter-operate with every other attachment in the group.

Now you can add all three wand sets together and easily clean the crown molding in a room with 14-foot ceilings. The black ABS wands can be used in any combination directly on the hose grip to give you just the right reach for cleaning your car, sofa or under the refrigerator with the extra long crevice tool.

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