The M70 model from MVAC is the most popular of the Optimum line. With a desirable combination of collection options and motor performance the M70 power unit is perfect for most residential applications. The M70 is the standard bottom fill configuration of central vacuum power unit which features a permanent filtration system to protect the suction motor. The large capacity can provide months of cleaning time in the average home between normal maintenance of the user selectable collection system and the AintiVibraSon system provides excellent low noise use for an expanded mounting options. M70 HYBRID MAVC Optimum Series Central Vacuum Power Unit

The M70 power unit uses a 120 volt motor with two 5.7" diameter fans in an efficient flow-through configuration. The M70's motor provides a maximum 138 inches of lift and 125 cubic feet per minute of airflow totaling 600 Max Airwatts. The high performance canister measures 38.5" tall and 12" in diameter and can be installed in a garage or basement. The M70's flow-through configuration does not require cooling space around the vacuum body as some other units might, and along with the filtered working airflow the M70 also vents all carbon generated by the motor with the systems exhaust flow.

This clean-space design even allows you to locate the M70 in an area within your home, such as a mud room or utility closet, if required. The MVAC M70 uses a left sided intake with a right side exhaust which is the most common configuration for central vacuum tube attachment. An easy to use intake adapter with integrated screw clamp makes connection easy and does not require glue.

AntiVibraSon Noise Reduction System
The M70, like all Optimum Series MVAC units, employs the exclusive AntiVibraSon noise dampening system. Lower noise is an important factor for all cental vacuum power units, particularly those units mounted in a busy garage or basement. The M70 is among the most quiet in the Optimum line with a noise level rating of only 55dBa. Compared to other brands of central vacuum not using the AntiVibraSon noise isolation system which often generate 70dBa or more (every increase of 3 dBa is a perceived doubling of the noise level) and the impressive performance of MVAC products become clear to anyone using the vacuum system.

M70 HYBRID MAVC Optimum Series Central Vacuum Power Unit Innovative and unique to MVAC, the AntiVibraSon system on each of our Optimum models eliminates vibrations with specially engineered components and state of the art soundproofing, reducing operating sound levels to a minimum. Not a single component or a single function but a complete system wide approach to noise reduction in every part of the MVAC design and construction. A Smart vacuum comes from smart design, and MVAC is leading the industry in innovative products and manufacturing.

M70's Hybrid Collection System
No one knows better than you which collection system will best suit your needs. The M70 lets you choose which is best for your home, bagless collection or disposable bag collection. The M70 Optimum is equipped with a full size permanent filter utilizing a fluoropolymer non-stick coating. When used without the disposable bag the permanent filter separates the vacuumed debris from the airflow and allows only clean air to pass through the vacuum and be exhausted out. The permanent filter is self cleaning and each time the vacuum is switched on then switched off, the filter system flexes to shed debris into the collection bin which is periodically emptied.

For more hygienic maintenance of the collection system the MVAC M70 Hybrid vacuum includes a disposable bag adapter that easily installs inside the vacuum and allows the use of a sealed top HEPA style disposable bag. When equipped with the disposable bag the permanent filter only acts as a secondary motor protection system should someone fail to install the disposable bag. Using the disposable bag is easy, and replacing is simple and clean thanks to it's sealed bag connection system that keeps dirt and dust inside the disposable bag. Switch back to bagless collection by simply not installing a replacement disposable bag at the next service. The M70's capacity is 4 gallons when used in bagless collection mode, and increases up to 4.5 gallons when used with the disposable bag.

M70 HYBRID MAVC Optimum Series Central Vacuum Power Unit The MVAC Optimum Series uses all steel construction for unparalleled durability and sturdiness. Along with providing a solid mounting platform for the power unit the all steel housing also reduces sound and vibration more than it's plastic body counterparts. High quality hardware custom made for the MVAC central vacuum is welded to the steel body for the ultimate durability. An innovative set of bin handles makes emptying the collection system even easier and the large handle latches are easy to operate.

The MVAC steel body is protected with a beautiful and durable powder coated paint system inside and out. A powder paint is electrostatically applied to the steel body and thermohardened into place for a durable permanent finish. Each MVAC Optimum series includes a steel mounting bracket for connection to the wall. The M70 features a right side exhaust connection which can be vented to the outside or vented directly at the unit providing for nearly unlimited mounting location options.

M70 HYBRID MAVC Optimum Series Central Vacuum Power Unit MVAC Vacuums & Trovac Industries
The Optimum series offers superior quality central vacuum units that have made MVAC’s reputation. The M70 is manufactured in Canada by Les Industries Trovac Ltée. Known in the USA as Trovac Distribution, the MVAC line actually started production in 1982 in Boisbriand, Québec Canada and the first models were named Aspirateur Central Moderne. The distinctive brand soon was among the most highly regarded central vacuums in Canada. In 2003 the name was shortened to MVAC and Trovac products were exported around the globe to Europe. While other Trovac products have been have been available in the USA for many years, it is only recently that the MVAC line has become available for use in the USA. Now with offices and distribution in Missouri the MVAC line of central vacuum power units are available for everyone. With more than 30 years of production knowledge and one of the most advanced design and production facilities in the industry, Les Industries Trovac Ltée offers one of the highest quality central vacuums available.

Remarkable MVAC Optimum Series Warranty
Quality equipment is easy to identify as it is often backed by an exceptional warranty. The MVAC Optimum series includes an excellent factory warranty which demonstrates confidence in a quality design and build. The MVAC Optimum's all steel body is covered by a lifetime warranty. The M70's other parts including the suction motor and electronic controller are warranted for 10 years from the date of purchase. Labor charges for the replacement of warranty parts is also covered for the first 5 years of ownership, up to 5 times longer than many other brands. See the product warranty for details.

M70 HYBRID MAVC Optimum Series Central Vacuum Power Unit Choose Smart, Choose Quality, Choose MVAC.
MVAC Quality and performance allow for efficient and thorough cleaning in your home. MVAC power units let you clean faster and with greater detail which allows you to spend more time doing something other than vacuuming. The Optimum performance of your central vacuum system is achieved when you use the vacuum less and continue to maintain a clean home. By using a high performance and robust motor system combined with a efficient collection system in a durable and strong chassis, MVAC central vacuum power units are an intelligent choice for your home.

  • MAVC M70 CVS Power Unit
  • Ametek Dual Stage Flow-Thru Motor
    • Two Fans, Conical Lower Impeller
    • 125 Cubic Feet / Minute
    • 138 Inches / Water Lift
    • 600 Air Watts
    • 14.0 Amps, 120V
  • Extremely Low Noise 55 dBa
  • 4.5 Gal. MAX Capacity
  • HYBRID Bag or Bagless Collection Option
  • Canister Easy Load Handles
  • Easy Latch Collection Bin
  • 20GA Steel Construction
  • Powder Coated finish
  • Mounting Bracket Included
  • Right Side Exhaust
  • Left Side Intake
  • 22.4lbs Net Weight
  • 12" dia. x 38.5" high
  • Lifetime Body Warranty
  • 10 Year Parts Warranty
  • 5 Year Labor Warranty
  • For Domestic Residential Use Only

  • Includes: Mounting Plate, (1) Bag, Owners Manual

The MVAC M70 is a full size Hybrid collection bottom filling power unit. Best suited for homes up to 6,675* sqft in size using 3 - 10 inlet valves with a maximum tube run of 175 ft including the exhaust system. While best suited for most mid sized single or two level homes these recommendations are approximate and for reference only and not intended as a strict guide. For more information please contact Vacdepot for assistance.

* Manufacturers Maximum Square Footage rating. This is a theoretical maximum application size provided by the manufacturer. In real world applications you multiply your actual square footage by 1.75 or 2.0 to apply against the Mfg Max SQFT rating. For example if your homes cleaning square footage (all areas covered by the cleaning hose) is 3200sqft you would look for a manufacturers suggested maximum rating of 5600 - 6400 sqft.