HD7515 DUAL MOTOR HYBRID Commercial Central Vacuum Power Unit The MVAC HD7515 power unit system is a dual motor 240 volt commercial vacuum with a unique user configurable motor option. The HD7515 power unit system is a single large body power unit with a secondary motor pod operating at 240 volts and 14 amps. This unique dual motor user configurable power unit allows you to connect the motors in either air-parallel for increased airflow - up to 248 CFM, or connect the motors in air-series for increased lift - up to 230 IWL. A special intake motor port on the primary canister allows the slave motor to operate on the same airflow as the primary for parallel operation. If the slave motor is instead connected to the exhaust port of the primary motor then airflows through the motors in series. A mounting bracket is supplied for both units along with the components required to connect both units.

The HD7515 uses two USA manufactured ElectroMotor brand 240 volt tangential by-pass motors. The heavy duty ElectroMotors use the larger 10mm armature shafts with all bearing drives and a cast aluminum lower bearing plate for superior durability and cooling. The HD7515 provides an impressive 1254 max airwatts in both configurations. Never available before from any manufacturer, the HD7515 user configurable motor system combined with Hybrid canister allows you to select the best configuration for your specific application and installation.

HD7515 DUAL MOTOR HYBRID Commercial Central Vacuum Power Unit HD7515's Hybrid Collection System
The HD7515 lets you choose which is best for your needs, bagless collection or disposable bag collection. The HD7515 is equipped with a full size permanent filter utilizing a fluoropolymer non-stick coating. When used without the disposable bag the permanent filter separates the vacuumed debris from the airflow and allows only clean air to pass through the vacuum and be exhausted out. The permanent filter is self cleaning and each time the vacuum is turned on then off the filter system flexes to shed debris into the collection bin which is periodically emptied.

For more hygienic maintenance of the collection system the HD7515 Hybrid vacuum includes a disposable bag adapter that easily installs inside the vacuum and allows the use of a sealed top HEPA style disposable bag. When equipped with the disposable bag the permanent filter only serves as a secondary motor protection system should someone fail to install the disposable bag. Using the disposable bag is easy, and replacing is simple and clean thanks to it's sealed bag connection system that keeps dirt and dust inside the disposable bag. The HD7515 capacity is 5.3 gallons when used in bagless collection mode and 5 gallons when used with the disposable bag.

The MVAC HD7515 uses all steel construction for unparalleled durability and sturdiness. Along with providing a solid mounting platform for the power unit the all steel housing also reduces sound and vibration more than it's plastic body counterparts. High quality hardware custom made for the MVAC central vacuum is welded to the steel body for the ultimate durability. An innovative set of bin handles makes emptying the collection system even easier and the large handle latches are easy to operate. The MVAC steel body is protected with a beautiful and durable powder coated paint system inside and out. A powder paint is electrostatically applied to the steel body and thermohardened into place for a durable permanent finish. Each MVAC HD7515 includes a set of steel mounting brackets for connection to the wall.

HD7515 DUAL MOTOR HYBRID Commercial Central Vacuum Power Unit MVAC Vacuums & Trovac Industries
The HD Series offers superior quality central vacuum units that have made MVAC’s reputation. The HD7515 is manufactured in Canada by Les Industries Trovac Ltée. Known in the USA as Trovac Distribution, the MVAC HD commercial line was conceived, developed and produced by Trovac in Canada where all HD systems are manufactured today. With more than 40 years of production knowledge and one of the most advanced design and production facilities in the industry, Les Industries Trovac Ltée offers one of the highest quality central vacuums available. The HD series includes the dual motor two motor system for commercial and large application single user needs. MVAC's HD series also includes multi-motor a-la-cart 800 & 801 based systems with separate collection units and up to four commercial motors for dual simultaneous users as may be required by the application.

True Commercial Use Warranty
The HD7515 features two warranty terms depending on it's usage. In residential applications (single family home) the parts are guaranteed for 15 years from the date of purchase or up to 750 hours of use. Residential domestic use units include a 5 year labor warranty that covers replacement of in warranty parts. For commercial use the HD7515 includes a 500 hour parts warranty and a 90 day labor warranty coverage on parts covered by the warranty. In both commercial and residential applications the units body is covered by the same lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. See the product warranty for details.

HD7515 DUAL MOTOR HYBRID Commercial Central Vacuum Power Unit

Choose Smart, Choose Quality, Choose MVAC.
MVAC Quality and performance allow for efficient and thorough cleaning in your home. MVAC power unit let you clean faster and with greater detail which allows you to spend more time doing something other than vacuuming. The Optimum performance of your central vacuum system is achieved when you use the vacuum less and continue to maintain a clean home. By using a high performance and robust motor system combined with a efficient collection system in a durable and strong chassis, MVAC central vacuum power units are an intelligent choice for your home.

  • MAVC HD7515 Commercial Power Unit
  • Primary By-Pass Tangential Motor 240V
  • Slave By-Pass Tangential Motor 240V
  • Four Total Impeller Blades
  • ElectroMotor, Made in USA
    • User Selectable Performance Options
    • Motors Series: 145CFM & 230IWL
    • Motors Parallel: 248CFM & 137IWL
    • 1254 Air Watts
    • 14.0 Total Amps, 240V
  • Sound Level dBa: Primary:73, Slave:71
  • Integrated Electronic Hours Meter
  • Dual Carbon Filters
  • 5.3 Gal. MAX Capacity
  • HYBRID Bag or Bagless Collection Option
  • Canister Easy Load Handles
  • Easy Latch Collection Bin
  • 20GA Steel Construction
  • Powder Coated finish
  • Mounting Brackets Included
  • Right Side Primary Connection
  • Right Side Secondary Exhaust
  • Left Side System Intake
  • P:37.5lbs, S:15.8lbs Net Weight
  • Primary: 14" dia. x 41.8" high
  • Slave: 11" Dia. x 17" high
  • Lifetime Body Warranty
  • Residential: 15 Year or up to 750 hours parts & 5 Years Labor
  • Commercial: 500 Hours parts & 90 Days Labor
  • For Domestic or Commercial Use

The HD7515 power unit is unlike any other dual motor central vacuum system in it's class. It's unique configuration options may require consideration of the tube system, attachment system, collection system and user requirements. If you have questions please contact Vacdepot for assistance in selecting and configuring your HD series vacuum system.