Hayden Supervac Classic Central Vacuum

Quality Design, Build & Beauty
The Classic model 9000 was born from the need to service a new class of central vacuum owner. When Hayden redesigned all of their vacuum systems in 2010 with the new low-noise metal frame the top model 9000 was built using the traditional Haden filtered cyclonic collection system. When using a vacuum in a bagless collection configuration the filtered cyclonic system offers many advantages including superior consistent cleaning performance. Unfortunately the filtered cyclonic design does not allow for the use of convenient disposable bags. After many request from it's dealers whom where hearing the need for bagged vacuums from their customer the homeowner, the idea of a SuperVac 9000 Classic Hybrid was born. Along with the new high performance motor system Hayden added new bi-directional intake's (can intake from left or right side for easy install) and a beautiful new red color powder coat paint system.

The new Classic retains the integrity of the existing SuperVac series. The main body, motor module and two stage lid are made from 20-gauge cold roll steel. The SV90's vacuum motor is secured to the body with steel bolts anchored into the steel mounting plate. A compression gasket seals the motor to the suction body and wire mesh provides a final stage of impeller protection for the motor. The exhaust horn of the motor is ported through the body for connection to the exhaust system and metal brackets are welded on the back of the body for the included bolt down mounting bracket.Hayden SuperVac Classic 81SV90CLA

The new Classic is also equipped with a new feature that makes it the perfect vacuum for use in new home construction and excellent for use as a replacement or upgrade for older vacuum systems: the dual side intake. The Classic ships with two intake ports, one for left handed installations, the other for right sided intake systems. This allows you to connect the intake tube on which ever side is best for your mounting location. If using the disposable bag collection system you connect the bag stem inside the vacuum to your intake of choice and connect the tube system to the external intake. The unused side is fitted with a cap which is included in the installation materials. If intake and exhaust are both on the same side the ports are offset to allow you space for both tubes side by side.

The Classic uses metal bucket latches which connect with latch receivers that are welded to each side of the power body. Finally, a beautiful deep red finish is applied with a powder coating system on all of the exterior surfaces and interior airflow path. All Hayden central vacuums are manufactured in Canada with quality components and built in a tradition of genuine craftsmanship.

Ametek Dual Taper Fan Motor

The SuperVac Super Motor
All Hayden central vacuums use reliable double fan 5.7" dual stage bypass motors from Ametek-Lamb, the worlds premier central vacuum motor manufacturer. The SV90 models use a special dual tapered fan system with a third stationary stage which provides up to 25% more airflow than standard flat fan motor systems. While many central vacuums use flat fan motors, the tapered fan system has become more popular for it's higher efficiency in a standard motor chassis. More new dual fan motor systems are used with a flat lower fan and tapered top fan to increase performance without requiring a change to the vacuum design.

Hayden is among the first vacuum manufacturers to redesign their vacuum power unit motor module to take full advantage of a dual tapered fan motor system. The dual taper fan unit is taller than non-tapered fan units, so only those vacuum designed for the new motor can hold the multi-stage fan unit. Within the Hayden SV90 filtered cyclonic vacuum system, the dual tapered fan motor provides a maximum 144 IWL (inches of water lift) and 126 CFM (cubic feet/minute) of airflow for a total 620 maximum AirWatts.

In peak performance testing outside of the vacuum system the dual tapered fan motor system is capable of a maximum 148 IWL, 130 CFM and 678 AirWatts. The new motor system far surpasses Hayden's previous SuperVac which offered a 540 maximum airwatt motor. The new SuperVac 9000 was designed to over perform for the homeowner and outperform the competition including the popular and somewhat costly dual stage single tapered fan BEAM 375 series.

Hayden SuperVac Classic 81SV90CLA Power and Control System
All Hayden SuperVac's feature a durable multi-layered Alutron Modules control board with universal 24 volt signaling for remote power unit activation by your inlet and hose. The control board has an external Push button resettable circuit protector to protect the motor from voltage overload and heat damage and includes a 6 ft power cord for connection to a standard grounded 120 volt 20 amp circuit.

A standard low volt receptacle is mounted through the steel body with two included crimp on wire terminals to connect with your existing low-volt wire system. A green LED light illuminates at the low-volt hookup to let you know when power is supplied to the vacuum system. A convenient power over-ride switch is also built in to the vacuums motor module which allows you to start the vacuum without a low-volt signal. The control board is mounted within the motor module where it also benefits from the cool airflow intake of the bypass motor.

Hybrid Collection/Filtration System
The Hybrid collection system has quickly become one of the most requested features of central vacuum systems. The advantage of the Hybrid collection system is that it gives the homeowner the choice of using a hygienic and easy to use disposable collection bag, or the option of going bagless with a simple dump-out collection bin. Since the very early days of central cleaning most vacuum systems were designed as dump-out collection systems. Compared to many portable vacuum which use expensive filters or bags the no-frills dump-out system was a key selling feature for many. Many early central vacuums that offered disposable collection used traditional paper bags which suffered from poor airflow performance. As a result, most central vacuums were sold with the lower performing but more consistent bagless dump-out configuration.

Hayden SuperVac Classic 81SV90CLA

True Hybrid system give you the option to use your vacuum in either collection style, and the ability to switch between the two if you desire. At Vacdepot we feel that many would benefit from using disposable bags. In fact we find that many of our customers who are replacing bagless vacuums installed in the 70's and 80's often choose to switch to the disposable filter collection system for added convenience and hygienic maintenance of their cleaning system. With the use of new Synthetic disposable bags instead of the old paper bags, disposable collection vacuum system owners not only enjoy easier maintenance, it is also hygienic and provides much better long-term cleaning performance and superior motor protection.

They Hybrid system includes a bag mounting stem that is connected to your intake side of choice. It can be permanently glued into place or left unglued if you choose. While paper made bags are still available, Vacdepot stocks only new synthetic fiber disposable filters. These cloth-like disposable filters will hold up to 6 gallons of debris in the Hayden Classic vacuum and provide superior airflow during use with HEPA type exhaust filtration. Each vacuum bag has a cardboard collar and a latex gasket that holds and seals the filter onto the bag stem inside the vacuum. When your vacuum is full you unclip the lightweight bin and the synthetic filter will hang on the stem for easy removal and replacement. The Synthetic filters even have a self adhesive closure for the bag opening so once the vacuum bag is full it's contents can be sealed inside to prevent escape during disposal.

Hayden SuperVac Classic 81SV90CLA

When using the vacuum in bagless collection configuration you need only unclip the bin and dump the debris into a garbage bag for disposal. The lightweight collection bin has comfortable rounded sides on the bottom and is made from a tough polycarbonate. For optimum performance you should occasionally brush off the vacuums cloth filter to remove particulate that will not shed into the bin with normal use. If you intend to use the vacuum only ever as a bagless collection system the standard SuperVac 9000 Filtered Cyclonic system will offer better bagless performance long term and features a water washable cartridge filter.

To Bag or Not To Bag, This is the Question.
We advise our customers that the collection system you choose should be what's best for your personal needs. If you are accustomed to the neat and tidy disposable filter, have a limited mounting application that requires the unit to be installed in a space where dust and debris should not escape during normal maintenance (such as a mechanical room, interior closet or other finished room), or if the person responsible for maintaining the vacuum is sensitive to dust or would prefer not to deal with a bin full of stuff then the disposable filter option is for you.

If your vacuum is in the garage or unfinished basement/crawlspace, can easily be dumped into your garbage can with a can liner and you have no issues with dust or the maintenance similar to most shop-vacs then a bagless system could save you $15 - $20 per year in disposable filters. With the Hybrid system the choice is up to you.

Healthy Home and Green Cleaning Healthy Home Solution
Perhaps the most important feature of the Hayden SuperVac central vacuums is the cleaner environment and healthier home they can provide for your family. Central cleaning systems are installed for a variety of reasons including superior cleaning power, low noise operation, convenience of use, durability and longevity or even the built-in value a central vacuum system can add to the home at resell. While all great reasons to install and use a central cleaning system in your home the greatest impact will be the overall healthier home you provide for your family. Even clean homes can collect as much as 40 pounds of dust per year. Since most of us spend 90% of our time indoors and indoor air quality can be more polluted than outdoor air, a CV System is vital to ensuring a clean living environment.

According to the U.S. EPA, indoor air pollution is Americas most serious environmental health problem. The American College of Allergists reports that 50% of all illnesses are caused by, or aggravated by, polluted indoor air. And according to a study conducted by The University of California Davis School of Medicine, "Allergy sufferers’ symptoms can be improved up to 61% when using a central vacuum system." Only central cleaning systems can eliminate 100% of vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens, providing your family with a healthier home.

CV Green Cleaning
Central vacuum technology is green inside and out. The quality of Hayden power units lends itself to the longevity that CVS owners enjoy of their vacuums. While many portable vacuum owners are hardly surprised when purchasing a new vacuum every 2-3 years, many central vacuum owners will receive 5 to 10 times longer service from their quality built in vacuum. Hayden vacuums guarantee quality products that will last for many years.

Hayden power units purchased from Vacdepot enjoy the full manufacturers supported 10 year limited warranty with service provided by professional technicians. Haydens limited warranty covers 100% of the parts and service labor for the electrical components of the SV90 for the first seven years of ownership, and 50% of parts and labor cost for three additional years. Full warranty terms are provided in the owners manual. Vacdepot is an authorized sales and service center for Hayden vacuums.

Central vacuums require less maintenance and replacement resulting in less junk in the landfill. High efficiency and performance also reduce the trash in our landfills by better cleaning carpet and removing embedded dirt and grit that causes our carpets to wear and need replacement. More efficient central vacuum motors use near portable-vacuum consumption of power, yet provide better cleaning results with less time spent cleaning. Low noise also maintains environmentally friendly use that protects the home environment and occupants from noise pollution.

Central vacuums are beneficial to every member of the home from parents, to kids, to pets. And while having a central vacuum may not guarantee they will use it any more often (particularly the kids), you can be sure that when you take time to clean that you are doing the very best for your home and family.

Hayden Classic 81SV90CLA, the perfect choice for homes up to 9,000 square feet.
  • Hayden SV90 Classic Hybrid Power Unit
  • Ametek-Lamb Dual Stage Motor
    • Dual Tapered Fans
    • 126 Cubic Feet / Minute
    • 144 Inches / Water Lift
    • 620 Air Watts
    • 15.8/14.5 Max/AVG Amps, 120V
  • Extremely Low Noise 59 dBa
  • Large 6 Gal.Capacity
  • Option: Disposable Bag Design
  • Option: Bagless Dump-Out Design
  • Push Button Motor Protection
  • Mounting Bracket Included
  • 20GA Steel Body Construction
  • Powder-coated finish
  • ABS Collection Bin
  • Utility on/off switch
  • Right Side Exhaust
  • Bi-Directional (Right or Left) Side Intake
  • 32lbs Net Weight
  • 13" dia. x 39" high
  • UL Approved, NEMA 5-15 Cord
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Deep Red Color, Black Bin & Trim
  • Exhaust Muffler Included
  • One Disposable Bag Included

Each Hayden 81SV90CLA SuperVac Classic includes the following: Exhaust muffler, Muffler mounting elbow fitting, two hose clamps, wall mounting bracket, disposable bag connector, one disposable bag, English/French instruction manual, intake plug and (2) low volt wire terminals.

The 81SV90CLA is recommended for installations of 3 - 15 valves with a max pipe run of 225 ft including the exhaust system, if any. While best suited for homes up to 9,000 square feet, these recommendations are approximate and for reference only and not intended as a strict guide. For more information please contact Vacdepot for assistance.