The Wessel-Werk D218-10 Large Animal Curry Comb Vacuum Nozzle
is no longer available to order from Vacdepot.

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Eco Pro Pet Brush Nozzle
Eco Pro® EP14018

Pet Brush Nozzle
Our Price $3.99 
Wessel-Werk Large Animal Grooming Brush Vacuum Nozzle
Wessel-Werk® D218-05

Large Animal Grooming Brush Vacuum Nozzle
Special Price $14.99 
Cen-Tec Systems Sofa Lint & Pet Hair Tool
Cen-Tec Systems® 34005

Sofa Lint & Pet Hair Tool
Our Price $15.99 


Wessel-Werk D218-10 Large Animal Curry Comb Vacuum Nozzle Archive Description

Animal grooming nozzle with curry comb bristle set. Great for larger animals from equine size down to some larger breeds of dogs. Contoured housing fits easily in your palm and adjustable strap holds the nozzle to your hand while you work. The large intake area prevents the nozzle from clogging with dirt or shed hair. Fits most vacuum cleaner hoses.

The unique curry comb pattern of stiff short grooming pins is intended to be the first of the cleaning implements to use. Curry combs loosen dirt & dried mud along with pulling loose hair to the surface where it can be suctioned away. The vacuum nozzle's 4" x 7" cleaning face uses stiff pins to provide aggressive cleaning action suitable for body grooming. Used together with the long bristle grooming brush for an effective cleaning solution. Great for grooming and maintenance in the cooler winter months without bathing.

Standard 1.25" friction tool connection fits most vacuum cleaners. Works with central vacuums, backpack animal groom vacuums and portable vacuums including Electro Groom © & Rapid Groom ©, and other animal grooming vacuum cleaners. Comb grill is removable for cleaning inside the nozzle housing. Also available, D218-05 Grooming Brush.

Back in color sold 1 each.