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Rapid-Flex Hose 30ft
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Hide-A-Hose Rapid-Flex Hose 30ft
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The much anticipated new Hide-A-Hose Rapid-Flex sockless hose is now available! Offered in all Hide-A-Hose lengths, the Rapid Flex Hose offers performance enhancements that both installers and consumers will love. The Rapid Flex hose offers a larger diameter and smoother interior and exterior surfaces for better airflow and tighter turning radius. Rapid-Flex hose uses a new soft-touch material formulation with a lower profile and more rounded exterior rib design with a smoother interior surface for less airflow friction.

The new soft touch formulation also eliminates the need for a knit hose sock on the Rapid-Flex hose and allows for a larger 1-3/8" diameter tapered body. The larger interior surface area and lower internal resistance can provide up to 30% better airflow than conventional socked Hide-A-Hose hoses. The Rapid-Flex hose soft touch material and sockless design also increases the hose flexibility both during use and storage. The Rapid-Flex can make more turns in the raceway which allows installers to install Hide-A-Hose in smaller spaces which might require more turns.

Without the hose sock, Rapid-Flex hoses have much less friction resistance inside the raceway during the recovery or extraction of the hose. Hide-A-Hose systems operate significantly more smoothly and quickly (Rapidly!) and require less lifting power from the vacuum motor to recover the hose for storage. The greatly increased performance of the hose system allows Hide-A-Hose units to work with a much larger range of vacuum power units as it requires less power to operate with the same or better efficiency as a socked Hide-A-Hose.

Like all Hide-A-Hose vacuum systems the Rapid-Flex hose requires use of the Hide-A-Hose large radius PVC elbows for construction of the hose storage raceway. With Rapid-Flex you can often lower the performance of your power unit, extend the length of your hose or add more turns into your raceway construction without changing the overall performance of your vacuum system - and for a lower cost than conventional Hide-A-Hose socked vacuum hoses. Hide-A-Hose hoses may be trimmed at the tube-end of the hose to customize the length when needed. Blue is the new Grey - Try Rapid-Flex Today!

30ft length. Sold 1 each. Available in various lengths, see similar items tab for options.


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