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22.5 Degree Long Radius Elbow
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Hide-A-Hose 22.5 Degree Long Radius Elbow
22.5° long radius 2" elbow connector for use in Hide-A-Hose raceway systems. The special long radius HAH elbows are used for all tube turns within the raceway section of tube which includes all tube from the inlet the end of tube equivalent to the length of the hose used at the inlet. For example: if your HAH station is to be a 40ft length, any turn within 40+4 feet of the inlet must be made using HAH long radius elbows. After the raceway ends standard vacuum tube fittings can be used. Designed to fit 2" vacuum tube. Hub fitting on each end of the elbow is designed to fit vacuum tubing. Designed for HAH raceways and can be used in any central vacuum system.

Sold (1) 22.5° elbow fitting each. Tube, Glue and other fittings not included.

Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum System About Hide-A-Hose Systems
The ultimate in convenience for today’s busy life, Hide-A-Hose makes your central vacuum system even more convenient. No portable cleans or filters better than a central vacuum system, and with Hide-A-Hose, no vacuum system is easier to use. Never again will you have to move or store a bulky vacuum cleaner hose. With Hide-A-Hose central vacuum inlets an easy to use cleaning hose is concealed within the wall until you need it. Just open the valve door, pull the hose out and start cleaning anytime you need. When your finished vacuuming the airflow of your central vacuum power unit will retract the hose for you and safely store it in the wall. No rolling-up and unrolling the hose when you want to clean. No need to carry the hose from inlet to inlet, room to room or floor to floor. No longer will you junk up your closet with vacuum hoses and cleaning tools. Hide-A-Hose makes cleaning better, easier, faster.

The HAH (Hide-A-Hose) system is ingenious in it's simplicity. When not in use the vacuum hose is stored inside the tube system that is hidden within the walls of your home. When cleaning is needed you simply pull out the length of hose you required, connect the handle and tools, and begin vacuuming. Each HAH inlet can cover from 700 square feet for a 30 foot hose and up to 3,000 square feet for a 60 foot hose based on your homes interior design. When your finished cleaning the suction from your CV power unit pulls the hose back into the tube system and out of sight. With the hose safely stored by the system you need only carry your handle and tool to the next inlet and repeat the process. Each inlet in the system stores it's own hose so you do not have to.

The HAH inlet system is available in four lengths of hose, 30ft, 40ft, 50ft and 60ft. Each Hide-A-Hose station requires (1) mounting bracket, (1) inlet valve and (1) vacuum hose. Installation of the Hide-A-Hose system is similar to standard vacuum inlets with special routing required for the Hide-A-Hose hose-track system. The Hide-A-Hose hose-track tube system uses special elbows for turning which allow the hose to travel smoothly into it's storage position. A Hide-A-Hose system might use several hidden hoses, but will require just one hose grip (Standard or Radio Controlled) and one attachment set for a complete Hide-A-Hose system. HAH systems have a higher than standard inlet initial cost but pay you back quickly with ease-of-use convenience that provides you with a cleaner home environment, less flooring wear, and more leisure time that is not spent cleaning. And thanks to the longer available hoses, up to 60 feet, your HAH system design will likely require fewer inlets than conventional built-in vacuum systems.

New Style H4000 Valves & RapidFlex Hoses
Vacdepot offers only the latest Hide-A-Hose components including the 3rd Gen H4000 Hose Inlet Finish Valve and new socless RapidFlex hoses. The new H4000 valve is much improved over the first generation model and is even easier to install. A new one piece inlet valve fits into the mounting bracket once your walls are finished. The new valve offers a modified retract angle for easier hose retraction, a new magnetic switch for manual activation and a smaller door with a finished, clean look. Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuums The new H4000 model now offers a sleek new inlet cover which is reversible and features an improved hinge system. Vacdepot is an Authorized Hide-A-Hose dealer stocked with the latest available equipment and fittings to make your HAH installation a success.

New RapidFlex hoses offer performance enhancements that both installers and consumers will love. The Rapid Flex hose offers a larger diameter and smoother interior and exterior surfaces for better airflow and tighter turning radius. Rapid-Flex hose uses a new soft-touch material formulation with a lower profile and more rounded exterior rib design with a smoother interior surface for less airflow friction. The new soft touch formulation also eliminates the need for a knit hose sock on the Rapid-Flex hose and allows for a larger 1-3/8" diameter tapered body. The larger interior surface area and lower internal resistance can provide up to 30% better airflow than conventional socked Hide-A-Hose hoses. The Rapid-Flex hose soft touch material and sockless design also increases the hose flexibility both during use and storage. The Rapid-Flex can make more turns in the hose-track which allows installation of Hide-A-Hose in smaller spaces which might require more turns.

Requirements for installation vary by application. HAH Systems will require sufficient room for installation of the hose-track. The hose-track should be installed on a single plane which can require open areas above or below the living space such as an attic or basement. HAH systems use special long radius PVC fittings within the hose-track but use standard PVC vacuum tube and standard vacuum fittings for connections outside the hose-track for installation. Hide-A-Hose systems can be mixed with standard hose inlets and sweep inlets for a custom vacuum system that meets the homeowners needs.

For proper performance with hose retraction and tool operation a power unit model recommendation chart is below. A properly sized power unit is required for 100% coverage. A single power unit may operate up to 8 HAH inlets (non-concurrently). For dual operator (2 valve concurrent cleaning) applications or installations exceeding the maximum tube run allowance it is recommended that VLA power systems including MVAC commercial multi-motor units be used.


540-600 AW, 120+ LIFT
6.6" & 7.2" DUAL FAN
600+ AW, 130+ LIFT
(1) 8.4" MOTOR 1 OR 2 STAGE
(2) 5.7"+ MOTORS (120v OR 240v)
700+ AW, 150+ LIFT
(OR)800+ AW, 200+ CFM
MAX # INLETS 8 8 8
HOSE LENGTH 30FT 40FT 50ft 60FT 30FT 40FT 50FT 60FT 30FT 40FT 50FT 60FT 60FT
LONGEST TUBE RUN* 150FT 100FT N/R N/R 175FT 150FT 125FT N/R 250FT 225FT 200FT 175FT 100FT
HOSE LENGTH 30FT 40FT 50ft 60FT 30FT 40FT 50FT 60FT 30FT 40FT 50FT 60FT 60FT
LONGEST TUBE RUN* 175FT 150FT 125 100 200FT 175FT 150FT 125 300FT 250FT 200FT 175FT 125FT
* Power Unit Type specifications, examples & recommendations are generalizations and represent differing levels of performance for each hose length. Many factors including hose length, installation requirements and application will vary the power unit required for the application - this is only a guide.
** Longest Tube Run = Distance to farthest inlet including raceway (not the total amount of tube used for all inlets) plus exhaust run, if any.

Vacdepot Inc. Authorized Hide-A-Hose Dealer HAH Systems may be mixed with valves of other types including standard wall-inlets and sweep-inlets such as the Vacusweep. Each HAH flexible hose may be trimmed on-site for optimum fit and performance. Each rough-in kit includes a protective mud-cover for the valve mount during sheet-rocking and painting. HAH Systems are ready for new construction homes as well as pre-built (retro fit) homes. To learn more about the HAH system installation you can view the install guide (link below) for layout ideas and installation techniques.

Hide-A-Hose retractable hose management system brings a new level of convenience to central vacuum systems and with just a bit more planning than standard inlets can be used in almost any home or business (perfect for veterinary offices). Hide-A-Hose systems offer exceptional performance when coupled with a high power central vacuum that removes dirt, dust and allergens from your home while adding built-in value. If you have questions about the HAH System please contact the Vacdepot CVS Experts with your requirements.

Coverage of each Hide-A-Hose inlet is determined by square footage of the cleaning area for each length of hose. The maximum coverage is the full square footage possible but does not count for walls, furniture or hose rise and fall which could consume 10% of the total maximum square footage. When calculating the coverage of your Hide-A-Hose inlet it is best to figure in some loss of coverage to provide the best performance and satisfaction from the Hide-A-Hose inlet system. Use a conservative overhead loss of 10% and the Hide-A-Hose system will provide easy coverage in the following lengths;

30ft Hide-A-Hose: 707sqft Maximum, 636sqft with a 10% overhead loss.
40ft Hide-A-Hose: 1257sqft Maximum, 1131sqft with 10% overhead loss.
50ft Hide-A-Hose: 1964sqft Maximum, 1768sqft with 10% overhead loss.
60ft Hide-A-Hose: 2828sqft Maximum, 2545sqft with 10% overhead loss*.

*Overhead loss may increase with longer Hide-A-Hose systems as more objects (furniture, walls, cabinets, etc) will be between the inlet and the maximum distance. In some applications using a shorter hose with more Hide-A-Hose inlets may be more efficient and easier to operate. Use caution when planning a HAH system with 60 foot hoses. The excessive length of the 60ft hose has cumulative airflow loss which can result in poor cleaning performance with most CV power units. The longer hose also increases the weight and friction of the hose during recovery. If possible we recommend that you design your vacuum system with 50 foot maximum hose units. Multi-level applications where a single hose may be used to clean more than one floor can cover more than the maximum cleaning area, however it is not recommended to leave a hose on stairs while cleaning in other areas as you create a tripping hazard for others using the stairway. If you have questions about using Hide-A-Hose in your application please give us a call. Our Central Vacuum experts are very familiar with the Hide-A-Hose system installation and operation and can help you with planing of your system.


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