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Cen-Tec Systems®
Quiet Drive Sensor+ Bonus Attachment Kit
Cen-Tec Systems® Quiet Drive Sensor+ Bonus Attachment Kit
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From Vacuflo®
Vacuflo CVS Power Dual Motor Unit

CVS Power Dual Motor Unit


Square One Exhaust Muffler
MSRP $17.99 Our Price $8.99  (Save 50% off MSRP)
Vaculine Square One Exhaust Muffler
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The Square One CVS Exhaust Muffler offers better noise attenuation than longer mufflers thanks to it's larger square interior. Square One mufflers measure 9" x 3.5" x 3.5" and fits in-line on the exhaust tube. Square One mufflers reduce exhaust noise considerable using an open cell foam liner that baffles and diffuses the airflow noise without impeding the airflow performance. Excellent for vacuums venting inside a basement or garage. Works great for exterior venting vacuums to reduce noise at exit point which might be near doors, the front of the home or a neighbors. Square One CVS exhaust mufflers help to lower the noise of exhaust air from your vacuum where ever it may be vented.

Square One mufflers can be used with all brands, all models and all styles of central vacuum as it does not block any part of the airflow path. Square One CVS mufflers are made from durable PVC and each end is a standard vacuum size (2.0 inch ID) hub fitting which connects directly to vacuum tube using standard PVC glue or a hose clamp (not included).

Other fittings, glue or clamps may be required to install, not included. If using more than one muffler they should be separated by 12" of tube for maximum effect. Sold 1 each, BLACK in color.


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