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Cen-Tec Systems®
QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit
Cen-Tec Systems® QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit
Reg $439.00
 Special $399.00
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From Hoover®
Hoover CVS Power Unit Metal 3 Stage

CVS Power Unit Metal 3 Stage


CVS-I® SV499025
FlexLink CVS Hookup Hose
Our Price $12.99


CVS-I FlexLink CVS Hookup Hose
30 inch FlexLink hose with two hose clamps for CVS connections. Steel wire moulded and vinyl coated with woven nylon reinforcement. 2" ID fits over standard CVS tube with or without glue. Included hose clamps are used to secure FlexLink hose to rigid tube. FlexLink hose is used most often for Vaccusweep/Vacpan sweep inlet installations and power unit hookup for flexible mounting.

Sold in lengths of 2.5 feet each (30 inches). Orders for multiple lengths will be sent as one, i.e. order 3 units and receive one 7.5 foot piece.

For power-unit hookup an extra set of hose clamps may be required if your splitting the tube into two 15" sections for both intake and exhaust.

Grey FlexLink Hose sold 30 inches each, includes 2 hose clamps.


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