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Aggresor Vacuums®
Performer PU & Excellence Powerteam Combo Pak
Aggresor Vacuums® Performer PU & Excellence Powerteam Combo Pak
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CVS-I 3 ElectraValve Inlet Install Kit w/Tube

3 ElectraValve Inlet Install Kit w/Tube


Spin Duster Central Vacuum Tool
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Beam Spin Duster Central Vacuum Tool
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Using the SpinDuster CV helps you clean faster. This unique cleaning tool was so popular with portable vacuum cleaner owners that Electrolux quickly designed a version for central vacuum users. The SpinDuster CV uses the power of your central vacuum to clean and electrostatically charge the synthetic bristle of a duster. The feather like duster is then ready to dust your home while emitting a positive electrostatic charge that attracts and clings on to dust and small particles. Very helpful for those that suffer from dust allergies, SpinDuster CV does not stir up the dust while cleaning and when finished the dust is pulled into your central vacuum system - not floating in the air.

Regular dusters just knock dust off an object where it may either fall to the floor or float away and land on another object. Electrostatically charged dusters attract and hold the dust. When your SpinDuster CV is full of dust you place it into the cleaning & recharging tube, flip the switch for a few seconds and the SpinDuster CV cleans itself. When you clean your SpinDuster CV it spins very fast and has airflow pulled though the bristles. The spinning action and vacuum suction cleans the dust and debris from the SpinDuster CV. When the bristles spin inside the recharge tube the rubbing action imparts a strong electrostatic charge to the bristles that lets them attract dust like a magnet.

BEAM Spin Duster CV The SpinDuster CV has an ultra plush dusting head the measures 6" across and 8" long. The tip of the cleaning head is covered with a soft round cap to prevent the SpinDuster from scratching. The rubber coated handle is easy to grip and with a simple twist the SpinDuster CV handle extends from 18 inches to just over 3 feet! You can use the SpinDuster CV to clean any object that attracts dust including lamp shades, electronic equipment, TV screens, window blinds, picture frames, knickknack shelves, collectable displays or any hard to reach and/or delicate object that need regular cleaning.

SpinDuster CV is easy to operate and works with any low-volt, Universal or Direct Connect central vacuum inlet that is the standard 1.5" diameter. Just plug SpinDuster CV into the inlet and flip the momentary switch to activate. When you release the lever the SpinDuster will stop, the airflow port will be closed and your ready to clean with the SpinDuster. SpinDuster can be left in the valve permanently and while using other inlets on your vacuum system or you can remove the SpinDuster recharging station and store it for later use. SpindDuster CV helps you clean faster by using the power of your central vacuum system to clean and electrostatically charge your dusting tool for quicker dust collection and removal.

Sold 1 each. Fits Universal and Direct Connect CV Inlets. Requires Central Vacuum.


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