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Eco Pro®
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Universal Button Lock Low-Volt Hose 40ft
MVAC® Universal Button Lock Low-Volt Hose 40ft
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Hayden Deluxe SuperPack Attachment Kit

Deluxe SuperPack Attachment Kit


Eco Pro®EP70300
Telescopic Steel Wand Friction/Friction
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Eco Pro Telescopic Steel Wand Friction/Friction
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Eco Pro steel telescopic vacuum cleaner wand is a single extension which is adjustable to the length of two standard vacuum wands. Adjust the wand for cleaning specific applications or to fit the person using the vacuum. Telescopic wands are more stable than two individual wands as the center connection is handled internally to the wand and can not slip, unlock or otherwise come undone while cleaning. Extension is operated with a thumb button and each increment extends the wand approximately 3/4 of an inch. The EP70300 Telescopic Wand is a friction top, friction bottom wand configuration. This wand is designed to fit the standard 1.25" hoses which are commonly used in most domestic vacuum systems. The tool end of the hose is friction fitting 1.25" connection, the most common connection for all non-electric tools including dusting brushes, floor nozzles and turbo nozzles. The EP70300 wand extends from 24" compressed to 37.5" at full extension.

Eco Pro's telescopic wand extension system uses a reliable interference ratchet locking system to secure the wand at the users desired height. The interference ratchet is smooth to operate and highly reliable with fewer internal components. An internal seal connects bottom and top tubes to prevent leakage when adjusting the wand. Eco Pro wands use quality steel tube stock with a durable double chrome finish.

The EP70300 telescopic wand features a static upper wand and extending lower wand. The telescopic wands top connection features a nylon insert that provides a firm friction fit to both plastic and metal hose handles or other vacuum wands. The nylon insert is designed with a taper to grab and lock onto the hose handle with a twist. The nylon insert also has a collar that covers the steel wands top and protects the operator from pinched fingers. The EP70300 also fits most 1.25" button lock hoses, though it does not use the button lock for connection. The tool end of the wand is a standard 1.25" friction fit connection for use with all friction fit tools and some older button lock tools as well. Friction/Friction wands are excellent for use accessorial nozzles and hard floor cleaning tools.

Sold 1 each. Chromed steel finish. Standard 1.25" friction top & 1.25" friction bottom.


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