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Aggresor Vacuums CVC-3412
Performer PU & Select Powerteam Combo Pak

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Aggresor Vacuums Performer PU & Select Powerteam Combo Pak
Super Aggresor Package Deals from Vacdepot include an Aggresor central vacuum power unit and a central vacuum attachment kit of your choice. Now you can own a central vacuum manufactured by Electrolux USA, the very best selling manufacturer of central cleaning systems in the USA for a price less than 'builders quality' import central vacuum systems. The outstanding package deal is only available for a limited time at the special sale price.

You select the model of Aggresor power unit you need and the model of attachment set that will work best for your home in the Package Deal. When you combine the two you save even more without the need to purchase an install kit, pipe or fittings. A great way to replace your under-performing existing system and excellent deals for a new system where your pipe and inlets have already been installed. This Package Deal offer includes the basic model of power unit and attachment set with optional upgrades for other available models as listed below.

Aggresor PU275 Performer Power Unit Aggresor PU275 Performer Power Unit
A well built central vacuum unit features high powered air watt motor with more deep cleaning power and new Triumph® HEPA Filtration. The AGG-PU275 offers impressive performance in a single 5.7" motor 120V power unit with 590 AirWatts and coverage up to a manufacturers recommended 6,500 square feet with just one unit. The Aggresor Performer power units are finished with a durable powder coat finish on a heavy-duty steel body. The PU275 model features a built-in utility inlet and included exhaust muffler. A 4 gallon bagless capacity and 12" diameter is easy to mount in most any location and can clean for months between regular maintenance.
Aggresor PU298 Performer Plus Power Unit Aggresor PU298 Performer Plus Power Unit
More capacity, more filtration surface and more suction power - the large body Aggresor PU298. Utilizing a high performance Domel motor and Triumph® HEPA Filtration. The Aggresor Performer Plus offers incredible performance in a 7.2" diameter single motor 120V power unit with 640 AirWatts and manufacturers recommended coverage up to 10,000 square feet with just one unit. The Aggresor Performer power units are finished with a durable powder coat finish on a heavy-duty steel body. The PU298 model features a built-in utility inlet and included exhaust muffler. A 7 gallon bagless capacity and larger 14" diameter is great for larger applications where more power and more capacity is needed.
Aggresor Excellence Attachment Set Aggresor Select Attachment Set 30ft
A new breed of high powered carpet nozzle and robust attachment kit, the Aggresor Select CVS cleaning sets include the tools needed to maintain your home from floor to ceiling. Aggresor kits includes a cog-belt drive brush roller with monitor circuit, premium wide diameter hose, telescopic quick disconnect wand and quality hard floor and above floor tools. Aggresor kit also include the Electrolux 4 piece attachment set which features an upgraded floor brush and 3 above floor cleaning tools. Aggresor Select attachment sets are available in standard 1.5" fitting Universal Connect Hose (corded) or Direct Connect Hose (with pins) for powered inlets, choose the style you need at order.

Each Package Deal includes (1) power unit and the (1) attachment kit. Select the model you want using the drop-down option boxes at the top of this page above the add-to-cart button. The default option includes the basic power unit and basic attachment set as listed. More information and ala carte purchase options for each item in the Package Deal is available on the Vacdepot website, just follow the links above to the individual items. CVS Power Units and Attachment Kits purchased separately (on the same or different orders) will not receive the Package Deal pricing unless ordered with the Package Deal part number (CVC-XXXX). Package Deal items include all the original components of individual items purchased separately, nothing is added or removed from the original unit. Package Deals do not include pipe, fittings or inlet valves. Package Deal pricing can not be combined with other special offers.

All items within the Package Deals include their original warranty and ship in their original packaging. You must select either Direct Connect or Universal (corded) hose style using the drop-down option boxes above the add-to-cart button. If a hose length upgrade option is available it will also be in the top-right. Sorry, at this time no substitutions are allowed.

Tested, Inspected & Guaranteed. Tested, Inspected & Guaranteed. Vacdepot is the only fully stocked central vacuum dealer online which inspects and tests all power units before shipping. Vacdepot ships all orders directly from our own warehouse, we do not drop-ship our customers orders. All central vacuum power units ordered from Vacdepot online are thoroughly inspected before shipment. Vacdepot investigates all units for manufacturing defects and confirms all included components like cords, brackets and manuals are included. Each vacuum unit is connected to a testing station to check operation, confirm the low-voltage signal and activate the suction motor to check seals. Vacdepot test the vacuums power consumption, measures the vacuum motors suction capacity and meters the airflow to confirm normal operation. After successful testing and inspection the power unit is repackaged with Vacdepot's enhanced performance pak for secure shipping to guarantee delivery without damage.

Anyone offering central vacuums online can claim to be an expert, but the standard must be higher than sticking a shipping label on a box and hoping for the best. Only Vacdepot with nearly two decades of online shipping know-how and five decades of vacuum industry experience provides this unique service for its customers on every power unit, because only Vacdepot can.


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