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Aggresor Vacuums AGG-PU275
Performer Power Unit

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Aggresor Vacuums Performer Power Unit
The Aggresor PU275 central vacuum brings together many of the great qualities of Electrolux central vacuums in one model. great performance in it's class with a 2-stage Ametek bypass motor, sophisticated control system with built in motor protection and slow-start feature, durable cold form steel chassis with powder coat paint, and easy maintenance with latched lightweight collection bin for bagless collection. The Aggressor Performer can be fitted to all existing systems with adaptable left or right side intake connection which makes the PU275 great for both new construction systems and as a replacement for old power units. With the 590 Airwatt suction motor the Aggresor PU275 is rated for application up to a manufacturers suggested 6,000 square feet or an actual home size of 3100 square feet single level or 4300sqft in multi-level homes where the longest tube run plus the length of any exhaust would be less than 150ft.

The Aggresor power units are manufactured by Electrolux for the Aggresor brand in a private label. These units are built the same as other Electrolux central vacuums and are very similar to the BEAM model 275C. The Aggresor brand PU275 includes an excellent mix of features including a Triumph HEPA filter media, built-in utility inlet, Sound-Off exhaust muffler, all steel frame with poly collection bin and bi-directional intake. The PU275 vacuums use the Ameket-Lamb 119992 dual stage AirWatt series suction motor. The AirWatt series suction motors employ a dual fan system. The 275’s AirWatt series motor produces a maximum 590 airwatts of cleaning performance. The 119992 suction motor has dual 5.7” fan stages and can produce a maximum 138 CFM of airflow and 124 inches of static lift.

The suction motor and all vacuum operations are controlled by a solid state ECS (Electrolux Control System) module. The low-volt control system is universal and works with all central vacuum wall inlets. Wires are connected with easy speaker style connection that does not require special wire terminals or connectors. An external override power switch is positioned at the top of the vacuum canister which allows you to switch on the suction motor for use with the built-in utility inlet.

Power is supplied to the system with a detachable 6ft power cord, included with the vacuum cleaner. The PU275 plugs in to a standard 120 volt electric outlet. The outlet should be wired on a standard 20 amp circuit breaker. A dedicated circuit is best as the PU275 requires nearly 15 amps which would limit other uses for the circuit when the vacuum is running.

The PU275 has three intake openings on the steel canister body. Two tubing intake ports are available for connection, one on the left side or one on the right side of the unit. If you need to move the tube intake connection from one side to the other you simply twist the connectors which unscrews from the vacuum body. Twist the block-off plate from the other side and swap the two. The adjustable intake makes installation easier and allows you to match an old system if you are using the PU275 to replace or upgrade an existing unit. The third intake is a manual utility port on the front of the vacuum. The utility port allows you to connect a low-volt or universal central vacuum hose directly to the vacuum for cleaning in the same area as the vacuum. The utility port is a great way to vacuum in a garage or basement using a vacuum hose to quickly clean the car, workbench or just clean lint from the clothes dryer. The tube intake port, utility hose port and the block off plate can all be moved into any position with a simple twist off. As long as all three ports are fitted with a connector or block-off plate, you can attach the connectors in any configuration you desire.

The PU275 power unit comes standard as a permanent filter bagless collection system. The PU275 uses Electrolux's exclusive Triumph© HEPA media permanent filter. The filter is self maintaining, never needs replacement - lasting the life of the machine. The center weighted cone shaped filter hangs down in the center of the vacuum body. Each time the vacuum is turned on or off the filter moves up and down, flexing as it changes shape which sheds debris off the filter and into the collection bin. The 4 gallon collection bin holds a large amount of debris and requires emptying only every 2 - 3 months for most homes. Permanent filter units like the PU275 also provide excellent motor protection as only filtered clean airflow is sent through the motors impeller system. The Triumph© HEPA filter media retains 99% of sub-micron sized particles which not only protects the suction motor but also allows venting of the power unit inside the garage or basement without the worry of fine dust escaping from the unit. Maintenance of the system involves unlatching the collection bin and dumping out the debris into a garbage bag. A fill level window on the collection bin allows you to see how much debris is inside the vacuum without taking off the bucket.

The PU275 Performer central vacuum power unit provides the performance power, convenience of use and a proven reliability you expect of a quality vacuum system. The PU275 is an excellent vacuum to add in your new construction project and one of the most popular designs used in replacement of old, broken or under performing central vacuum power units. The Aggresor Performer power unit offers intelligent, efficient operation combined with a good quality Ametek-Lamb suction motor with bagless Triumph© HEPA filtered collection system. Quantity is limited to inventory on hand, also available in Package Deals.

Aggresor PU275 Specifications & Features

  • Mfg's Sug. 6,000 SQFT Max
  • Ametek 2 Stage 14.3 Amp 120V Motor
    • 124 Cubic Feet / Minute Airflow
    • 138 Inches / Water Lift Suction
    • 590 Max Air Watts
  • Electrolux Control System
  • Motor Soft Start System
  • 4 Gal. Dirt Capacity
  • Self Cleaning Permanent Filter
  • Built-in Utility Inlet
  • Unit is Ventable
  • Exhaust Muffler Included
  • Bi-directional Intake (left or right)
  • Bagless Collection
  • Steel Construction Power Body
  • Steel Mounting Bracket Included
  • Duralite™ plastic dirt collection bin
  • Collection Bin Window
  • Triumph© HEPA Filter Media
  • Gloss Black Powder Coat Finish
  • 29lbs Total Weight
  • 42" High, 11" Diameter
  • Manufacturers Parts Warranty
    • 2 Year Parts Only Warranty
    • Excludes Filters & Brushes
    • For Domestic Residential Use Only

Tested, Inspected & Guaranteed. Tested, Inspected & Guaranteed. Vacdepot is the only fully stocked central vacuum dealer online which inspects and tests all power units before shipping. Vacdepot ships all orders directly from our own warehouse, we do not drop-ship our customers orders. All central vacuum power units ordered from Vacdepot online are thoroughly inspected before shipment. Vacdepot investigates all units for manufacturing defects and confirms all included components like cords, brackets and manuals are included. Each vacuum unit is connected to a testing station to check operation, confirm the low-voltage signal and activate the suction motor to check seals. Vacdepot test the vacuums power consumption, measures the vacuum motors suction capacity and meters the airflow to confirm normal operation. After successful testing and inspection the power unit is repackaged with Vacdepot's enhanced performance pak for secure shipping to guarantee delivery without damage.

Anyone offering central vacuums online can claim to be an expert, but the standard must be higher than sticking a shipping label on a box and hoping for the best. Only Vacdepot with nearly two decades of online shipping know-how and five decades of vacuum industry experience provides this unique service for its customers on every power unit, because only Vacdepot can.


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