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Airvac VM4200DS
Deluxe Powered Attachment Kit - Direct Connect

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Airvac Deluxe Powered Attachment Kit - Direct Connect
Please Note:
The VM4200DS and VM2200DS Kits are exactly the same, only the hose-to-inlet connector differs. VM4200DS is ONLY for Direct Connect inlets. If your systems does not have Direct Connect inlets and uses a cord on the wall-end of the hose you need the VM2200DS model.

The Deluxe Central Vacuum Attachment Set from Airvac is a collection of popular central vacuum cleaning tools and accessories. The Airvac Deluxe attachment set includes a powerful electric carpet nozzle and a full compliment of above the floor attachments. The Airvac Deluxe attachment set is offered with two hose connection types. Model VM4200DS includes the direct connect hose while model VM2200DS offers the universal connect hose. Each attachment kit includes the same quality attachments and differ only in hose type. You should choose the kit you need based on the wall inlet you already have in your home or will be installing. More information about hose types is available in our article CVS Hoses & Valves.

Airvac Deluxe Attachment Set The VM4200DS Deluxe attachment set includes a 30 foot 4-wire crushproof hose that lets you control both the power brush and central vacuum system. The Direct Connect (also called a SuperHose or powered-inlet type) wall end connector features a builtin mini pin for connection powered CVS inlet, also called a SuperValve or ElectraValve. The grip end features a comfortable ergonomic gas-pump handle with three-way power switch and a quick release to the steel wands. Two wand sets are included in the attachment kit, both are made from durable chromed steel and both are single piece telescopic wands.

Airvac Deluxe Attachment Set The powerbrush wand has an integrated power cord that carries power from the grip of the hose to the electric drive powerbrush. The wand uses cord management features to keep the cord in place and out of your way while cleaning. The lower cord connector is designed to mate with the powerbrush using a Quick Disconnect feature, QDC. With both powerbrush and power wand using QDC you need only step on a pedal to remove the powerbrush from your vacuum system, an exceptionally convenient feature only available on the better quality vacuum attachment sets. The second telescopic wand is included in the kit for utility use including hard floor and above floor cleaning, second set applications and for high reach needs the second wand can be added to the main wand for double the reach- perfect for high ceilings.

The Airvac powerbrush is a quality built nozzle that includes performance features like a high speed balanced brush roller, geared belt drive system and the microprocessor controlled power system. Airvac Deluxe Attachment Set Working together to provide aggressive cleaning on carpeted surfaces the Airvac powerbrush delivers both surface and embedded soil removal. The Airvac powerbrush features auto height adjustment that allows the nozzle to work on all carpet heights and the power monitoring circuit that lets you know of any trouble with the system by use of a red and green LED on top of the nozzle. The same monitor circuit also detects jams in the brush roller and stops the motor before any damage occurs to the geared belt drive system - finally an end to the age old broken vacuum belt.

The Airvac powerbrush features step on handle release which locks the hose and wand upright. A non-marring nozzle bumper and soft coated wheels protect both baseboards and delicate softwood hard floors while in use. A forward facing full width fluorescent headlight gives this nozzle the ability to reliable light the area to be cleaned which not only helps you to find the dirt but also avoid items you do not want to run over with your vacuum. The powebrush is connected to the hose and wand system with a full 180° swivel connector topped with the QDC wand connection.

The above floor cleaning tools include the standard full compliment including natural fill dusting brush, extra long crevice tool and upholstery nozzle with slide-on brush set. The crevice tool features an air relief design that focuses airflow to the area being cleaned without sealing off. The dusting brush is a round nozzle with soft natural fill bristles that will not crimp over. The upholstery tool can be used without brush to apply suction only, or with brush to lift pet hair or lint from textile surfaces. A clip-on tool caddie is included which can be attached to either wand to hold the above floor cleaning tools close at hand while vacuuming.

Airvac Deluxe Attachment Set The Airvac Deluxe attachment kit offers hard floor cleaning using a 12 inch natural fill brush attachment that also clean walls and ceilings of dust. The floor brush features a swivel connector for easy maneuvering and a castle cut bristle design that concentrates airflow on the surface being cleaned while still allowing dirt and debris into the nozzle to be vacuumed away. Safe for all floor types including hardwood, tile and linoleum the floor brush can be used on both the main wand and the utility wand.

Attachment set storage is provided by a cloth tool caddie with hanger strap that has pockets to hold the individual tools. The cloth tool caddie can then be hung in the closet with a clothes hanger to keep cleaning tools within easy reach. The Airvac Deluxe attachment kit includes a great set of attachment and strong powerbrush for cleaning all areas of your home. A complete cleaning set, the Deluxe attachment set works with all brands of central vacuum with either universal valve (VM2200DS) or direct connect valve (VM4200DS).

Airvac VM4200DS Deluxe Attachment Set

  • Powerbrush System
    • Cog-belt Drive System
    • Quick Disconnect Nozzle
    • Fluorescent Headlight
    • Solid State Logic Control
  • 30' Crushproof Hose
  • 360° Swivel Hose
  • Gaspump Style Grip
  • Integrated Telescopic Wand
  • Direct Connect Hose
  • 12" Hard Floor Brush
  • 4pc Cleaning Set
    • Upholstery Nozzle
    • Upholstery Nozzle Brush
    • Dusting Brush
    • Crevice Nozzle
  • Clip-on Tool Caddie
  • Cloth Tool Holder
  • Wire Hose Hanger
  • Shipping Weight 19 lbs
  • Black & Silver Color
  • 1 Year Mfgs Waqrranty
  • Vacdepot, Airvac CVS Authorized Dealer


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