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Cen-Tec Systems® Stainless 5G Wet/Dry Interceptor & Tool Kit
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Aspria CV70496
Profyle Universal Inlet - Champagne

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Aspria Profyle Universal Inlet - Champagne
Profyle is a universal low-volt inlet that offers a modern look with a sleek vertical convex shape that flows into the wall surface. The Profyle inlet doors are manufactured using high quality production and materials. Superior European production is evident in both the quality of design and the fit & finish of the final product.

Central vacuum inlets are often thought of in the context of their function, a utility. This unfortunate label has plagued the central vacuum inlet design for many years. Instead of being noticed for their cleaning potential, central vacuum inlets are often recognized due to their out dated utilitarian design or their unattractive color pallet. Still today the 40+ year old round-door inlet design is used in new homes. Most round door inlets are installed by builders or contractors that are simply repeating the install process they have used for many years, not knowing that homeowners would really appreciate a more modern vacuum inlet.

The Profyle series DECO inlets offer a style that is interesting without being obtrusive. The convex shape gives the impression of the inlet rising from the wall. The door design uses a hidden hinge and does not require a pull tab. The Profyle inlet can be mounted in downward or upward opening direction and the inlet will always look the same. The Profyle inlet door opens 168° wide for easy use with any standard central vacuum hose. Profyle inlets fit all standard central vacuum hoses with 1.5" hose cuff including metal banded cuffs, low voltage cuffs and dual volt universal hose cuffs. Profyle inlets do not work with proprietary hoses including Vacuflo, hoses other than 1.5" (including older Kenmore 1.25" hoses), or Direct Connect hoses with 120V pin.

Standard low-volt wire connections are used with spring mounted contactors. Profyle inlets use a four bolt mount which allows all screws to be under the door and hidden from view. Each Profyle inlet is supplied with matching color screw hole covers. Once the inlet is mounted to the wall with the included screws, the screw hole cover snaps in place to completely conceal the screw heads and eliminate all thoughts of "utility". Profyle Inlets are available in 7 different color/finish options.

Sold 1 each. Includes 4 mounting screws and 4 screw hole covers. Mounting bracket not included.
Fits Vaculine CV5566W universal mounting bracket, requires 4-screw mounting plate.
CV70496 CHAMPAGNE Color Profyle Inlet


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