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Aspria Premium Direct CVS Attachment Kit

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Aspria CVSL80428
Slinky Stretch Hose 30ft

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Aspria Slinky Stretch Hose 30ft
The new Canplas Slinky CVS stretch hose goes farther with less hose and less weight than ever before. The Slinky Stretch hose can reach 30 feet from the inlet for quick clean ups without the need to use your full size fixed length hose.

CVS Stretch hoses are a great addition to any home for fast cleaning and quick pick-ups. The perfect accessorie for any cleaning application where storage space is at a premium. Excellent for areas that require quick clean ups including kitchens, mud rooms and the garage. The ultimate solution for mobile CVS installations including RV's and boats. A stretch hose allows you to keep the hose stored in a space closer to the area to be cleaned including utility closets and kitchen pantry. At only 1/5th the size of conventional fixed length hoses the Slinky stretch hose is easy to keep on-site for fast clean up of spills and everyday quick cleaning. The Slinky hose fits all standard 1.5" central vacuum inlets and activates your vacuum system when the metal banded hose cuff is inserted into the inlet.
Slinky Stretch Hose Central Vacuum

The Slinky hose is the latest stretch design and has improved performance including longer stretch, lower weight, better airflow and lower noise. The most notable upgrade is the new larger diameter. The larger 39.2mm OD hose allows for better airflow and a longer stretch ratio. The Slink hose body is just 6 feet long and has a cleaning reach over 30 feet. Just two and a half inches of the Slinky hose can stretch over one foot, about 25% longer than the previous generation of stretch hose. Advances in the vinyl formulations that make up the skin of the hose now allow a stretch ratio of an amazing 5:1 with a highly maneuverable nine threads per inch and still lower overall weight than previous models.

The lower overall weight is easier to use and easier to store on a single hanger. The new Slinky hose also improved the static tension for a perfect balance of recoil, extension and hanging tension. The Slinky hose stores without sagging and with excellent compression and is easy to extend even with airflow pulling the hose. Gone is the "springy" feeling of previous models which increases the farther you stretch the hose. The new Slinky has a smooth feel when stretched and the tension remains constant at every length through it's range. The new Slink stretch hose also completely eliminates the whistle sounds that previous models would sometimes emit when stretched and cleaning with particular attachments. The new formulation and smooth interior design have blocked the whistle sound and lowered overall noise.

Slinky Stretch Hose Central Vacuum The wall end of the hose features a quality 1.5" CVS semi-flexible vinyl hose cuff with metal band to activate the central vacuum power unit when inserted into the wall valve. The tool end of the Slinky hose gives you two full 360° swivel connections. One swivel for the hose body prevents kinks in the hose while cleaning and allows for easy turning when the hose is extended. The second full 360° swivel allows the hose entry angle into the handle to be adjusted for different cleaning task. A sharply curved hand grip is great for vacuuming floors. A long curved hand grip is best when cleaning extended areas overhead. A sideways connected grip is amazingly helpful in tight spaces including the drivers side floor of your car. The adjustable angle connection allows the handle to perform equally well at both regular and utility cleaning.

The new handle also features a quick hose body release for easy access to the handle interior. If you manage to vacuum up something that is just a bit too stiff to make it through the curved grip you can easily remove the flexible hose and pull the stuck object through.

The new hand grip is textured ABS, the same tough plastic used in football helmets. The textured grip is comfortable and easy to hold even with gloved, greasy or sweaty hands. A thumb operated air-relief lets you decrease suction for easy expansion with airflow restrictive tools such as crevice nozzles and turbo brushes. The tool tip is a standard friction locking 1.25" diameter that fits most all cleaning tools and wands. The friction connection is fast and allows you to rotate the vacuum head at the handle by turning the wand instead of the tool.

The Slinky hose has long been one of the best stretch central vacuum hoses. The new Slinky design both cleans better and is easier to use. Equally at home in the cupboard, on the workbench and out on the road or water in recreational vehicles where storage is at a premium. Low weight with excellent recompressive properties and durable long lasting materials. The Slinky stretch hose adds more convenience to central cleaning and is an excellent addition to any central vacuum system.

Sold 1 each, 30 ft in length. Cleaning tools not included.
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