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Beam 050406
Total Control 35ft Replacement Hose

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Beam Total Control 35ft Replacement Hose
A Plastiflex OCM replacement for BEAM by Electrolux 35ft length total control electric central vacuum hose. Used on most standard button lock round wand vacuum systems from Electrolux including the BEAM, EUREKA, HONEYWELL and others. The Total Control replacement hose fits all BEAM branded and most other central vacuum wall inlets in either universal low-volt or fully powered dual volt connection style, choose your style at order. More information about the two hose styles are in the CVS hose articles under the related articles tab above. The BEAM Total Control replacement hose uses a lightweight crush-proof body that is highly flexible. The hose handle is the ergonomic gas-pump style with a full 360° swivel connection with the flexible hose body for user convenience and reduction of kinking while vacuuming.

The Total Control replacement hose features a 3 position switch allowing you to turn the vacuum system off, on with suction only, or on with suction and carpet brush activated. The total control hose features a button lock tool end (has a springy metal button near the end of the metal tip) and a manual air flow regulator that lets you lessen suction from the hose to clean delicate objects. The power connector on the handle is flush with the handle case and has 2 connectors, about 3/8" apart from each other. This is designed the fit the trapezoid shape 2-pin mini-connector coming from the powered carpet brush. If your existing system uses a 2-pin or 3-pin connector that is t-shaped you will need to add the 3-pin connector option to use a new hose with your existing powered carpet brush and wand set. See the options tab above the add-to-cart button on the top of this page.

The Total Control replacement hose can be used for many other styles of BEAM vacuum hose including the fixed handle electric hose, the soft-grip total control hose (also called the dolphin grip), the Swivel Combo (also called the dogbone), the Light Touch hose, and the EZ Flow hose (previous model of Total Control). BEAM Total Control hoses will not fit the new SUMO handle grip (the square grip) used on the Q series and SOLAIRE series power nozzles with the plastic/aluminum extension wands. This hose is used on some Honeywell, BEAM, Electrolux and Eureka vacuum systems since 2007. The SUMO hose is easy to identify as it does not use a round metal wand like all other BEAM electric hoses. The SUMO series hose is item# BM050814 and available separately on the Vacdepot website. Total Control will not replace Beam EZ-REACH stretch hoses. All BEAM brand and BEAM Total Control replacement hoses are manufactured by Plastiflex North America.

Sold 1 hose each, 35ft in length. Wands and tools not included. Standard Silver color. Optional 30ft length also available.

The BEAM Total Control replacement hose can replace many other models of BEAM branded dual volt powered vacuum hose, including the following BEAM model numbers; 050211, 050216, 050218, 050221, 050219, 050218, 050219, 050336, 050340, 050349, 050344, 050350, 050349, 050351, 050350, 050274, 050232, 050254, 050234, 050274, 050227, 050232, 050228, 050234, 050223, 050225, 050351, 050290, 050318, 050325, 050325, 050254 050326, 050231, 050291, 050233, 050789, 050327, 050328, 050789, 050229, 050231, 050230, 050233, 050352, 050291, 050337, 050342, 050343, 050347, 050345, 050348, 050347, 050352, 050348, 050254, 050266, 050290, 050274, 050267, 050792, 050680, 050291, 050788, 050797, 050789, 050793, 050797, 050798, 050809, 050810, 050798, 050266, 050797, 050267, 050798, 050797, 050798.

Length, handle style and color may vary, list not all inclusive. See the images tab for a full description of BEAM brand hose models. Some older models require the 3-pin adapter to work with an existing wand and powerbrush using a 3 wire power nozzle cord. If you have any questions contact Vacdepot before ordering.


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