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Select Powerteam Kit w/30ft Hose
Aggresor Vacuums® Select Powerteam Kit w/30ft Hose
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PlastiFlex 30ft Dual Volt Power Hose Grey

30ft Dual Volt Power Hose Grey


Cen-Tec Systems 3200LV-30
Low-Volt CVS Hose 30ft

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Cen-Tec Systems Low-Volt CVS Hose 30ft
The Cen-Tec Systems 3200LV series low volt (two wire) 30 foot crushproof hose lets you control your central vacuum power unit from an easy to use thumb switch on the hose handle. The grip end features a 360° swivel ergonomic handle with on-off power switch and standard button locking or optional friction fit stub. Fit standard 1.5" central vacuum inlets, both universal and direct connect types. Fits all brands of attachment sets using 1.25" button locking or friction fitting connections and replaces most older low-volt or no-volt hoses. The tool stub also gives you an air control valve that can be used to relieve full suction from the cleaning tool which allows you to vacuum delicate items such as drapes without fighting the full vacuum airflow. The 3200LV Series hose does not carry high voltage (120V) used for cleaning with an electric powered carpet brush. If you need a powered hose for use with an electric powerbrush please see models 3200PT or 3200DC dual volt hoses from Centec. If you are unsure which type of hose you need please see the article Central Vacuum Hoses And Inlet Explained in the similar items tab.

The patented 3200LV handle was designed with weight, balance and comfort in mind. The size was scaled to minimize weight in a shape that permits control of the hose and cleaning tools with less effort and less wrist strain. The ergonomic grip naturally positions your hand perfectly and adds to your ability to control your cleaning tool. The 3200LV handle was also designed to balance the weight in your hand to minimize your work load. By extending the grip surface, the 3200SG handle accommodates all users without bulking up the diameter of the handle so comfort and control feel right in all cleaning situations.

The crush-proof hose body enters the handle with assistance of a built-in strain relief. Designed to protect the hose from kinking or breakage at the high stress transfer area of flexible hose to rigid handle. The addition of a strain relief to the 3200LV's handle design puts the hose at a shallow arc while cleaning which reduces resistance from the hose and protects from sharp bends and kinking. The full swivel 360° connection lets the hose turn and untwist while cleaning which prevents kinking and loss of suction. The unique hose strain relief coupled with the full swivel connection permits continuous airflow that delivers performance that saves you time by allowing you to focus on the cleaning task and not the cleaning tools.

Thanks to the larger 1 3/8" inside diameter design you can achieve up to 20% better performance than older 1.25" hoses of the same length. The 3200SG hose includes a wall end that is compatible with either direct connect or universal inlet valves from all current standard and most older inlet valves that follow the industry standard 1.5" format. The tapered cuff fits snugly into the wall valve and the large chromed steel low voltage connector plates insure the correct contact and alignment with the low voltage portion of the wall inlet valve.

Sold 1 hose each, 30ft in length, silver color with black handle, Centec Item #99440. Standard button locking connection or optional friction fit connection available at order. Tools and attachments not included, hose only. Also available in 40ft and 50ft lengths, see similar items tab for length options.

Vacsoc Knit Tube Soc Vacuum Hose Cover Add a Vacsoc Knit Hose Cover & Give your hose the Soft Touch!
The Vacsoc brand knit hose cover is one of the most popular products sold on the Vacdepot website, and with good reason. The Vacsoc provides protection for your home from the marks, dings and scuffs the hose can sometimes make on your walls, furniture and baseboards. The Vacsoc also helps to protect your hose from crushing abuse, snags and tears. A Vacsoc hose cover also makes using your central vacuum system easier as it works to prevent kinking and twisting of your hose while you clean and helps you more easily gather up your hose for storage.

Vacsoc brand hose covers are the most durable, made from 100% polyester and machine washable. The number one selling brand, Vacsoc means hose cover. Order the Knit Vacsoc in either blue or grey color using the drop-down order menu next to the order button and get a special discount. Vacdepot will also install the Vacsoc on your new hose for you at no charge. You can read more about the Vacsoc Knit hose cover.


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